Marie Claire Taiwan Brings Fashionable Besties Bolin Chen and Gwei Lun Mei Back to Blue Gate Crossing

Marie Claire Taiwan has exquisite taste, that’s for sure. For the 22nd anniversary edition, the magazine brought back together real life best friends and Taiwan’s undisputed younger generation movie stars Bolin Chen and Gwei Lun Mei on a tour down a blue memory lane. The two stars got their acting break in the same movie, at the fresh-faced and raw age of 17 years old they played high school students in the movie Blue Gate Crossing. The movie deservingly launched both down the path to movie stardom and neither has looked back since.

Bolin has amassed a bit more pop cultural appeal by doing a few idol dramas while Gwei Lun Mei remains working almost exclusively in movies. When Bolin did In Time With You, the public joked that the drama’s central friendship between leads Li Da Ren and Chen You Qing was really the dramatized version of Bolin’s friendship with Gwei Lun Mei, minus the turning into love part. It’s great to see them feted in the pages of Marie Claire, bringing some classy to the proceedings as well as fond memories of Blue Gate Crossing nostalgia.


Marie Claire Taiwan Brings Fashionable Besties Bolin Chen and Gwei Lun Mei Back to Blue Gate Crossing — 8 Comments

  1. I love them in ble gate crossing.m and i l9ve them more now… more than ariel and bolen i think i ship this 2 since watching their movie year and years before… but if they are good besties then i am certainly happy still…. bot look gorgeous individually and amazing together…

  2. I saw Blue gate crossing years ago, and I remember how I didn’t understand the ending. It’s such a very beautiful movie, and they were very good actors at such a young age. But every time I read about this movie, the ending keeps coming to my mind.

  3. Thanks to the kdrama remake, I finally got down to watching the original In Time With You, and am currently loving Bolin’s portrayal of LDR (i didn’t know he’s uber hot, or maybe I just wasn’t interested back then). And Ariel’s CYC is very beautiful and playfully self-centered which is quite unique for a drama heroine. Loving the story so far and I’m surprised hearing that bit about it being a reflection of Bolin’s real life friendship with GLM. I wouldn’t have thought Bolin to be the long-sufferer type in real life. Hehe

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