Choi Ji Woo Pairs Up with Lee Sang Yoon for Return to College tvN Rom-Com Second Time Twenty Years Old


Oh happy casting and drama news, thanks for brightening up my Friday heading into the weekend. Cable network tvN has locked down its next Fri-Sat drama after Oh My Ghost with a rom-com, keeping the fluffy romance streak going and making me very happy indeed. The drama was originally called Our Heaven but has gotten a name change to the very literal Second Time Twenty Years Old. This week the network finalized the casting of the leads very quickly, first came Hallyu superstar Choi Ji Woo picking this as her comeback project, followed by today’s news that her leading man will be Lee Sang Yoon. Oh double yay!

Neither are my faves but in the context of this particular drama they actually seem perfectly cast. Choi Ji Woo plays Ha No Ra, a woman who had a baby at 19 years old and twenty years later gets to restart her life again by going back to college as a 39 year old. She runs into her old high school classmate Cha Hyun Seok played by Lee Sang Yoon, who used to have a secret crush on her when they were teens and now he’s grown up into an assistant professor at the college and the university drama club director. Unless the drama has No Ra married at 39 years old, then this whole set up sounds adorable and so sweet, giving her a second chance to live her dreams and a cutie to boot.


Another reason I’m super excited about this drama is the screenwriter is famed Lee Hyun Kyung, who wrote Two Weeks, Prosecutor Princess, 49 Days, Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance, and My Daughter Seo Young. All her dramas are either ratings hits or cult favorites, but in the past she’s always worked with the big three networks so this will be her first time doing cable. She’s bringing with her to collaborate on this drama the veteran SBS PD Kim Hyung Sik who directed Secret Door, The Suspicious Housekeeper, Ghost, and I Am Legend. The drama heads into production soon with a premiere date in August. I do feel a tad disappointed her leading man couldn’t be Lee Seo Jin, but then again, if there was a choice don’t we all really want them to date in real life and not reel life?


Choi Ji Woo Pairs Up with Lee Sang Yoon for Return to College tvN Rom-Com Second Time Twenty Years Old — 12 Comments

  1. I really enjoyed two weeks and 49 days , I hated Choi ji woo last drama ” temptation ” so much ,hope this one is good since it’s a romantic comedy ,I enjoyed lee sang yoon in lair game,even though I stopped watching that drama ,he was certainly the highlight of that drama .

    • Whoa that actually sounds like a really good idea. He’s the perfect age and i could see them playing mother and son

  2. We’re so happy it was materialize, these two great Actors, LEE SANG YOON and CHOI JI WOO are our best favorites. So excited seeing them again on screen. We’re all looking forward to this! Ye hey!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. So Go Hyun Jung did turn down the role (CJW’s role was first offered to her). But I think it’s okay 🙂 I like the pairing and as much as I badly want to see Go Hyun Jung again, I’m interested in seeing CJW back in a romcom.

  4. I would prefer someone who is little older or at the same age as CJW is or at least someone who looks older than she. LSY is 6 years younger and it shows, but I’m glad to see her in a drama again.

  5. 6 year is nothing. have u seem drama were the man is twice the woman age? now that is just wrong. most man dont age well. so when they stand next to a younger woman. they look more like her dad or grandpa then lover.

  6. I think CJW and LSY are good combination although he’ 6 years younger but he looks mature and handsome…come give them a break. who will count for age anyway as long as can get along no problem.theres a lot of couple man are younger than a woman.

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