Fashion Fail Bottoms Make Double Appearance in the Same Week on K-ent Starlets

When there is a pants fashion fail in the same week in K-ent, I can only hope it’s a coincidence but worry that it’s heralding a trend. A terrible eyesore of a trend that should have died off in the 80’s and 90’s. Minor celeb Yoo Seung Ok, who is famous for being a sports trainer and flaunting her body whenever she can to get in the news, was spotted at the airport wearing what amounts of color coordinated and shredded clothing abomination. A crop top, vest, jean jacket, all white already, paired with a white jean pant/short, i.e. it looks like shorts from the front but jeans from the back. I seriously can’t even. A few days later actress Jung So Min attended a movie premiere in shorts without the shredded parts of Yoo Seung Ok’s bottom but with the same front pockets visibly peeking look in a contrasting color. Why So Min dear, why did you leave the house without giving your lower half a once over? I really hope there isn’t an ugly bottoms trend about to sweet K-ent, two can be a coincidence but a third may push me over the edge.


Fashion Fail Bottoms Make Double Appearance in the Same Week on K-ent Starlets — 13 Comments

  1. As always, questionable fashion choices in k-ent. Btw I’m surprised you haven’t posted anything on the Producer presscon. I would love to hear your general thoughts on it.

  2. >Yoo Seung Ok, who is famous for being a sports trainer

    When “sports trainer” was mentioned in conjunction … ahh it made more sense.

    My Zumba teacher has many pants (and tops) with slits across.
    Nothing as silly looking as those ‘obviously-shorts posing as pants’ above, but stuff that warrants a 2nd and 3rd look. And my teacher has the bod, presence and confidence to carry it off. This is someone who can really shake her booty like no other dance teacher I have seen.

    Sports trainers, dancers etc do have ‘outfits’ that draw attention to how toned they are.

    Jung So Min’s outfit on the other hand – the look is: bottoms which have shrunk, exposing the lining pockets inside.
    (this happen with wool-blend jackets that should y-cleaned – the lining starts sagging out because the outer layer has shrunk).

    I join the rest of you, in hoping this is not the trend to come, a sight which our eyes have to be assauaged with. Even if the height of fashion, some trends just have to be left well alone.

  3. Oh, I hardly noticed what SHE was wearing. I’m too gobsmacked by what the guy next to her was wearing HAHAHA. Black low cut V next tunic (cos you just have to show off those pecs and arm), green trousers (OMG what green is that??), red sneakers and to top it all off, studded back pack straps. WOW.

  4. Why these two ladies bought clothes half way done? There are a lot of alternative to showing your body on the sexy way with what you’re wearing, but definitely is not like Yoo Seung Ok! Please don’t do this at home 😛

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