Grazia Magazine Celebrates 200 Issues with Real Life Star Friends Angelababy and Mizuhara Kiko

The cross-border collaborations aren’t limited to just China-Korea these days. For the 200th issue of China’s Grazia fashion magazine, the publication pulled out some young hip big guns to line up Chinese model-actress Angelababy (Yang Ying) and Japanese model-actress Mizuhara Kiko for as the cover couple. These two are actually good friends in real life and even share another common thread: Angelebaby is known to be a huge fan of G-Dragon while Kiko has long been known in the industry as GD’s girlfriend. I super love this girl power pictorial, capturing the genuine friendship between the ladies as well as their strengths as established models. Recently for¬†Angelababy is a cameo in her new husband¬†Huang Xiaoming‘s movie version of My Sunshine with Yang Mi, while Kiko has the blockbuster in the making live-action Attack on Titan franchise hitting this summer.


Grazia Magazine Celebrates 200 Issues with Real Life Star Friends Angelababy and Mizuhara Kiko — 10 Comments

  1. It’s sweet to see cross-border friends make it in fashion cover.

    Yes, Kiko is known in the industry as GD’s girlfriend, but as you mentioned it, I wondered if GD or YG has ever officially given a response to the rumours?? (because if I am right they are not an official couple despite it being obvious)

    • No as far as I know they never confirm it because her being a ‘right-wing’ Japanese and because of her past scandals the K-nets hate her. So, considering GD’s image, YG never confirms it.

  2. of these 2 Angelababy is amazing popular and even sought after in Hollywood and recently casted in hollywood movie independence day 2.. Angelababy might not be that famous outside of China but she is damn famous in China the Weibo queen… I think Raymond wong will cast Angelababy oppsite LMH(his new found star).. dope! I’m in cloud 9 in how things are unfolding.. super excited

    • I agree Angela is seriously famous in china and might be a good boost on the chinese box-office. Wallace Chung and LMH are also really famous in china, so if you put her on top of that the box-office might explod.

      but still LMH will carry this movie outside of China, and Korea into the world and thats why pegasus motion pictures hired him. his huge in southeast-asia, Middle east and latin america. his the carrier of this movie and front-runner but wallace chung and Angelababy will surely be benefit for the Chinese box-office.. Its all bussiness at the end of the day money to be made. it depends on how they promote the movie but they could seriously catch on this movie above the 100-200 mio dollars

      • LMH can sell box-office in china but these are awesome back-up for further box-office potential..

  3. Angelababy is really pretty, kiko is looking gorgeous with his ‘no-makeup’ face better.. she dates uri GD, and knows as GD’s girlfriend is pretty sad for her. People didnt really recognize her talent. But her modeling life looks fab day by day. Btw, are these two catwalk models?? i havent seen them in runway..

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