Song Il Gook Attends Tattoist Movie Premiere with Supporting Lead Seo Young’s Fashion Fail Outfit

This may end up being a case of no publicity is bad publicity, but whatever the outcome it sure is uncomfortable to watch as an entertainment consumer. Song Il Gook has reinvented himself in the last two years as the father of triplets on the reality show Superman Returns, a fun program I watch from time to time but have a nugget of underlying concern about showing celebrity progeny so soon for public viewing. Song Il Gook’s triplets are particularly adorable and so far seem to adapt to the cameras fine enough, while his image has gotten considerable softening from tough guy to harried dad.

He is returning to the big screen this summer with the thriller movie Tattoist, a film that has been flying under the radar vis-a-vis other bigger cast projects, so it was a surprise to see that the movie held a premiere this weekend. I don’t think the K-media would have covered the premiere with as much interest but for Song Il Gook’s supporting female lead Seo Young attending dressed in a revealing gown that I find less objectionable for being revealing but completely cringeworthy for being just plain hideous and ugly. Song Il Gook doesn’t look all that happy either, whether its because of the premiere attendance of squiring Seo Young on his arm.


Song Il Gook Attends Tattoist Movie Premiere with Supporting Lead Seo Young’s Fashion Fail Outfit — 20 Comments

  1. Ewww the fabric must be horrified to have been made into that hideous thing pretending to be a dress. Ugghh. Oh and all the A-listers are in Assassinations’s VIP premiere so this is a nice way to attract attention, even if cheap.

  2. just plain UGLY. But then, people would do anything to seek attention. hey probably this will increase the ticket sales *sarcasm*

  3. Superman returns is literally the only k-thing i watch nowadays, mainly for the triplets, as they make you happier than dramas these days do.
    To see the relationship they have with their dad and the brotherly love for one another is quite astonishing but ultimately every parent can take a tip from his parenting style. The love, care, and respect that the whole family has for one another is a beautiful reality to see, something you don’t always get to see.
    They’ll be missed, considering song il kook is thinking about returning to the small screen.

    • I know!!! I love the triples so much! They bring joy to my life! Song Il kook is a great dad! And yeah the dress is so inappropriate.

    • The triplets are so cute, I love seeing their different personalities and how they try to take care of people around them even when they were only 2 years old. Song Il Gook and his wife raised them so well.

      But I agree with koala that long term exposure on tv is not good for small children. And with netizen culture being like this in SK, I love seeing the triplets but I support Song Il Gook taking them off the show if that is what he decides.

  4. To be fair his suit is ugly too. I’m not a fan of the brown shoes, blue suit combo. The material is weird, its illfitting, second fashion fail imho.

    • + the red tie doesn’t help it either. 🙂

      Btw, I don’t like 2 button suits, because this is how you should wear it unfortunately, I mean you should button the top button only. 🙁

    • I agree- Blue Suit-Brown Shoes- Oh No. Whose idea was that? If her dress wasn’t so hideous, we would be drawn to look at his feet.

  5. LOL at the title. So he attended the movie with her outfit? I know you wanted to point out her ugly dress, but the title is a mess.

  6. Poor Song Il-Gook, I can feel and literally see his pain! There isn’t anyone, who can tell her that she mustn’t go out dressed like that? She ruined the premiere too.

  7. The movie is a thriller, therefore, both actor and actress must wear something scary especially when Halloween is still months away 🙂

  8. Lol. That’s gotta be the ugliest dress ever! Cheap looking. Interesting how S. Korea is doing so well mimicking western culture. But why are they so behind when it comes to women’s fashion? It’s either outrageously revealing, to the point of trying too hard or cheesy & quirky. It’s only once in a blue moon that I see fashion that is tasteful, classy, elegant.

  9. LOL,so it’s the fashion in SK now to wear the undergarments on the outside of the dress?

    I miss Soong Il Gook. Please come back to dramaland soon.

  10. Should’ve gotten her PR people onto Zuhair Murad, Paolo Sebastian or Givenchy if she was going for a sheer gown like that lol.
    Good to see Song Il Gook coming back into the limelight but as an actor, I hope he makes a good kdrama comeback soon.

  11. Oh my triplets are everything. I love them so much. He and his wife educate them so well even in the very young age. They all behave properly but still so much fun to watch. I heard his wife is a court. No wonder the triplets so smart.

    The girl with that ugly dress, I don’t even care…lol

  12. I’m still holding on to the hope that SIG will make a drama comeback and at the same remain in the show with his uber adorable triplets. I know, I’m selfish that way. Lol. Song Appa looks tired sometimes that if he does do a drama, he’s probably gonna be burned out. And fan-taken photos of the triplets show bigger crowds gathering now whenever they’re around for filming. It’s kinda alarming already. -_- I love the show but whatever is best for the triplets, I’ll ride with that. Kyaaa, my Daehoney! =/

  13. The lace demands a refund. The dressmaker should have joined all the black lace together, and make a one-piece short dress. The voile could have been draped around the shoulder or head. Some knees should remain out of plain view. IlGuk should have worn a brown suit and blue shoes.

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