Park Min Young and Hans Zhang Looking Fantastic in First Braveness of the Ming Drama Stills

Color me genuinely impressed with the early results from K-actress Park Min Young‘s foray into Chinese dramas. While idol-actress Suzy was reportedly the production’s first choice as leading lady, ultimately I think it worked out wonderfully all around for Park Min Young to accept period C-drama Braveness of the Ming. Acting opposite Hans Zhang, who is no stranger to working with Korean stars having worked early on in his career opposite Song Joong Ki in the movie Hearty Paws 2, there is a very lovely visual compatibility in the looks and aura of the two leads. Hans always looks good in Chinese period costume but the real surprise is Park Min Young looking exceptionally beautiful as a Chinese period goddess, so much so that she looks even better than the other Chinese supporting actresses in this cast. Check out the first set of drama promotional stills below as well as additional pictures of Park Min Young on the set filming.


Park Min Young and Hans Zhang Looking Fantastic in First Braveness of the Ming Drama Stills — 25 Comments

    • ain’t their fault yoona doesn’t look good in chinese periodical clothing, even sometimes modern clothes is a hit and miss with her due to her long neck, and skinny frame (esp when you check out her past photos when she had minimal make up on and before the forehead implant)

      • PMY looking the part and getting praises, despite being Korean, is throwing off the people who attributed the critique Yoona received to xenophobia. Yoona’s look and then styling just drew attention to all her flaws, instead of highlighting her positives. It also didn’t help her that the other female actresses looked better.

        At this point this new drama just needs to get their story/plot on point and they should be fine. The trailer, costumes and look of that other drama is just way off.

  1. These stills are too pretty! This might be my first time checking out a C-period drama. Please let it be good!

  2. I can take or leave her dramas but gotta say, she does look radiant. And appears to have less foundation caked on compared to the other actresses. She does look her partpart and I think he full cheeks plays a part. She glows vs looking emancipated.

  3. I don’t know why they always say BOTM was first offered to Suzy, her agency already cleared that up. It wasn’t offered to Suzy. So stop inserting people that has nothing to do with this article.

    PMY just looks divine in this get up. Very Royal and goddess like. Looking forward to more stills and BTS photos of this drama.

  4. I think Yoona could have looked just good as Park Minyoung doess here, if only the coordi styled her better. The yellow dress was plain, and her hair style emphasized her pointy chin. I remembered Yoona looking way better and more lively in the pale pink dress with a better hairstyle during the promo session (although the pale color did wash her out a little).

    Meanwhile, the coral color here really does PMY justice. She looks cute without going overboard.

  5. **Park Min Young** looks absolutely AMAZING in her Ming Dynasty Costumes Era.. Beautiful, angelic cute/adorable Beauty..good luck & all the best with your fellow comrades in this Project.. cant wait when its released in 2016, blessings to you Park Min Young and **Braveness of the** **Ming/Silk Production**, without a shadow of a doubt it will be a Blockbuster Sensation thruout Asia & Internationaly.. Fighting:)

  6. All the Best Park Min Young.. Amazing Awesome Adorable Angelic-Beauty Korean Actress.. Blessings to you PMY and your fellow comrades as you venture with the Project: Braveness of the Ming/Silk.. cant wait til it is released 2016.. No doubt it will be a Blockbuster Worldwide Chinese Drama Extravaganza.. Fighting:)

  7. Pmy does look pretty good but as usual she is also getting the “koreans can’t bring out chinese traditional costumes well” “why put a korean in a chinese drama” the usual comments.

    Yoona will look good with this hairstyle too imo.

  8. PMY rocks the costumes and is receiving a lot of good comments and even the Chinese community is saying so. She’s captivating and mesmerizing to the eye.

  9. I like PMY since SKK, found her beauty, very true , carefree, happy laughter, and good personality. Must see her c-drama,first time get me interest bcos of her starring in…beautiful costume made her even suit to the drama as i never expect her to become such gorgeous fairy like goddess. Amazing…..

  10. Ah pmy is very charm and beautiful but if zhen shuang it must be better if she was the one i can imagine shes so beautiful wearing the chinese costume she has beautiful face…

  11. I have only seen PMY interviewed a few times, she seemed to me, to have a good head on her shoulders…I hope this to be the case. I wish there were more positive, genuine role models for young women to look up to.

    I am so happy she isn’t with anyone, at this particular time, because it looks like her career is on a roll right now…dating takes lots of energy.

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