K-stars Looking Fabulous from 360 Degrees at the 2015 Baeksang Art Awards

The 2015 Baeksang Art Awards was held this week and the attendees and awards hand out was as expected so there wasn’t much to write about. Same goes with the fashion, no one really stood out in either extreme, just a lot of good looking people dressing fashionably appropriate for the occasion. I did love the 360 degree camera booth the ceremony set up at the end of the arrivals red carpet. The GIFs of the popular young K-stars have been making the rounds all week and the circular twirl is super mesmerizing. Maybe there is a hypnotic effect to it but I can’t stop watching, and then feeling slightly dizzy afterwards. Check out a collection of 360 degree spinning attractive overload below. It’s like taking a whirl in a spinning wheel ride where the center piece is your favorite K-star.



Byun Yo Han


Ji Sung

Park Shin Hye


Lee Min Ho

Everyone looked great but let Jeon Ji Hyun PWN it all from last year’s award.


K-stars Looking Fabulous from 360 Degrees at the 2015 Baeksang Art Awards — 26 Comments

  1. omg jeon ji hyun was there as the award presenter BUT WHY DIDNT SHE WALK THE CARPET??? SHE LOOKS FABULOUS THIS YEAR AS WELL

    • Her outfit is so plain and simple when she present the daesang but still she looks elegant and classy. that is also one of the reason i love jjh she doesn’t have to make an effort to look glamorous because even with just a simple outfit she will always look so classy and elegant.

  2. I was waiting for this post, Ms. K, would’ve loved to read your “snarky” comments on the red carpet fashion.

    LOL at Yoochun being so awkward in that 360 cam! Who would’ve thought that after years of being a celebrity, he still poses awkwardly in front of cameras. Glad he cut his hideous hair, he looks so much better with short hair.

    Jeon Jihyun is just beauty personified, ’nuff said.

  3. Jeon ji hyun is gorgeously beautiful and really connects with the camera! No wonder she looks great in all her Photo shoots and is the queen of CFs!

  4. Jun Ji Hyun is not only gorgeous, she’s SO expressive, her eyes alone say so much. No wonder she always looks amazing in all her work, whether it’s modelling or acting.

  5. *sigh* I still can`t help but feel that Ji Sung should have gotten that Best Actor award. As much as I loved Lee Sungmin in Misaeng, Ji Sung really carried KMHM, from the acting to signing on a month before shooting. He better get a Daesang at the MBC awards!

  6. Park Shin Hye’s gown looks really nice but she didn’t do justice to it.
    Imagine Jeon Ji Hyun wearing that! That’s a great outfit!

  7. it’s so cute how most of them are following the camera (JJH did it flawlessly of course). I believe it’s more or less to show off the person and their outfit of course from all angles like this: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lzb6nh4ESA1qdwtdeo1_500.gif

    I’d love to see the ladies outfits shown off that way. Also, I feel like i have a much better idea of what they all looked like. They all looked so good seriously.

  8. There was a twitter account that posted Vines of these. 😀 It’s so much funnier and cuter when you see AND hear them giggling awkwardly at the 360 thing but trying to wave gamely at it.

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