So Ji Sub Does a Droll and Languid Dior Homme Pictorial for Esquire Korea

It’s hard to envision anyone looking sexy mid-yawn, and then there is So Ji Sub. He not only looks sexy yawning like he doesn’t give a fug, he also looks sardonically amused in that cool bad boy style of his. It’s nearing two years since his last drama with The Master’s Sun, though he’s done a Jeju web drama with Kim Ji Won and recently cameo’d in the Hong sisters currently airing MBC drama Warm and Cozy. Neither hit the spot for me, I need So Ji Sub onscreen in a fully developed story and playing a memorable character that he’ll then make even more unforgettable thanks to his unique brand of charismatic acting. Some K-ent male actors feel interchangeable in style and looks, that’s not So Ji Sub in the least as he always stands out for me in ways good and hilariously bad (when he’s rapping). He’s in the upcoming issue of Esquire Korea modeling Dior Homme attire and accessories, but looking like he couldn’t be bothered to be there. It’s the conceit of this pictorial but with his take ends up catching my eye even more.


So Ji Sub Does a Droll and Languid Dior Homme Pictorial for Esquire Korea — 12 Comments

    • LOL, @Steph! You should get back in line, cherie… I think you’re behind me in the casting row of SJS’s touching “things”. I by far won the drooling competition after all 😉

  1. He is the best korean sexy..and great in acting…oppa your one and only..hope he has new drama this year im waiting..Fighting..he is my no.1korean actor…sjs sarangae..

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