Oh My Ghost Continues to Deliver the Sweet and Sassy Drama Poster and Teaser

I’m really looking forward to upcoming tvN Fri-Sat drama Oh My Ghost with a low key anticipation, which is the best attitude to have these days when it comes to dramas mostly being a disappointment. I’m a little tired of judging whether dramas are qualitatively good or not, which is also subjective, I just want a drama to hook me good and proper. The last drama to do that was The Girl Who Sees Smells, which was chock full of weaknesses but remained good to the last drop for me on the strength of the OTP alone. With that said, I am itching for a good story and I hope Oh My Ghost delivers on that.

The drama doesn’t drop until the first week of July even though its predecessor Ex-Girlfriends Club has already finished airing. I don’t mind the wait, especially if the end result is as cute and charming as the teasers have presented. The first teaser had the OTP bickering and flirting in the street, and now the second teaser shows us Park Bo Young being possessed by the sassy and man-crazy ghost played by Kim Seul Gi. Having two equally talented and adorable leading ladies is a double treat, with Park Bo Young having more than enough charisma and acting chops to carry double the acting load when playing her own character or Kim Seul Gi’s female ghost using her body.

Second teaser for Oh My Ghost:


Oh My Ghost Continues to Deliver the Sweet and Sassy Drama Poster and Teaser — 8 Comments

  1. I hope they will do the ghost possession were Bo Young copy the mannerisms of Seul Gi at the same time we them together on screen like what the movie “Hello Ghost” starring Cha Tae Hyun

  2. Oh I want to see this drama ! I love the actors! And the story seems funny.

    I’m curious about Hidden Idendity (beacause of Kim Bum) and My Beautiful Bride (because it’s the same writer than Heartless City) too !

  3. I didn’t realized Im Joo Hwan is in this. Kind of disappointed he’s not the lead!!

    Anyways, this looks super fun to watch! Can’t wait!

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