Rain and Kim Tae Hee Attend Same Brand Event in China in First Couple’s Outing Together

Will these two pretties put a ring on it already? One of top celebrity couples in K-ent undeniably includes Rain and Kim Tae Hee, even if they haven’t tied the knot they are still top of the charts in terms of popularity and public interest in their relationship. It’s been two and a half years since they were forced to go public thanks to some Dispatch snapped late night date pictures, which hardly seems scandalous since they are both in their 30s and goodness can’t adult stars¬†just date without fan hissy fits.

Maybe the trauma of that forced outing has led to their utter and completely reluctance¬†when it comes to publicly stepping out as a couple, which I understand is their prerogative but deprives me of pretty couple shots to spread some love. This past weekend marks the first step forward, I suppose, in their relationship evolution with the public: Rain and Kim Tae Hee showed up at the same press event for a Chinese skincare brand, but in a together not together way. Their attendance was at different times as she did the run for the ladies products while he was onstage for the men’s line. Talk about playing coy to the very end, LOL.


Rain and Kim Tae Hee Attend Same Brand Event in China in First Couple’s Outing Together — 6 Comments

  1. it’s perfecntly normal for Korea. you know, some Korean fans still don’t want to see their (Rain and Kth) real couple pics. not all of them but maybe some Japanese fans are also the same. and rain knows about it very well. so he will do anything not to be together in pics in the media with her

  2. They’re adorable. And knetz are slowly warming up to the idea of them being the going-to-end-in-the-altar type so I’m sure we’ll be getting something legit in terms of pictures soon. Or maybe the next thing is a wedding photo shoot lol. Can’t wait :p

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