First Bantering Teaser for Oh My Ghost with Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok

The first teaser is out for Oh My Ghost, the next tvN Fri-Sat drama that will take over the time slot from the low-rated but decently liked Ex-Girlfriend’s Club. I remember 2013 having a ton of supernatural dramas including The Master’s Sun and Who Are You but last year the summer season did have any thrills and chills. Oh My Ghost may have the word ghost in the title but will likely be less scary and more scary funny if the leads have anything to do with it.

Jo Jung Seok, Park Bo Young, and Kim Seul Gi are all super hilarious spot on actors who can hit a joke beat out of the park. This drama will surely have tons of that as Kim Seul Gi’s lady ghost takes over shy Park Bo Young’s body and turns her man-crazed, all the while the real personality harbors a crush on her arrogant chef boss played by Jo Jung Seok. Check out the first cute bickering teaser showing the two leads having a fun little back-and-forth on the street.

First teaser for Oh My Ghost:


First Bantering Teaser for Oh My Ghost with Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok — 8 Comments

  1. Oh how I loved Jo Jung Seok in You Are the Best, Lee Soon Shin as the funny but also adorable hero! His chemistry with IU was great and so lovely that made me able to walk through a family drama of 50 eps first time. Besides, he’s got experience doing musicals. And I somehow have biased confidence in actors with that particular background. I only watched Park Bo Young in A Werewolf Boy. I wasn’t particularly impressed not did I not like her. It’s just because all my attention was on my bias Song Joong Gi. LOL….Anyway, this upcoming drama sounds very promising. Anticipating! I hope the script and directing, not only the cast, will be on A level too.

    Ockoala, thanks for the update.

    • I love Jo Jung Seok too ! I watched him in What’s up ! And he was so funny and good at singing ! And I cried a lot in King 2 Hearts because of him. And I agree with you, he and IU were realy cute together !

  2. I hope this drama will make Park Bo Young do more drama in the future. I hope to see being paired with Yoo Seung Ho and Yoo Ah In… or maybe Song Joong Ki or Lee Min Ho again

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