Kang Ji Hwan Starts Filming Chinese-Korean Rom-com Movie with C-actress Jiang Yuan

It’s been a long time since I saw Kang Ji Hwan on the small screen, with his last K-drama being Big Man in early 2014. The drama was a misfire for me in every way other than his fantastic chemistry and character interactions with second female lead Jung So Min. It’ll be awhile longer to see him back in drama land as his next project is confirmed to be a Chinese-Korean joint production movie tentatively called A-lister Fall From the Sky, which sounds a lot punnier in Chinese than the literal translation. Costarring with him is Chinese actress Jiang Yuan, with the two attending the filming commencement ceremony this week as the movie heads into production with an eye towards the year end holiday season release. Nice to see him in a new acting project even if it’s one of those popular Chinese-Korean joint productions that so many Korean stars are diving into these days.

In the movie, Kang Ji Hwan plays an A-list Hallyu star whose stars falls after he starts drinking his romantic troubles away and ends up in a scandal. He takes off for China to escape the media heat and encounters his Chinese super fan played by Jiang Yuan, with what ensues being a star-fan romance that is described as funny and a modern Cinderella take.


Kang Ji Hwan Starts Filming Chinese-Korean Rom-com Movie with C-actress Jiang Yuan — 6 Comments

  1. I’m happy for the actors taking on chinese productions, but sad for me since they don’t seem to get subbed so I can’t watch them.

    • take out Park Shi Hoo’s scandal, PSH is really hotter actor on the small screen. you could think of it like, since they cant get the real one, they get the doppelganger.

  2. With KJW I know I dont need to worry about his acting.He is a solid actor and I can not understand why I do not see him more often in small screen.

  3. Im so happy that KJH is back to big screen and hope it becomes a blockbuster like My GF is an agent, although it will be sad for us English speaking fans if it doesnt get subbed .. Take care KJH and be healthy

  4. I don’t like Phillipp Plein design because it’s too extreme, but the shirt that Kang Ji Hwan is using is awesome or maybe it’s KJH and not the shirt 😉 He is looking good!

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