Joo Sang Wook May Become the Vigilante Masked Prosecutor Romancing Kim Sun Ah

This drama casting news was a day late to join in the circus atmosphere from yesterday’s information dump, but maybe KBS was saving the potential best for last? The upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Masked Prosecutor, following after the currently airing ratings leader Unkind Women, has pulled back the curtains to reveal both leads in consideration for drama and to say I am whooping and hollering with glee is an understatement.

As you can see from the spliced still above, and from the very handy title to this post, the drama is courting Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah for the two leads! Woo hoo, hallelujah for a sensible and promising casting selection. I love Kim Sun Ah and like Joo Sang Wook probably to the edge of turning into love, both are so full of life and energy on screen, not to mention can generate chemistry with even inanimate objects. I’m also happy KBS provided the casting news of the two leads together so that I can start imagining the pairing together.

Masked Prosecutor is the followup drama from the production team behind well-received KBS drama Big Man. It follows in the footsteps of BM’s storyboard about the average man getting justice from the rich and powerful, but in this case the leading man isn’t so average and may even have some powers of his own. Joo Sang Wook is up for the male lead who is a prosecutor by day and a masked vigilante by night. Not sure if he’s the Batman kind of vigilante, no superpowers but lots of super gadgets, or the Superman type who has superpowers to help him in the fight. I hope this drama has equal measure intensity with bouts of comedic breaks, Joo Sang Wook is awesomely talented at spot on comedy.

Kim Sun Ah’s leading lady character will be the police detective head of the major crimes unit, and I can so see Sun Ah as a kickass police woman. Remember She’s on Duty? I hope there’s some serendipity coincidence in my recent post bemoaning the prolonged absence of Sun Ah from the small screen and then hearing so soon after that she’s primed to make a drama comeback. She can sell any type of role, but like so many talented actors and actresses often finds herself saddled with mediocre to poor story lines. She’s also that rare actress who generates equally believable and compelling onscreen romance with younger leading men (Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Dong Gun) as she does with older smexy ahjusshis (Cha Seung Won). Here’s to hoping KBS confirms these two as soon as possible and locks this one down.


Joo Sang Wook May Become the Vigilante Masked Prosecutor Romancing Kim Sun Ah — 35 Comments

  1. I would be SOOOOOOOOO happy if this comes about. I miss her. He won me over in that silly drama with Lee Min-jung. I agree he should stick with comedy. They both could totally sell it as an OTP.

  2. Woo-hoo indeed. This is a pairing I can get behind and back all the way. I really hope they confirm. I’m watching Birth of a Beauty and JSW’s character is hilarious. I do prefer him in quirky comedic roles than brooding ones.

  3. OMG!Please don’t say it’s only our collective hopes and overactive imagination running ahead of the reality. It has to happen! It must happen!

    Seeing Joo Sang Wook again in 2015! A million yesssss!

    I can already imagine Kim Sun Ah chasing the rather crazy hero who is masking as a perfectly sane and dull prosecutor. They will be hillarious.

    I’m not that thrill with the prospective casts in other upcoming dramas but this one is a winner.

  4. oh.WOW.
    JSW hits the BIG TIME romancing KSA.
    I never ever would have put them together, but I love it.
    OMG, I am already melting at the way he will look at her and the way she will stroke his beautiful face.

    • LOL…Kim Sun Ah is it!…I miss her on my screen and I cannot wait for this…The chemistry is going to be off the chart between these two.

    • love the image of “she will stroke his beautiful face”, getting hot just by imaging it. Beside, he has great eyes that still stand out if the mask cover everything else on his beautiful face.

  5. Oh awesome! Out of all the casting news there’s been recently, this is the first one I’m excited about. Joo Sang Wook is great both when he’s being funny and when he’s being serious, so I hope this drama will make good use of his skills. The description of the heroine also sounds promising, so I’ll be looking forward to it.

  6. Ohhhh my godddddd!!!! This is definitely the best recent casting news that I’ve heard….yatttaaa!!!! I really hope both of them will accept the offer because I love these 2 on screen…huhu..can’t wait for the confirmation.

  7. WHOAA!!! This is so exciting!! Kim Sun Ah makes everything amazing! It’s been so long since she’s been on screen! 🙂

  8. Woo hoo! This is the most excited I’ve been about casting news for years. Love, love, love! Please, dream, do come true!

  9. Oh yessss please. I need some KSA and JSW canoodling. If they get signed together, this will probably by my next crack drama. I love both of them and together I’m sure they will sizzle.

  10. Oh, this pair of casting look good! Hope they both accept! I loved and enjoyed watching Joo Sang Wook in both of these dramas: Birth of a Beauty and Cunning & Single Lady. I can’t wait to see him in another drama (or dramedy)!

  11. OMG yes yes yes!!! I suffered through his role in Paradise Ranch for him. Fell in “love” with his acting in Giant first. Loved him in Cunning Single Ladies w/LMJ but didn’t quite connect with him all the way through in BOB.

    JSW oppa and Suna Unni – please drama gods make this one happen. 🙂 🙂 This really ups the happiness factor for today.

  12. Woooo, this is smokin’! Please make this happen!! I considered Joo Sang Wook for leading man in ITWY (after GY) but if he’s signing on for this then go ahead. I can already tell they’ll kick butts together.

  13. WOW, I LOVE THIS ALREADY! great cast!
    i’m watching city hall right now (for the xx times) and i miss her so much! her chemistry with her leading man is awesome so i expect this would be great too. i don’t really like her in sad melo drama. i prefer a funny, fresh and quirky drama like MNIKSS or City Hall.
    Joo Sang Wook is a quirky man in real life (watch him in Running Man) so Comedy is better for him.

  14. The Queen is backkk …KSA YESS

    so this drama will be competing with the Hong sister’s drama …
    can’t wait to see KSA again ..

  15. OMG omg omg omg……this…..just….im… ahhhhhh words fail me at how estatic i am about this perfect casting. I can already picture them to have sizzling chemistry omg omg

  16. YES and YES! I like both of them. Definitely will check it out! The confidence level in this onscreen pair is sorta similar to how much I believe Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum can pull out chemistry no matter what sotryline they are given.

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