C-ent Buzzing Over the Unexpected Breakup of Star Couple Feng Shao Feng and Ni Ni

This week has started off in C-tabloid heaven with the confirmed breakup of two top movie stars. C-actor Feng Shao Feng and his leading lady turned girlfriend C-actress Ni Ni have broken up after three years of dating. Their relationship was highly regarded and seen as having the potential to go all the way so this breakup has the whole industry stunned. The couple started dating in 2012, shortly after Feng Shao Feng’s famous Gong onscreen costar Yang Mi went public with dating Hawick Lau. In the three years since, this has couple has laid low but seemed very happy, while Yang Mi and Hawick’s romance turned into marriage and now being parents to a little girl.

Sadly wedding bells are not to be for the couple whose names both could be read forwards and backwards the same, which was always one of the cutest thing about them dating. The rumors are flying about why they broke up, ranging from one of them is bisexual and cheated on a movie set with a same sex costar to Ni Ni dumping Feng Shao Feng for her married director from a recent movie. All the rumored reasons are just that, unsubstantiated fodder, but the couple have gone on weibo to jokingly tease each other about the breakup and appear to be handling the mutually agreeable split well.

Feng Shao Feng and Ni Ni joked long ago that if they ever broke up they would say each other’s names backwards, and today they did just that on weibo in a very bittersweet but cute exchange. While their names phonetically can be read backwards, the characters are not the same so typing it out makes it clear that they are actually reading it backwards in Chinese. These two were one of my fave C-couples and it’s sad they didn’t find it suitable to walk down the altar. With that said, best of luck to their future romance wherever it takes them.


C-ent Buzzing Over the Unexpected Breakup of Star Couple Feng Shao Feng and Ni Ni — 14 Comments

  1. I think Cdrama is better than Tdrama, but I swear to myself not to watch Cdrama anymore. It always gives me a tragic ending. My last one would be prince of lan ling, another tragic one. Though I must say glad to see another handsome asian star other than the korean ones.. Hellooo Feng Shao Feng!

    • CDramas are made better than TWDramas, BUT… The dubbed voices kill it for us EVERYTIME… SOOO, CANNOT watch CDramas unless they let the actors/actresses speak with their own voices.

      • AND when they do let them speak with their own voices, it’s (most of the time) still also dubbed as well. Why??? Sometimes, I can understand for accent changes but when that’s not the case, I can’t understand it. What really disorients me though, is when I’m watching another drama and the voice actor who dubbed a previous drama I watched is also dubbing an actor in the current drama I’m watching….SO CONFUSING. I keep expecting the previous actor to jump out or something.

    • I cried too hard for Lan Ling Wang too. Used to be Kdrama fans. Recently,started watching Cdrama and I still haven’t see any Cdrama(period) without tragic endings.

  2. I just read on a chinese website that FSF was caught cheeting on her 6 months ago with ab actress/model named 孙心娅. Apparently she was seen getting in and out of his condo … etc
    I wonder if it’s true ? :/

  3. I was kinda distracted by her dress because I just stalked Jeon Ji-hyun’s red carpet looks and she wore that white top+orange skirt thingy.

    (Sorry if I botched the description. 😐 I know diddly-squat about fashion.)

  4. They were definitely very cute! They had the presence of an old hollywood couple. Probably the best looking couple to come out of cdrama land. Sad to hear about heir breakup.

  5. anyway that’s good becoz their age gap is too much …. so i think they cannot happy and love for along time … people said love has no age but in practical that’s a big problem…and they’re also celebrities so that’s hard for them… Feng Shao Feng is my favourite man in this world excepting my dad… i’m a big fan of kdramma too but i love him more than Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ho ,WOn Bin ,…. thus i want to tell is no matter what are happening to him .. i’ll still love him … i’ll be a fan of him..So feng shao feng don’t be feel so long … fighting… !!! i’ll expect ur new movies and drammas … ice fantacy too..

  6. Definitely Shaofeng feng is a very handsome guy and in Ice Fantasy I love him to death. More blessings for you and hope you find true happiness.

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