Park Hyung Sik is Handsome and Tired Doing the Post High Society Media Interviews

I hope the Park Hyung Sik lovefest continues with the current drama viewers affection for his acting forays. I also hope he continues with the smart role selections that have helped pave his acting jaunts, from supporting role in Heirs to younger generation main lead in weekend family drama What’s With This Family and onwards to second male lead of prime time drama High Society. I don’t think he’s ready for prime time drama male lead but he’s definitely getting there.

He’s been shining in every role I’ve seen from him, a combination of genuine acting charisma and picking good roles. The latter is as hard as the former, as evidenced by High Society male lead Sung Joon getting saddled with a dour and dull character while Park Hyung Sik’s role may have gotten less screen time but ended up way more likable and enjoyable. He’s been all over the K-ent publications doing the obligatory post-drama interviews, with plenty of handsome pictures snapped but looking exhausted and wan in nearly every one. Poor boy, please go take a nap for a week now.


Park Hyung Sik is Handsome and Tired Doing the Post High Society Media Interviews — 15 Comments

  1. Personally, I think he’s not extremely handsome and his actings also average compare to just say Lee Joon or DO (for me Im Si Wan actings also nothing special in Misaeng, don’t know about other dramas of him). But he knows how to choose the characters that could be easily loved by people and has good chemistry with all his co-stars. I think he’s more like the second male lead of School 2015 (don’t know his name). Both are lovable. I hope for the next roles, he choose more challenging roles. Anyway, he at least one of the watchable idol-actor.

    • He was pretty good in one special drama where he played twins. You should see his acting there. Don’t really remember the name of the drama though.

  2. Hyungsik has the looks of an actor more than an idol. A young Ji Sung. He is tall and good looking. He has very expressive eyes and has good chemistry with costars. i definitely see a lot of potential in this kid.

    Acting skills wise, i agree he is not prime time male lead yet, but i believe he will eventually get there. Probably go for movie smaller roles or cable tv roles first. I hope he makes a smart choice.

    • He certainly has the looks of an actor, like you said he looks like a baby Ji Sung. But looks alone cannot make an actor no matter how popular he is in CFs or idol life, and he certainly has the raw acting ability. I just hope he chooses his next project well so people don’t feel as disappointed in him as they do in Sung Joon after High Society.

  3. I do agree that he’s not quite at prime time male lead level yet, but the day isn’t far off – he’s likable, handsome and actually quite a decent actor who has good chemistry with all his costars. Maybe one more well-received role and then he can have his shot at first lead…

    And like his fellow group member Im Siwan, he’s been wise in starting off choosing smaller/supporting roles and projects that build his skills – he’s not quite at the level of Siwan (who has an almost Song Joong Ki-like ability to express a character’s thoughts without needing words) , but I was impressed by him in Nine and Sirius since it takes some acting chops to play a double role/not be totally swallowed up when you’re on the same screen as Lee Jin Wook.

  4. ahhhh Park Hyung Sik the only thing that made ‘High Society’ watchable for me… This boy deserves big time all the love he’s getting! (still he should get some rest, he looks exhausted on these pics) He has the looks (tall, handsome) and he’s quite good acting-wise, moreover he has this likeable factor that you can’t help but fall for him (I’m a victim here lol)
    I’ve started watching ‘What happens to my family?’ and he is adorkable in it. His crying scenes are not over the top (already noticed that in HS) and he has good comic timing imo. I don’t care much for K-Pop, didn’t know he was a member of ZE:A…I only knew Si Wan from this band and I didn’t know he was an idol as well at first. Both are talented imo and should stick to acting if things doesn’t work out with their group in the future (it’s a wonder and a shame ZE:A isn’t more popular in Korea, I heard some of their songs and they are quite catchy)
    Lastly, I agree on the striking ressemblance he shares with Ji Sung…he could totally pass for his little bro.

  5. He really is clever (or got a good mentor) when choosing his projects. He made a good impresion during his stint at Real Man, after that he appeared more and more on TV. Liked him in High Society, too, although he is still way too young to play a top manager. Time will do him good.

  6. And 2017 is the best year for Park Hyung Sik. Bravo for this one damn talented guy! He’s finally making the ‘stir’ he wishes for in his previous interviews! For such a humble and lovable guy, you deserve everything you have now!

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