Millet Wastes the Awesome Chemistry of Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye with Second Lackluster CF Campaign

I guess credit has to be given to Korean outdoor wear brand Millet for batting two-out-of-two for this year’s CF campaigns. Too bad it’s two-out-of-two in striking out miserably, made all the worse by landing two fantastic brand models in Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye who have proven chemistry with each other and as models. For the early spring/summer campaign, I already posted on the lackluster staging and dull photos, of no fault of the two models but lies squarely with the design team.

Those hoping for the second round to improve will sadly be disappointed as the fall/winter pictorial just came out and is literally more of the same, except with cold weather outerwear. Sigh. And this on top of the recent dating hullabaloo between the two, and the photographer poses them like they are not even in the same frame but spliced together after separate trips to the studio. Or was that what happened? There is no excuse for sucking a second time, I hope Shin Hye and Jong Seok don’t return for a third go-around. If they did then might as well send in a mannequin of each other for the shoot.


Millet Wastes the Awesome Chemistry of Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye with Second Lackluster CF Campaign — 11 Comments

  1. Those honestly look like they were photoshopped together and the pics taken at different times. Hard to have chemistry when your partner isn’t really there.

  2. Their Jambangee cfs >>>>>>>>>> this. They were hot together in that one. This actually looks like you said, like they took the pics separate from each other.

  3. This is still an improvement for Millet from their tragic Moon Chae Won + Ha Jung Woo photo op. Lee Jong Suk’s new Skinfood cf is awesome tho. He looks like an angel. Should post those.

  4. I don’t get all the complaining about these photos being dull and doesn’t show any chemistry. These are for the catalogue of an outdoor apparrel. They are modelling the clothes and not their chemistry. If you want to see chemistry/skinship, wait for the cf.

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