Yoon Eun Hye Steps Out for Beauty Event: K-media Writes About Her Weight Gain, Netizens Jump to Her Defense

Leave it to Yoon Eun Hye to stir up talk and interest even doing something as mundane (for a celebrity) as attending a brand promotional launch event. Yoon Eun Hye stepped out today in Seoul for a L’Oreal Paris beauty campaign, sporting the same reddish tinted hair color she’s been rocking since last month when she jetted off to Paris for a photo shoot. She was wearing an outfit that I personally love on her but probably won’t work on many women as it bisects the torso and can easily make the wearer look squat. It’s a white asymmetrical neck waist cut top paired with a navy and white tiered (ruffled) knee length skirt.

I think she looks ravishing in the feminine outfit, not to mention goddess-like with her healthy form and radiant complexion. Some of the media wrote up her attendance by pointing out that she seems to have put on weight recently, a subject that is fair game for reporters to mention since a star’s physical appearance is part and parcel of their professional package. However, in this case Yoon Eun Hye may look rounder but it’s at most a few pounds if even that much, definitely not enough to merit any write-ups about. The netizens have also roundly jumped to her defense, pointing out that she isn’t fat in the least and looks absolutely amazing. I have to agree wholeheartedly with that assertion. She looks glowing with happiness and beauty.


Yoon Eun Hye Steps Out for Beauty Event: K-media Writes About Her Weight Gain, Netizens Jump to Her Defense — 63 Comments

    • I agree with you,she looks amazing ,i love her outfit and even the shoes,i think the k-media is more cruel that the other intetnational media,no wonder why there were a lot of celebrities who went suicides.i prefer her looks in that photo rather looks sp thin and fraile.YEH keep up the good works dont allow them to affect you.

  1. What a beautiful woman.. YYH is definitely P4P one of the hottest in K-ent… She is verstile with her look, and she can decieve the eye many times as well but at the end of the day it depends on what she wears to decieve the eyes.

  2. Most of the k-media said YEH looked stunning but as mentioned here there was an article that questioned whether she gained weight and it was one of the most commented on articles on naver yesterday with k-netizens jumping to express how great they think she looked and how the article’s author should be ashamed for writing it. With all of the negativity often found online, it’s nice to see some netizens take to the comments sections to defend an actress rather than tear one down.

  3. I do not care about YEH that much look-wise (purely personal opinion, there’s nothing wrong with her, of course), but she looks healthy and lively. And definitely NOT fat. I do not think it’s wrong to look/be fat, wither, but YEH is definitely not. She looks curvy and womanly. If she has put on some pounds, those went to perfect places on her.

  4. where is the fat? cannot see it for the life of me!!!

    YEH will always be gorgeous to me!!! I wish I can see her back in the small screen though!!!

    fighting YEH!!!! 🙂

  5. The encouraging thing about this story is the way almost everyone i defending her, by stating the bleeding obvious – she looks both healthy and happy and is a million light years from fat. That so many are speaking up for her is good to see.

  6. At least now I feel better about my weight gain after reading and seeing her putting on weight herself. That shows how human she is even as a celebrity especially now that she’s 30 years of age( I am slightly older) because there’s just too many contributing factors for weight gain – blame it on low metabolisme rate etc.

    It’s just so cliche for us women to look skinny and thin to deemed beautiful and I have been feeling so torturous over my weight and discarding so many of my clothing that could hardly fit nicely anymore. At least after looking at her photos, I now feel that it’s pretty normal to pack on some pounds.

  7. The top is very beautiful!
    Don’t fling tomatos at me, but I actually agree with reporters. Especially for French podium, you know. Not saying she is fat, but those ruffles would look better on skinnier thighs.

  8. My always goddess she look so beautiful and healthy. I like her outfit esp the skirt and i think not many women would suit the skirt. She is tall and her pretty silver open toes shoes…so perfect. I am missing her so much.

  9. Lol what weight gain? I don’t think she put on a few pounds, but rather it’s the skirt that doesn’t flatter her figure.

  10. She looks great and healthy. Love seeing her smile too. Can’t wait to see her Loreal Paris commercial! She looks great on the Loreal promo print ads! Also, hoping for her to sign up for a new drama soon. I miss her on dramaland. Every new drama I’m watching these days I’m wishing she’s on it, lol… 😀

  11. She looks like a mix of Park Shin Hye-Jung So Min.

    She is not fat. If she is considered fat, them I’m a whale.

    • I’m a fan but I disagree with you… I think she looks better on TV than on pictures especially “event” pictures… But she always look better on earlier episodes compared to the later episodes maybe due to lack of sleep lol and she gets sick often while filming for her dramas to the point of being hospitalized.. in Missing you, she also fainted while filming for the last episodes…

    • She’s still laughing on her way to the bank inspite of what you said with her average looks and manly face, thanks to international brands that appreciate her beauty.

    • A lot of people, even non-fans say that she’s even prettier in person… And I agree with avid, to me, she looks even better on TV compared to pictures….

      • She is not really that pretty but she is beautiful. No one comes close to the number of skills/talents she have (if only non-fans are aware of them) and that is what sets her apart from other actresses and that is what makes her beautiful too. kekekeke.

      • Unique kind of beauty like Yoon Eun Hye are rare, some think she is average when other just can resist to her charms and hotness

    • If the enchanting south korean sex symbol called Yoon Eun Hye looks like a man, what are other women without curves and gorgeous lips… you are just cursing at woman incarnation!

  12. Her cheeks seems rounder than before but she’s is not fat. I prefer this than those other celebrities who look like walking sticks. I kinda miss her Goong looks..wish she accepts another good drama..miss you Eun Hye unni!

  13. YEH looked the happiest woman on earth to me, her pretty hair plus the clothes, shoes and make up she was wearing were all great on her. And it’s like she overslept which I personally thought has added some factor on her beautiful vibrant aura..

    Her weight is similar to her hair kekeke one minute it’s short then it becomes long not to mention the colour 😀 Let us not worry and just be happy she appeared hahaha

  14. I like her looking more healthy, cause she got way too skinny after Coffee Prince and in her last dramas she looked rather tired as well. I’m not a huge fan, but she looks pretty this way. She kinda reminds me of Jung So Min now, in fact they could play sisters 😉

  15. Those reporters should ask when she’ll back to drama land instead of writing bulshit about her weight.

    • I totally agree to you. I hope to See her soon. I am waiting for news ab out her next Drama and can’t wait to See her movie love after ^^

  16. If she’s fat then I must be a whale. She looks great, healthy and glowy. For once a Kcelebrity that doesn’t look like they will pass out at any given moment.
    It was one actress who confessed that she passes out several times a day as she diets all the time, and she was laughing about it.
    I hope that next time she actually gets a good project!

  17. Media around the world are cruel and strict about womens’ weight but they’ll never say a word about all the fat male actors who are still busy bagging (great) roles and being praised with no problems.

  18. She looks radiant. Koala is right only a few can pull it off with what she is wearing and she is one of those who just rocked it. You can’t please all.. No matter how perfect you look critics will always try to look for some flaws. But she is happy, beautiful and sexy the heck with her detractors.

  19. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Do you even know what woman with a weight looks like? AHAHHAHAHA c’mon, this is ridicilous. xD

  20. She’s gorgeous.

    I have to laugh at those who always try to describe her as less than pretty, some even go as far as editing YEH pictures to make her look ugly LOL talking about trying hard XD

    Do they think all these international brands don’t know what they’re doing? For so many years? Haha

  21. well when it comes to beauty koreans are lunatics …..is that what u call FAT!! well they are messed up really bad as if all of them are perfect ..she looks skinny where i come from and thats the country of beauties

  22. OMG!WHAT ARE THEY TALKING about?sowhat if she gained weights,she reaally looks great,from head to toe,no other korean actresses can surpass her not only in talents but also her inner beauty and personality,analying her aura,she is happy and healthy,and there is always humility in her whatever she’s doing,no korean’s events will be interesting without YEH thats the. Reason why multi million brands always invite her to their events.she is uncomparable interms of talent skillsand personality,she is beautiful in and out.

  23. Regarding her outfit,its gorgeous,she looks stunning with her porcelain skin and positive aura,she looks beyond compare,ican say this because im also fashionista,she is the only one. Korean actress who looks great whatevet she wore,i saw most of her photos in most event with other actresses and singer and pictorials,she is the only one who can play great in photoshoots.

  24. A koala! How can this hair colour be the same as the one that Yoon Eun Hye had when she went to Paris : “Yoon Eun Hye stepped out today in Seoul for a L’Oreal Paris beauty campaign, sporting the same reddish tinted hair color she’s been rocking since last month when she jetted off to Paris for a photo shoot”. It is not the same and this not just a mundane event, Yoon Eun went to this event as L’Oréal Professionnel Paris representative model. Her hair colour is brown, at departure for Paris it was red!

  25. Yoon Eun Hye attended L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Majirel cool cover. Her hair color is from L’Oréal Majirel cool cover 7.8 and yes she is L’Oréal professionnel Paris representative model in Asia.

  26. Oh my goddess always chic and elegant
    Although the reporter found that she gained weight nonetheless she remains beautiful !

  27. She looks gorgeous and in no way fat or anything. I’m more worried how tired she looks. I hope she gets to rest more in the next months.

  28. I love her personality than outlook. She gains few lbs, but she looks pretty. Her shape is easily gain weight. Just keep control on diet. Always beautiful heart. I love you.

  29. Forever, female stars have been critizised for any weight gain, they may have. How many fans look like these starved models or drama celebrities. Yet some fans will get nervous, if their chosen star’s weight fluctuates. It is about their health, they are prone to dying if they get to thin, not by their own hand either. Nature will only allow you to abuse your body…so much.

    She is looking more normal, for some reason it upsets these morons who are so called reporters. Negative reporting gets more attention…guess the reporter was starved.

  30. YEH is a beautiful person inside out. . .She’s kind hearted and hardworking and a loving daughter to her parents. If you are an avid fan of YEH, as I am, I wish you were able to read the comments from her previous partners and workmates in the dramas she’d been as they always say that they never thought that YEH is very pretty in person and very caring to everyone she’ve worked with.

  31. Yeh looks healthy here unlike most celebrities with skin and bones. She looks happy, healthy, and radiant. I hope to see her in another drama soon. Very talented and beautiful actress.

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