Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 7 Recap

The mostly incompetent writing and frequent shoddy directing continues in Hyde, Jekyll, Me, leaving me with so little to hang in there other than potentially switching to a fun snark watch session whereby I can let my silly asides fly while still savoring double the Hyun Bin goodness. The last ditch effort to massively rewrite this week’s episodes, and likely gutting whatever was planned going forward, hasn’t yielded any noticeable uptick in narrative cohesion or engaging interactions. It’s actually had mostly the opposite effect on me – Seo Jin’s sudden interest in Ha Na feels abrupt and neither-here-nor-there while Robin has sunk to all time dullsville lows and spends his time moping about losing his chance with Ha Na over the text message misunderstanding.

At this point it’s hard to figure out what the story wants the viewer to cling onto. The DID element never rings true even 7-episodes in as something that hampers on Seo Jin’s life, other than the drama insisting it is and Robin is oh so dangerous. The circus fares even worse and is basically presented as the butt of all jokes when the center piece of its performance involves blowing giant bubbles on stage which I can watch for free in my backyard when the kids are let out to play during the summer. Ha Na continues to have no purpose other than as the plot device  representing the woman both Seo Jin and Robin are bound to fight over, echoing whatever happened 5 years ago that must be repeated at all costs. At this point I think they should just have a metaphorical threesome and solve the impasse that way.

Episode 7 recap:

The tables are turned and it’s Robin’s turn to blow his fuse at Seo Jin. He rails at Seo Jin’s underhanded move of not telling Robin about Ha Na’s confession, even going so far as to delete her follow up text messages. Seo Jin isn’t contrite in the least and fake apologizes with a smirk on his face when Robin demands an apology. Seo Jin is thrilled to upset Robin and hears that Ha Na thinks Robin is a total weirdo now.

Robin brings up how hurt Ha Na is right now to believe that she’s been rejected by the guy she likes. That’s not something Robin thinks Seo Jin would understand since he’s never tried to make anyone happy before. Robin warns Seo Jin to stop this behavior now and ends his video.

Seo Jin walks out to the atrium and finds Young Chan waiting there all worried since he heard yelling from the computer lair. Seo Jin explains he got a petty revenge on Robin and feels great about it. Talk turns to the assailant and Young Chan updates that the guy has mental problems and is saying all sorts of weird things, but Tae Joo has confirmed that the guy is holding Professor Kang alive somewhere.

Seo Jin runs into Ha Na in the living room and remembers Robin talking about how hurt Ha Na must be right now after the rejection. Seo Jin brings it up Ha Na looking dejected and asks if she’s just gotten her heart broken? Ha Na figures Seo Jin heard it from his brother Robin and Seo Jin takes the opening to tell her that Robin is a total no good lout and she’s got bad taste to begin with in liking Robin.

Ha Na wears a pissy face in the back seat during the ride to the circus and Seo Jin takes note of it. He later asks Young Chan what could help a girl feel better after getting her heart broken? Young Chan suggests matchmaking getogethers, drinking, and work. Seo Jin notices the decorations going up for the upcoming Valentine’s Day event and asks to see the circus proposal for that performance.

Seo Jin flips through a laughable power point presentation from the circus and proclaims it looking good which Young Chan quickly concurs. Seo Jin remembers Ha Na discussing the circus as filled with her childhood memories and all her father’s life work. Young Chan brings up how hard Ha Na is working to make the circus survive, staying here to help rather than going back to the US. Seo Jin remembers Ha Na confiding in him about how she has to stay strong for the circus troupe. Seo Jin notices that the performance items all look really flimsy and cheap and hears that the circus doesn’t have the budget for updating its performance supplies.

Young Chan has new supplies brought to the circus as well as Seo Jin’s approval in scheduling their performance and giving the circus the center stage in performing in the atrium. Jin Joo wonders what’s gotten into Seo Jin but is told that is probably Seo Jin feeling bad for mistreating them for so long. Woo Jung is excited to meet the twin brother of her Robin oppa.

Chairman Goo gets the report that Robin is dating Ha Na while Seo Jin has zero interest in Ha Na other than as assistance in finding Professor Kang.

Ha Na goes to ask Young Chan why Seo Jin is suddenly so nice to the circus. Young Chan claims Seo Jin just wants show some gratitude but Ha Na thinks it’s still too much. Chairman Goo overhears this and grows concerned when he hears Ha Na say that Seo Jin plans to go watch their rehearsals every day. Young Chan notices Chairman Goo standing there and quickly ends the conversation with Ha Na and sends her off.

Seo Jin looks down at the center stage in the atrium as the circus troupe works hard to set the stage for their upcoming performance. His eyes keep lingering on Ha Na with a small smile on his face.

Chairman Goo chews out Young Chan for not keeping an eye on Seo Jin and the head bodyguard for giving him wrong intel that Seo Jin isn’t interested in Ha Na. Everyone in this room are men, how could they not know why a guy would go watch a girl rehearse every day? Chairman Goo reminds them both of the danger that could arise if both Seo Jin and Robin like the same girl!

The circus is rehearsing and holy shit is this so-called performance a crock of crap. Except for the two acrobats on ribbons swinging from the roof, there is a ballet performance and then Jin Joo wearing some cutesy uniform and blowing giant bubbles on stage. That passes for a circus performance? Real circuses out there are embarrassed to have its craft this insultingly approximated.

Chairman Goo storms off to confront Seo Jin and finds him in the department store. I thought he ran an amusement park? Chairman Goo immediately demands Seo Jin fire the circus and send them all away, he’ll even do it himself if Seo Jin can’t. Seo Jin rebuts him and tells his dad that he runs Wonder Land so his dad can’t make personnel demands. Seo Jin brings up how Wonder Group only holds a percentage of the stock of publicly traded Wonderland so he can’t interfere willy nilly.

Seo Jin claims he’s just running Wonder Land with love and affection like it’s supposed to bring love and happiness to the park goers. Chairman Goo backs down but demands to continue this conversation with Seo Jin later in private. This exchange is observed by Woo Jung and Eun Chang.

Seo Jin goes to check on the circus and brings in an orchestra troupe to accompany their performance and improve the quality. The circus all clap like idiots and thank Ha Na for whatever she did to get Seo Jin to turn nice towards them.

Seo Jin sits down with his dad who can’t believe his son has changed and tells Seo Jin not to overstep in claiming that Wonder Land belongs to him. Dad won’t let Seo Jin inherit until he is fully cured. Seo Jin updates that Professor Kang is alive so his condition will be better soon. Dad hopes so but until then he wants Seo Jin to get rid of the circus and its troupe leader Ha Na.

Seo Jin doesn’t see the need because he doesn’t have any feelings for Ha Na. He’s just being good to the circus to thank Ha Na for helping the police locate the assailant which is one step closer to finding Professor Kang. Chairman Goo doesn’t look convinced even when Seo Jin says one more time that there is nothing doing on with him and Ha Na.

Young Chan also harbors the same concerns and brings it up to Seo Jin, that a guy going to see a girl rehearse every day is a sign of being interested, plus it’s so far from Seo Jin’s normal personality. Seo Jin feels a bit grateful to Ha Na because his tightly wound mood has been alleviated somewhat by Ha Na’s willingness to help find Professor Kang. Young Chan hears this and brings up how Seo Jin is talking like Robin which gets Seo Jin to bark back that not every nice person is Robin! He threatens to fire Young Chan if he speaks out of line again.

The circus goes backstage and talk turns to how Chairman Goo almost had the circus fired but Seo Jin stood up for them. Woo Jung thinks Seo Jin likes Ha Na and Jin Joo thinks it’s possible since they are living together now. Ha Na insists that isn’t possible but no one in the circus believes her and just laugh about it.

Seo Jin walks through the department store and remembers the recent observations from Young Chan and Chairman Goo about his recent changed behavior. He then flashes back to Ha Na’s fireside confession that she likes Robin followed by his hacking Robin’s phone to read Ha Na’s texts before deleting them. Seo Jin stops in his tracks and doesn’t look pleased while Young Chan wonders what’s going on?

The circus heads out drinking but Ha Na’s got her mind on Seo Jin’s recent nice behavior towards them. Everyone drinks if they’ve made a mistake during today’s rehearsal. Eun Chang chugs first and then drinks Woo Jung’s portion when she claims she can’t drink. Seo Jin walks why and looks through the window, remembering the drinking session at the retreat with the circus folks. He tells himself not to have any expectations because Professor Kang hasn’t been found yet and his illness isn’t cured. He walks off and Ha Na spots him through the window but he’s gone by the time she runs outside.

Ha Na finds Seo Jin at home and thanks him for everything, the performance, the supplies, and standing up for them to Chairman Goo. Seo Jin just wants the circus to do its job and put on a good performance. Ha Na gets up her guts to ask why Seo Jin is doing all this for the circus? He stares and then says “expressing my gratitude.”

Seo Jin goes back to his room but Ha Na follows and asks if his gratitude is for her help in finding the assailant to help find Professor Kang. Ha Na claims she did it because she wanted to and doesn’t want Seo Jin’s gratitude this way because it would raise the hopes of her circus members. What if one day Seo Jin went back to being cold towards them, then they would fall into despair. She thanks Seo Jin for this opportunity but asks that he not give the circus any empty hopes going forward.

Seo Jin follows Ha Na back to her room and reveals he also hates empty promises. He read the performance proposal and thinks it’s excellent which is why he’s helping the circus put on a better performance. You mean the same proposal that looks like it was done by a kid for his econ class? Methinks Seo Jin’s ability to run Wonder Land ought to be called into question by dad as well.

Detective Lee brings Tae Joo along to investigate a motive for the assailant’s attack. Tae Joo doesn’t know why but he checked around the hospital and the guy doesn’t have a grudge against Professor Kang. Detective Lee wonders if the assailant could be suffering from depression? He gets a call from the annoying Seung Yun asking if Professor Kang has been located and hangs up on him.

Detective Lee leads Tae Joo into the apartment of the assailant and explains he already sweeped it thoroughly earlier during the day. Tae Joo notices the assailant’s wallet has stacks library cards which indicate he reads a lot. He flips through a diary and sees a picture of a little boy holding a balloon at Wonder Land.

Robin’s back and hears from Woo Jung that Seo Jin must like Ha Na and is now super nice to her. Woo Jung keeps trying to discourage Robin towards Ha Na and insists she’s the only girl for oppa. Her dad sends her away before sitting down with Robin worried that things are going down the same path again. Robin and Seo Jin like the same girl, and then insisting only one of them can have her. Robin shakes his head and explains that Seo Jin is doing this to thwart Robin and smiles wearily when asked how he plans to clear up the misunderstanding with Ha Na.

Ha Na sits in her room and flips through the sketches drawn by Robin before remembering his apology to her last night. Robin is lurking around the house scared to run into Ha Na. He sees her stepping outside and follows her to a convenience store. She’s not as blind as I thought because she sees him in the mirror and taps him on the shoulder.

They walk and talk, with Ha Na wanting to move on from what happened. Robin tries to explain again that he’s sincere towards her so can’t she give him another chance? They miss the green light during this convo and begin walking after the light has turned red. They make it to the other side without a hitch since it’s late at night and there isn’t a single car or human being around.

Which makes total sense that a cop in a car will pull over to cite them both for crossing a red light. SERIOUSLY? The cop wants to write them up a ticket and asks to see their IDs. Robin stammers that he doesn’t have his ID on him and can’t offer up his ID number either without revealing he’s Seo Jin’s alter ego. They get dragged to the police station and Robin remains silent as the cop keeps yelling at him to stop wasting his time. Young Chan arrives in the nick of time, asking Ha Na to step aside while he takes care of things for Robin.

Young Chan yells at Robin as they leave the police station, reminding him that he could have just used Seo Jin’s ID in the situation. Robin can’t since Ha Na was right there so the two go sit down to have a bro chat. Young Chan asks if Robin is serious towards Ha Na and his silence is confirmation enough. Robin initially liked her because she was the girl from 15 years ago and he felt grateful. But now that’s not the case and he likes Ha Na even if he doesn’t know her well enough to know her flaws yet.

He thinks of her when he’s sleeping and worried that he might never wake up again. But that’s over now and Ha Na thinks he’s really weird and it’s not something he can explain to her. Young Chan wonders why Ha Na thinks he’s weird and hears that Seo Jin deleted Ha Na’s texts to Robin. Young Chan asks why Robin doesn’t just say explain that to Ha Na but Robin is worried that Ha Na will have it out with Seo Jin and leave the house, refusing to help anymore. What will happen to Seo Jin? To Robin?

Ha Na storms over to confront Robin about keeping this from her. She wants him to go confront Seo Jin now and get an apology from him. Robin doesn’t budge and Ha Na wonders why there is so much around Robin that confuses her. Robin stands up and heads off with Ha Na.

Robin uses a hand puppet to express his feelings to Ha Na, that sometimes he doesn’t know how to say certain things and hopes someone will understand him unconditionally. Ha Na takes a girl puppet and says she understands but wants to know how long this will continue? The two puppets are face to face so Robin’s moves his puppet in to kiss Ha Na’s puppet before he follows suit and kisses Ha Na himself.

Seo Jin wakes up to find no Robin notes left for him and looks pleased. Ha Na wakes up to the happy memory of last night’s kiss with Robin.

Seo Jin walks through the atrium and notices the potted plant that Ha Na brought as a moving in thank you present. He places it on the ledge to water properly. Young Chan rushes in with news that the assailant is willing to talk about the attack with the police now.

Seo Jin finds Ha Na ready to go to the police station with him and she’s in a pissy mood and warns Seo Jin that she heard the truth from Robin but is holding herself in check right now.

The interrogation begins as Seo Jin and Ha Na are led into the adjoining room where Tae Joo is already there listening in. The assailant explains that he has memories he wants to forget, but he can’t forget those memories which are filled with tears. What “that guy” did to him, that’s what he’s going to dish back to him. The assailant looks at the two way mirror and asks if “that guy” is here, that guy who used to be his good friend.

The assailant starts to sing the Wonder Land theme song and flashes back to the night when there was a Santa Clause and balloons because it was Christmas that day. His smile disappears as he asks Seo Jin directly for confirmation. Seo Jin stares and says “Soo Hyun?” which is when the assailant talks to the mirror with a jaunty wave and announces that he’s Lee Soo Hyun.

Lee Soo Hyun continues his narration from that night – the two boys were good friends and went to tour the haunted house attraction together. The fake vampire was a kidnapper who captured both boys, wanting to get a big ransom from the chaebol family for their son Seo Jin. Chairman Goo refused to negotiate and give them any money and have the news leak. He would instead use all that money to place a bounty on the kidnapper’s head. The kidnapper tells a tied up Seo Jin that his dad won’t pay his ransom.

Lee Soo Hyun explains that Seo Jin’s dad wouldn’t pay the ransom but Seo Jin managed to escape. He wasn’t able to escape and later his dad died. Soo Hyun asks if Seo Jin remembers why Soo Hyun didn’t run away and how his dad died? Soo Hyun yells at Seo Jin that he has to remember, even if no one knows but Seo Jin does and he must remember!

Seo Jin starts having a panic attack and shakes off Ha Na’s attempt to calm him down. Seo Jin runs out of the room and hides in the stairwell to try and calm down. He remembers both boys begging the kidnapper to let them go. Later Seo Jin has climbed out the window and is trying to pull Soo Hyun up but doesn’t have the arm strength. The kidnapper comes back and Soo Hyun begs Seo Jin not to let him go and save him.

Ha Na finds Seo Jin struggling for breath in the stairwell and goes to check on him. Seo Jin suddenly grabs Ha Na in his arms and she doesn’t struggle, instead slowly patting him on the back as Seo Jin starts to silently cry.

Thoughts of Mine:

Can we have a moment to just appreciate the mastery of Hyun Bin in doing so much with so little. Not only that, he does it with a straight face and reservoirs of professionalism. This reminds me of Eric sticking with Spy Myung Wol even as the writing went down down down the crapper. I am genuinely amused at how the production can even delude itself into believing the majority of inane scenes in this drama actually passes muster to air. Why did we need to see repeated scenes of Seo Jin thinking about events that happened recently, and dragging on for minutes on end, other than as filler material. Why bother setting the story in an amusement park like Wonder Land and having the circus around when neither are properly used and accurately represented. Wonder Circus is basically an elementary kid level approximately of what a circus looks like, complete even with the random addition of cheerleading Woo Jung since we all know a circus needs a bunch of cheerleaders to join the rank. Ha Na supposedly trained with the Cirque du Soleil and name dropping that illustrious circus troupe, and rope gliding around random places, has been her only circus cred so far.

I don’t dislike Robin but he’s fast going down dull second male lead territory. Sorry Sung Joon, love ya but your presence here is a glorified cameo as far as I’m concerned. He was intriguing initially with the flashy appearance followed by super fighting skills, but beyond having some moves and being a nice guy, he has no further substance of depth being plumbed. Ha Na is a lost cause as far as I’m concerned, for a leading lady to go 7-episodes and still resemble a blank piece of paper in personality and acting is probably a new record. Maybe a different actress than Han Ji Min could do more with Ha Na as written, or maybe Han Ji Min would have been good but for how Ha Na is written, I can’t bother to analyze deeper into which problem is more to blame other than do my best to absorb whatever plot device she serves in any scene and then move on. Robin’s interest in Ha Na follows the same superficial trajectory as this entire drama has been written, selling things that are mere glossing and asking us to consume empty air and then ask for more. I can’t believe Ha Na’s sadness in the last episode over Robin supposedly rejecting her, and in the same way Robin’s claim to falling so fast and strong for Ha Na goes over my head. At most this drama can convince me Robin and Ha Na are fast friends and like each other, anything deeper and it turns into empty declarations without accompanying built up emotion.

Seo Jin’s abrupt about-face in this episode towards Ha Na was at least interesting, if not completely out of the blue. He was only starting to get used to her around and having his exterior shell crack open a little because of her. To suddenly shower the circus with his beneficence was so forced, not to mention the way he was thinking of Ha Na all the time and making excuses to see her. Where did all that come from? That one night at the retreat, really? I should at least be relieved Ha Na doesn’t feel anything for Seo Jin because that would be the epitome of laughable at this stage in their interaction. At most she is restraining herself from kneeing him in the balls for the text message erasing, though supposedly her caring side is oh so strong that she would immediately run after Seo Jin to comfort him. Eh, whatever. The reveal that the assailant knew Seo Jin wasn’t that much of a shocker but a nice development to keep the kidnapping plot moving along with a juicier explanation. It’s pretty clear that Seo Jin left his friend Soo Hyun behind and that one act of abandonment led to years of self-flagellation and finally the emergence of Robin when he was faced with the same scenario on the bridge with young Ha Na. At least Seo Jin’s DID backstory sorta makes sense, thank god for little victories.

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Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 7 Recap — 63 Comments

  1. what? i actually liked this episode. but i do agree, hyun bin seriously deserves SOOO much praise for carrying on this drama. definitely the best thing about this show

    • Episode 5-6 were better than this one, here’s hoping episode 8 picks up again. I desperately need it to get better for my sanity’s sake.

      • i just need them to first do the stupid performance that they keep “talking” about but can’t seem to actually do it, given we are 7 episodes in already. although this show has its flaws (do doubt), at least its improving… slowly. hope ep 8 really really picks up!!

  2. I haven’t watched the episode yet as I am at work. But the stills look good and frm what I read seems interesting.
    But yeah hyun bin is doing an Eric ala MW spy. As much as it may be difficult to watch, it much be harder to act it.
    And he’s doing it with so much stoic. So I’m still in it for him.

  3. You know he really is good, and it’s fun watching him be SJ more that Robine.

    But the father ZZZZZZZ snort gorkle wha? so boring. Dad’s repeated show downs in the office on the couch. Stahp it.

    LOL at elementary school circus. You know what it reminds me of is the gang over there at OZ agency with the barely functioning boss lady from Fall in Love with Me. They sit around the table talking about IDEAS and ACTS and GO TEAM! Nothing ever really happens.

    The kiss was bad. Really? A wall kiss between two adults? Sorry, the puppets were sexier. LOL

    • A test of a true actor is to be good in utter complete crap. To act out something so utterly devoid of quality and make the acting worth watching. That’s a measure of Binnie. I don’t even want to wade into the muck that fans of KMHM seem to want to bandy about with how fantastic Ji Sung is doing blah blah blah versus Binnie, but Ji Sung has soooooo much meat to work with while Binnie has squat. That’s an apples and oranges comparison of the two guys in this case.

      Dad is soooooo annoying! Ugh, all he does is glower and go bark orders but remain completely nonthreatening in the end. All bark and no bite and a total loser parent. Mom seems to have disappeared, I wish there was more mom since which mom would not be totally worried sick over how her poor son is dealing with an alter ego running amuck.

      The circus needs to all be fired immediately not because of keeping Ha Na away from Seo Jin, but because it’s a joke of a circus that doesn’t belong in any professional performance arena.

      The kiss was so bad I wondered if I flashed back to 15 years ago when kisses like that were the norm. THIS IS BINNIE! The dude who kissed Kim Sun Ah deeply, passionately, and drunkly by a piano until all female audience members were likely needing to go change some panties. Why oh why is he doing lame duck kissing?

      • agree about the whole comparison thing with ji sung and hyun bin. both actors are really good. but, i think hyun bin is doing DAMN good (can’t emphasize enough) given the lousy writing he has to work with. with ji sung, he definitely does have the advantage of a MUCH MUCH MUCH better script. so for hyun bin to pull this off is pretty darn amazing and he deserves an award for putting up with all this. as for the dad, i wish they can lower his screen time and instead give it to tae joon seriously! and as for the kiss, i think it was meant to be that way so we favor seo jin’s kiss with ha na later on more than the kiss with ha na and robin?

      • Actually, KMHM fans that I know on net barely ever talk about Binnie’s show. Most like both the leads and try to avoid comparisons. Most of the comparisons come from the stupid off screen drama regarding the webtoon. Binnie still has a massive fan following even within KMHM community who respect and like him a lot as an actor, so that’s a bit of unfair generalization to be honest. As for Ji Sung, he has better script and is delivering. He also is not that concerned about taking chances, Yo Na is not easy part. Its risky if you do that part wrong and would have been a disaster if he didn’t nail it the way he did. you’ve gotta give credit where its due. As for Hyde, Jekyll Me…what can I say I’m in for Hyun Bin’s sake and will watch till the end for only him. Its not Hyun Bin’s fault that the writers suck big time. I feel bad for him. The network was so happy to have him on board that they probably ignored the writing and editing part, I hope they learn their lesson from this. I also want it to do better, massive rewrites and working 24×7 is hard and the actors are trying to make up for the messed up writing, I hope things turn around for this show.

      • I agree with @Mell928.I’ve barely seen the KMHM fans on twitter I know to compare it with HJM.When they criticize, they mostly do it for it’s own incompetent writing without any reference to Ji Sung or KMHM.And in a very few occasions, where talk about both shows comes up, I’ve seen them saying the same thing you did-KMHM has better script and JS is nailing the roles;HJM has crappy script and HB is nailing his roles.So I think it’s an unfair accusation against the KMHM fans.

      • Koala
        <3 The piano kiss *sigh*
        Why can't they all be like that? Organic not theatrical.
        Why do we need a 360 Pan or a pull away when you have actual mouth activity that draws you in and makes you hold your breath with them?

  4. Every yours recap is overflowing with sarcasm and malice. If you do not like this drama, why do you watch it? Evidently, your goal is to destroy everyone who does not meet your expectations, but you forgot one really important factor. You are attacking real people, not objects. These people are not whipping bags, these people can feel like every one of us, including you. If you are such a wonderful, show me your own screenplay, show me your excellent acting skills, assembly or anything which could really make you to shine. A human being is measured by his actions, not words. I do not like this negative energy from your recaps because it is to harmful to others.

    • It’s just a review. Reviews can be good, and they can be bad. She is not attacking their characters as people. She is just critiquing their performances as actors and writers.

    • I agree. By reading some of Koala’s recaps, I can see how biased and negative she is towards this drama. I can see that she is completely negative towards Han Ji Min, not only as Hana, but as an actress overall. I think Han Ji Min is doing her best to portray her character (especially with such a crappy script) and I find her doing a fine job executing it. I’m sure if the actress was someone else (that Koala is fond of), she would not be personally attacking Han Ji Min in EVERY single recap. But, like everyone says, this IS her recap and her opinions, so whatever gives. I’m also giving mine. The end.

      • Ikr :'(
        Do you expect Jimin and her circus crews to swallow fire, swallow swords or wrap a snake around their neck and dance?

    • Watch and review is a choice
      But without a review how can we appreciate something, or realize something
      It doesn’t have to be good but it is subjective
      I don’t this is attack to the actor,it’s for their performance which is totally fine

      If you let your bias feel change the opinion to like everything that it wasn’t a clear review for how good a show is

    • Wow, you really got your knickers in a wad over reading this. I can watch whatever drama I like or don’t like, that’s my choice. And your choice, to watch whatever you want. Likewise I can write about whatever drama I want, whether I like it or not.

      You must be delusional to think I am attacking real people versus analyzing and critiquing A DRAMA and ITS CHARACTERS. All of which are perfectly fine to do since that is the very definition of a critic of an entertainment piece. You can disagree with me, but your anger and arguments about what I wrote are invalid.

      It’s also alarming that you think the actors and staff of this drama feel what I write. Trust me in saying no one there gives a fug what I write, they are too busy making a drama. That’s their job, to make a drama, and my work is to watch and review it. If the drama isn’t good and I point it out, it’s not an attack, it’s a review. Please understand the difference before reading anymore otherwise you’re operating under completely incorrect assumptions.

      I don’t need to be able to write screenplays, produce dramas, act, etc., to be able to have an opinion about whether the work I am watching is good or bad. And neither do you. You clearly think this drama is good, yes? Then will I question whether your opinion is substantiated by showing me your writing, acting, assembly credentials? Don’t be ridiculous.

    • Please don’t insult Cirque du Soleil, last I check bubble blowing was what the bubble machines used by the circus did, not an actual performance art form LOL.

      • Ok – I was forgiving with the one time bubble thing. But for the to appear again – thumbs way down. I don’t want to have to see it again.

        Cirque is awesome!!!!!!!!! Been to 4 different ones. 🙂 Love love love.

        It shouldn’t even be used with Wonderland circus. Although the ribbon thing wasn’t so bad. That was probably the best part of the circus scene.

  5. Honestly i agree
    Not a hater of the drama but for me it more like girl fall for the boys 2 charm not as different person, even if she thinks that way
    I wish they didnt show the kiss preview so i will surprised, but then it just feel lost about what it have to be?
    A romance, or comedy…then the way they have bad view on nice robin should been more shown. D.I.D wasnt show somethings
    How can he be dangerous other than loving the woman seo jin love, but he is an alter that is
    Created by him as another person or personality
    Can’t get the show and if the rating is low
    It is understandable,i mean i can understand the plot but to watch it when it air or streaming?, it doesn’t make me curious enough
    The ep is better each week but doesn’t really a good ep…. It just fine ep

  6. Oh my god this drama is an absolute joke….
    Poor casts.. They are top actors and Hyunbin is really a good actor but what’s with the script? So unfair
    Even daily makjang dramas are still better than this.

    The circus is just lame… Do they even invest budget for the drama? Or they already spent it on the big casts. The ratihg is a tragedy too, inwonder if it will disappear as the drama airs.

    • I read somewhere that 80% of the drama’s budget is Hyun bin’s salary. It could be they had no more money to do anything else like hiring a good supporting cast or a good writer.

      • agree. with the amount of work hyun bin is putting in (by showing up in like every other scene) he is basically carrying this whole show…. so hell ya he better get paid!

      • LOL. It’s part of life. How can we expect someone always looks like their 20s all the time. She’s not young anymore. In fact, make up could also make someone becoming aging.

  7. oh boy. LOL Maybe my expectations are now really low or what, but I liked the episode. Sure the script still sucks but I like the OTP and I think the actors are doing an amazing job with the crap and actually make it a nice experience.

    Still hoping the script gets better – I’d prefer not to be the only one left watching this. 🙂 Me and the 5% left.

  8. Wonder Circus is not a good one to begin with. That’s why Seo Jin intended to cut their contracts. He’s already stated that their performances were dull and awful.
    Ha Na just joined them recently and I guess they won’t become Cirque du Soleil just in couple weeks. She wants another chance for the circus and she got it surprisingly and in limited time.
    I agree this drama is incompetently written but I like to enjoy my drama positively. Because that’s the reason I watch kdramas…for fun.

  9. I’m still lmao at the love of the circus with the bubble thing. It’s not only one time, even hana was randomly blowing bubble just for the pretty scene.

    Then i just want to snark again reminded by the gorilla that appeared on the first ep. This drama is so badly written, which one is worst, this or My Lovable Girl…

    • Definitely My Lovable Girl was way worse. I fast forward everything besides a couple of minutes to look at Rain’s face, and after a couple of episodes, I just gave up.
      I am still watching HJM for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. And this drama owes us viewers are swoon worthy kiss or kisses.

  10. Sigh I might have to stop reading the recaps. It’s doubly worse watching the show and knowing it’s not that great. But loving Binnie. Then reading or seeing the comments how disjointed the plot is.

    I’ll just mope in my little viki corner and do the job. Until the drama is done. I am so BUMMED like you wouldn’t believe. I waited so many years for his comeback and to this????

    I feel like doing a hiss and a yowl at the writer and director.

  11. Ok I’ve finally found time to watch this episode and HEY it is…pretty good? I’m a little in disagreement with the bad review for this episode.
    I like where we are moving with the plot. The reveal on the motive of mr crazy guy was done nicely. Most of the storyline finally makes logical sense, we’ve got a nice background on robin feelings for Hana. (I didn’t quite get it in the first few episodes and felt he’s like a dumbo simpleton) but now I like him or pity him a little more. He feels alive because he wants to like her rather than be an alter ego in a vacuum of really existing. Ok I accept that. We even got a run through of how he felt which set things clearer.
    The highlight though, Hero belongs to hyun bin in the last 10mins. He’s doing just great in whatve he has for material. At some moments where logic is being challenged (while the plot have improved obviously the writer didn’t turn genius overnight), these moments where I was almost going to roll my eyes, it’s his sincere portrayer that draws me in again. I root for seojin and that’s gonna make me stay in this series. Though hana remains wallpaper, her involvement is now more active or maybe I’m just used to her being a plot device. But well I didn’t cringe when they kissed. It makes coherent sense with robins simple character. He had no words to explain but took the action as an answer. Not passionate but it does make sense. Music is much much better this episode and editing for a live shoot is seriously OK. I think a lot of effort was done to make this episode better. I’m quite happy, In fact I’m gonna stake a claim now that even though it has been bad at some points, these series don’t deserve the super low ratings (at least this episode didn’t) I have seen worse dramas and I sincerely rate this episode as above average.
    Oh well; just don’t shit on me in ep8.

    • Ok that being said
      I agree the circus sucks.
      U noe if I didn’t have funds or the brains to film real circus stuff, I would have written this storyline:
      Wonderland circus is a failure. Always have been and will be. their performance are always so cheesy and lousy but they rock with passion for cheap laughs because happiness sometimes is just simple etc etc make them an underdog trying hard to do good and yeah quit that I’m from a famous circus background. It’s embarrassing

      • Thank you! Sometimes I just want to wring the neck of the writer or whoever who wrote these scenes.
        It doesn’t take much to do more esp when you have such a good cast! And we are not even the professionals. Give me 2 hyun bins, I’ll fly myself over HAHA

  12. Hyun Bin, Eric and Rain are the victims of bad script writing. Eric even got the worst one since there was scandal involved inside the team production.

    Anyway, this kind of matter will show us how professional they are as an actor. Keep fighting till the very last, Hyun Bin and all casts!!

  13. “how fantastic ji dung is doing, bla bla bla” BLA BLA BLA??? Really? That sentence sounded so petty i dont know,,maybe it was how u wrote it koala but talking about ji dungs acting in kmhm with the addition of bla bla bla sounds a bit annoying..ok lets accept that cha do hyun ad a character has more meat than koo seo jin but its also true that that part was offered to hyun bib as well and he rejected it

  14. “how fantastic ji sung is doing, bla bla bla” BLA BLA BLA??? Really? That sentence sounded so petty i dont know,,maybe it was how u wrote it koala but talking about ji sung’s acting in kmhm with the addition of bla bla bla sounds a bit annoying..ok lets accept that cha do hyun as a character has more meat than koo seo jin but its also true that that part was offered to hyun bin as well and he rejected it

  15. I could not agree more. And koala i think the only one who compares the two actors and fuels this argument about them in this blog is you

    • Lol…Calm down…This is her blog and she could write her opinions and we all visitor. The theme of both drama is the same, about split personalities. Like it or not, people we’ll compare it. And I’m still not 100% sure whether Hyun Bin could pull off Ji Sung’s role in Kill Me Hill Me though.

      • Its a blog and we as readers can comment as well if it was to be private without our opinion then it would be a diary not a blog. I am just saying that none mentioned anything about kill me heal me beside koala and then we all started commenting.nethnevertheless we agree that ji sung is doing an exeptional job with his charavteres and i dont think its attributed to the fact that the scenario of kmhm is better. He has such an intense gaze that most of the time i forget that its the same guy acting different characters

    • @varvara

      I’ve been reading steady comments in all the HJM posts from KMHM fans comparing Binnie and Ji Sung. I don’t know or care what fans are talking about elsewhere but my point is that it’s happening where I see it.

      Here’s just a few actual comments culled from various comment sections:

      “I think HB’s team know it is not easy to nail 7 different alters, 2 is fine but more than that?, it takes a high acting skill and I don’t think HB has it yet. ?”

      “To me HB acting here is just bland, I like him better in the world within. Neither a HB fan nor hater, but he should challenge himself. It hard not to compare him with KMHM Ji Sung that shares similar DID issues. He nailed it by far compare to HB.”

      “HJM boring, KMHM anti mainstream D.I.D and more better complicated story….better cast actor too.”

      • Ok I seriously don’t Agree with anyone who says that serves hyun bin right for not taking up KMHM or that Ji sung “run circles” around hyun bin.
        Firstly, I can see why hyun bin took up HJM. The premise is promising and the role is technically challenging as it requires him to bring forward 2 complete characters. He may not have anticipated the lack of competency in the writer but the entire set up was attractive. It is not a easy role despite whatever that is said abt the drama. And trust me when I say he has been up now the only highlight of the drama. nothing in his performance implies that Ji sung can run circles around him. Not that I see how this can be compared but it is highly insulting to both actors’ work.

        Also I highly doubt his team or him regrets not taking up KMHM. I recalled There was a lot of talk about his casting in KMHM before he confirmed HJM. When it was reported that HB did receive the script but decided to pass, the production company of KMHM actually had the gall to claim that they NEVER seriously considered him for the role as the script had specified that the male lead was to be someone in his twenties. That was plain rude, firstly it insinuates that like HB is “too old” for the role (?! So why was he offered the scipt then?) and he was releasing a statement that was untrue. Obviously his company reverted with replies that that was LOW. When both lee seung gi and the other female lead also backed out of HMKM, and they ended up casting JI sung who is like OLDER than HB , the joke was on them. All these back and forth probably left a bad taste for HB and I don’t think he seriously cares abt missing that drama no matter how bad HJM is faring against it.

        Lastly I don’t think it takes a genius to see that HMKM had more meat to the script than HJM. It’s a fact and I think it is fair when one says hyun bin is outperforming in a very mediocre script.

        It’s unfortunate that his comeback to drama haven’t been the ideal way but let’s face it. Bad dramas happen, you don’t win each time. I’m positive of his staying power in the business as he has conducted himself in the most professional manner till date in his performance for HJM. There is absolutely nothing to fault artistically and professionally. For those who needs to see him fail and fall on his face, move on coz I doubt that is likely to happen or is happening now.

  16. Was excited to watch HB in a drama but i was not able to finish the first ep of HJM. Just relied on the recaps and out of curiosity (bec of the bad reviews) i started it again. I really ffwarded a lot of scenes and even HB’sacting is subpar in this. Well this is just my opinion and sorry for those who are praising his acting.yes,he is gorgeous but i see his acting as mediocre, and i thought he improved a lot after coming back from the army. I want a HB who acted great in friend, our legend. I dont know who is to blame, and a part of me is blaming HB for choosing this project.

      • It’s okay to compare HJM and KMHM because it is our human nature. For me, just enjoy the shows. Both offers great things we like/love to watch. I appreciate both of them as they are because they have great actors working hard to bring us something unique in this world! Where can I find another HJM or HMKM?

  17. seeing some pointless arguments.
    first, this is koala’s page so lets just allow him/her to express his/her view. i would like the same privilege if i’m the blogmaster.
    second, feel free to justify the low appeal of the drama by blaming bad writing etc, but don’t undermine js for having a better script to work with. had the leads been reversed (hb in kmhk, js in jhm), who do you think will do a better job?

  18. Oh wow…u r amusing my friend… Ji sung runs circles around hyun bin any given day! Thats a fact and i dont even dislike hyun bin but some things have to be said!!

  19. How great is my love for Hyun Bin that I continue to watch this boring piece of junk?! Must be pretty damn great! So, when I see people saying that Ji Sung is a better actor than Hyun Bin and that Binnie would not be able to handle playing 7 personalities and that’s why he turned down that role – HAH! Are you freaking kidding me?! I’ve seen Ji Sung act and I’ve seen Binnie act – and I’ve seen them both in multiple dramas. Ji Sung is good, but to say he’s better than Binnie…. Please, I think some people clearly don’t know what great acting is.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I have to acknowledge that, but when their opinions are just plain wrong, I certainly don’t have to respect them.

    • Oh wow haha this made me laugh actually. HB is not a bad actor (really overrated imho) but FAR from Ji Sung ‘ s level. Come on JS kills it with his eyes only. This man doesn’t even need to talk you can see it all in his gaze. And thats what I call a true talent. I like HB and I’ve seen him and JS in several dramas and sorry but Binnie is not as good.

      • Personally, I think Hyun Bin’s acting is overrated. There is no chemistry among the actors in this drama. His assistant (don’t know his name) acted with Lee Jin Wook and Eric before. He’s the supporting actor that usually give very strong male-male chemistry, but I found nothing sparks between him and Hyun Bin. And Sung Joon…gosh…what they are doing with Sung Joon in this drama. Sung Joon also usually give very good male-male chemistry with his previous co-stars even with Eric who’s older than him for more than 10 years. Sung Joon is talented young actor. They should give him more screen time and not just few minutes appearance every episode. They should remember that Sung Joon fans also waiting for his time to appear.

        Honestly, The A-list actor that I really think has acting talents in his batch is Jo In Sung. Ji Sung of course better than Hyun Bin. You have to see his adorable and cutie pie acting as Yo Na…XD

    • Ji sung is well respected actor and he is better in term of acting than hyun bin for me
      Then i hope this comment is to prove how good hyun bin is but there’s no need to drag ji sung down
      Because he has prove to made some drama works with unrealistic story on paper
      He is well known in SK
      And not all people watch drama for the sake of seeing the actor/actress

  20. Wow, I don’t think that I’ll visit this website again. I do respect Koalas views butI feel that she is sometimes harsh on the lead actress. It doesn’t matter how well they do, it seems that this forum will find any little flaw to harshly criticize on. In my opinion, I think each episode gets better as the season moves forward; perhaps the worst that’s happened in this drama is the writer putting his foot in the mouth when he declared plagiarism from another drama. Hence, people simply turn negative about this drama and don’t give it a chance; however, I don’t think that the people’s negativity will dissipate.

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