Gong Hyo Jin Likely Joining Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU in Producer

This drama line up just went from woah to WOAH in the span of half a day. I said before that the casting for upcoming KBS Friday night drama Producer appears to be going at lightning speed, which goes to show how much attention KBS is lavishing on this project as well as how much clout screenwriter Park Ji Eun has these days after penning You From Another Star. Hot on the heels of revealing singer-actress IU in talks for one of the female leads, today comes news that veteran leading lady Gong Hyo Jin is likely joining the drama to round out the four main lead cast.

The drama sounds a lot likeĀ On Air, set in the behind-the-scenes entertainment world and having a two male lead, two female lead structure. The age bracket of all four On Air leads were the same but here there will be Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin playing ten year veteran PDs while Kim Soo Hyun is a rookie PD to have a loveline with IU’s child star turned top singer. The drama will be a first of its kind, being produced by KBS’s variety show department and directed by two veteran KBS variety show PDs. I’m a little (a lot) confused on what to expect but with the lackluster fare these days might as well be game for a surprise.

Gong Hyo Jin’s character is described as a veteran female PD of music shows, one of the few in the industry and when she started out as a rookie was a high flyer with a lot of potential and expectation placed on her. In the ten years since her personality has been polished by the grind of working in the industry. She’s since been overshadowed by the hoobaes coming behind her but still has quite a sharp personality, saying what she really thinks even in front of her bosses, and wanting to hold onto the authority she still wields. With so many big names openly known to be in talks for this drama, and none have come out and refuted the casting offer reports, I’m betting money this is the final line up for Producer. The drama starts filming next week with an eye towards a mid-April premiere on KBS Friday-Saturdays, taking over a current time slot occupied by a variety show.


Gong Hyo Jin Likely Joining Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and IU in Producer — 41 Comments

  1. KBS is finally bringing out the big guns. I don’t know how the quality script-wise for this show is but it definitely have a lot of star power kick.

  2. What an awesome cast! I haven’t seen better pairs of lead in years. I don’t see any article indicating that KSH is being paired with IU though. Because GHJ is very likely the first/main lead so she and KSH in all probability will make up the main OTP. I don’t mind surprises though, so whatever the writer has up her sleeve, I say bring it on!

    • I’ve seen a couple of articles indicating that the lovelines will be GHJ/CTH and KSH/IU. And I think all 4 characters are leads so it’s difficult to say who the ‘main’ leads really are.

      • The trending articles in Nate and Naver doesn’t give pairs. Just character descriptions. But I’d imagine the pairing will mix and eventually it’ll be GHJ-KSH.

        The main leads are always the bigger names of today; that would be KSH and GHJ. Although the writer is capable of creating four equal leads, I’m not sure if they’ll real go that direction. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      • @Xxx, yeah it’s all speculation at this point. Maybe those articles were just from a reporter trying to guess how it all will play out.

      • Fair enough; what we want is all irrelevant anyway since the writer will do what fits the script.

        Like I said – we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. With this casting I don’t care who ends up with whom. I am sure there are some of us who expect more than just romance in this drama. At least I know the actor can make it believable.

    I really won’t be screaming if they pair the older actor with the much younger actor. I am just so happy with the casting.

  4. Omg!!!! I am holding my breath on this one. I want it to happen!!! If these four stick, I may be looking forward to this more than sjk’a drama. That is a hard feat to beat. Star power yeah!!! Fighting!!! At least this one has hit dramas under her belt. I really liked on air – lbs!! So this could be quite interesting.

  5. Wow, now thats an interesting pairing, and by intetesting pairing i mean gong hyo jin and cha tae hyun. I dont really care about IU or kim soo hyun.

  6. Anyone else getting the vibe that the only reason KSH is doing this drama is to stay in Park Ji Eun’s good graces? The premise sounds pretty ‘blah’ to me but Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun may make it worth seeing. I really hope the articles you quoted are correct and the writer doesn’t try to be all hip and edgy by inverting the pairings.

    • I know right? Hope the couples stay as they are. I mean CTH wuth IU? That’s just no. And KSH with GHJ?? double no.

      • It just would not make any sense. But then again, this is K drama. I suppose I could overlook nonsensical romantic elements as long as Cha Tae Hyun doesn’t get shafted – he’s far too fine an actor to play second fiddle to the boy ‘wonder’ du jour.

      • I’m glad that at least someone agrees. I can’t see KSH/GHJ pairing… I just can’t. CTH/IU is also weird. I’m hoping they only have some crushing among all four but nothing more.

        Since they keep mentioning four leads, I really hope they reveal the pairings instead of trying to keep it secret.

      • i disagree. i can actually see CTH-IU being paired up. i dont think they have been the weirdest pairing there is. i think thr most bizzare pairing wsr LBS-yoona, and its not just age bjt also acting. That drama, theu had pretty weird chemistry at the start but ibguess toward the ens they got better.
        with CTH-IU, i can actually see it, i got tot the same vibe as when IU was paired with JJS. But I still hope it would be hangroo rather than IU.
        GHJ-KSH, now thats the pair i havent really thought about but i am game for. GHJ-CTH I’ve imagine countless times so i can see GHJ romancing either one of them. star level wise, GHJ Is definitely the bigger star than IU, so even though they are planning for 2 couple leads i think GHJ would still be the main female lead and she can5 be shafted 2nd lead behind IU. So whoever is paired with her would be the male lead. male lead could either be CTH and KsH if we base in star level. Both definitely are Top stars with CTH being a bigger a lister than KSH. But star trend wise i think KSH edge out CTH.

        storywise i feel like it would go like this CTH-GHJ are a pd duo with CTH being the more bigger name of the two. IU becomes their host. KSH will be the new.pd added to the group and is nursjng a major crush on IU. I think they’d have their cute moments but GHJ would ultimately clash with KSH and they’d it up falling in frustration. They’d bicker and fight and as with kdrama story theyd fall in love. And while theyre there, IU’s ice princess heart woukd be mel6ed by the funny and dependable CTH pd.

  7. This is seriously the best drama news in a while!! I’m trying to have low expectations since ‘HJM’ ended up being such a disappointment but I can’t help not having high expectations when Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Tae Hyun are going to be in a drama together.

  8. This is a little confusing to me. Why would they leave this huge production in the hands of variety show PDs? Will it be filmed like a mockumentary of the show business world? Because I feel like that’d be an interesting spin for a kdrama.

    • I think this is good because we need fresh blood. Plus the Hong sisters started out as writers in variety shows and look where they are now.

      • For sure, I think we need fresh blood. Thing is the way variety shows and kdramas are filmed is distinctly different. I don’t think they’d randomly give this big project to PDs who are just trying to transition from variety shows to first-timers in kdrama, and they’re saying it’ll be ‘the first of its kind’– that’s why I’m suspecting a mockumentary-style kdrama. Crossing my fingers, I think it’d be fun.

    • But have you seen this PD’s resume? It’s really good and at least we won’t get sloppy editing. It’s a variety show drama. I don’t want slow pan out cameras and soft lighting that makes me fall asleep. As is happening now with an on air drama.

      • ‘As is happening now with an on air drama’– I think I know what you’re talking about lmao.

  9. I actually don’t want IU to be in the cast but i hope she works hard as an actress. Like her as a singer but she’s so-so as an actress. I feel like the reason Kim Soohyun hasn’t confirmed the casting news is because he’s hesitating to pick this project but out of obligation to the writer he will be finalized soon.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling apprehensive about IU’s casting. I don’t think she’s ready to roll with the big dogs just yet. Their screen presence will overshadow her. She should stick with supporting roles to gain experience.

  10. OMG, a drama with CTH and GHJ, please tell me I’m not hallucinating. With these two veterans, there’s no way they play second lead to KSH and IU, right? right? It must be a dramawith 4 leads, yes, it must be…..

  11. It sounds really great, though KSH/IU has the potential to be really overshadowed here. I wonder if KSH would like a stronger leading lady before he signs on… nothing against IU, but it’s laughable to compare her to Gong Hyo Jin.

  12. IU is a good singer, a decent actress. She’s not the best idol-actress, but at least she’s watchable. To star alongside powerhouses that are GHJ-CTH-KSH, that’s the problem… tho I can see her chemistry with KSH.
    Whatever, I just don’t want CTH-GHJ overshadowed by the two younger actors! They are too good for second leads.

    • Totally agree! I wasn’t always a GHJ fan, but her last two projects (MS and IOIL) have definitely sold me. I want her front and center, where she should be.

  13. I dont want IU as the female lead/potential love line with KSH. Thats just a BIG fail on KSH part. To go from JJH to IU, its like another Han Ga IN. I dont hate IU, but I dont want her to spoil this drama for me, cuz nowadays a good drama is hard to find. I think this is also the reason why KSH isnt signing on. If only they cast Jung So Min as the lead.

    • totally agree with u, it’s wrong on so many levels with IU being female leads along side with all big name actors. From Jun Jihyun to IU, i just can’t……

      It’s very likely IU will be a female lead.

  14. Oh um wow…I wasn’t planning to watch this because IU and KSH really don’t appeal to me. I haven’t liked either of their dramas since Dream High. However I love GHJ since MS and IOIL, and CTH from 1N2D so if they are in I’m definitely watching but I hope the pairings will be GHJ/CTH and IU/KSH…or else I’ll probably be cringing when I watch this…

  15. I’m not KSH fans. i don’t even watch YWCFTS. But I’m a big fans of GHJ and I love CSH acting especially in movie.
    The story kinda ordinary but we never know what comes more so i might give it a try.

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