C-drama Audiences Fuming Over the Ending of Diamond Lover with Rain and Tang Yan

It’s going to be hard to top the collective audience outrage that erupted this week over the ending of the popular summer C-drama Diamond Lover. The drama starring Rain, Tang Yan, and Luo Jin has been doing gangbuster ratings since it premiered in late July, running for over 60 episodes and keeping the local audiences hooked all the way. The happy feel good train came to an abrupt halt a few days ago with the out-of-left-field ending that is dominating all news articles about this drama, and has left the drama baidu bar teeming with furious and appalled fans.

I watched two episodes and that was enough for me, I dislike bullied fat girl loses weight and lives her Cinderella fantasy stories and this one is as cloying as it comes, to no fault of Tang Tang or Rain in their acting or chemistry which was fine. I can’t say the drama is terrible, but it is overly sleek and stuffed to the gills with PPL to make The Time I Loved You look like an indie production. But hearing about the ending had me rolling on the floor laughing at the chutzpah of the producers. Really? To avoid spoilers I’ll discuss it after the jump.

For 60-plus episodes, Diamond Lover was all about Tang Yan’s leading lady in love with Rain’s cold chaebol character and melting his heart with her sincere ways. You know the drill. They fall in love, date, run into obstacles, but eventually overcome it all. Just as things are about to reach an expected conclusion, the ending had her rejecting Rain and accepting the marriage proposal of the second male lead played by Luo Jin, who had been the best friend to her through the entire drama but never got anywhere until abruptly he wins the girl just like that.

So Diamond Lover now joins the pantheon of dramas with WTF endings, as well as the few dramas where the second male lead gets the girl. But in this case no one wanted Luo Jin to get the girl and Rain was the fan favorite all the way. Ahahahahaha, at least Rain got to cash his astronomical paycheck for this drama so he shouldn’t feel bad. And if there was any Rain drama where the second male lead should have gotten the girl, it had to be My Lovely Girl and not this drama. At least Luo Jin being the second male lead and not another actor soothes some ruffled feathers since he’s one of Tang Tang’s former leading men and who reportedly dated her while they did Agent X together.

Behind the scenes chatter actually explains how this trainwreck all went down. Apparently Rain was only booked to film a 40 episode drama and he did just that. But afterwards the production asked the screenwriter to add 20 more episodes to the count but Rain wasn’t available to film so only the rest of the cast filmed those scenes which ended up being interspersed through the final arc of the drama, which also accounts for why Rain’s character was barely seen in the final episodes.

The production also filmed a second ending during that added shoot so that they could have the choice on which ending to run, the one where Tang Tang ends up with Rain, or the one where she picks her longtime best friend played by Luo Jin. In the end, the production claimed that the message they wanted to send with the drama is not Cinderella storybook ending but a real life one where the girl wakes up from her fairy tale dream and in real life picks the guy who has always been by her side. That’s why they went with the reversal and aired the ending where Tang Tang picks her best friend and not the ideal too perfect male lead.


C-drama Audiences Fuming Over the Ending of Diamond Lover with Rain and Tang Yan — 98 Comments

    • yea, well, thanks for the spoilers, I don’t have to watch that now, I was getting curious. tho I wonder about that PPL if this one made The Time I Loved You looked like an indie production, lol!

  1. I lasted for like 5 episodes. But the storyline and characters were so over the top…. I could not stand Rain’s character. And liked the second male lead a lot. Was going to go back and finish the drama, but I don’t know… Way too long of a drama!!!

    • I live in the USA and I loved Diamond Lover and it’s on our netflix but we didn’t have 60 episodes like they said but I love Rain and I loved the ending they did on Netflix in the USA. Why are you so hard towards Rain? ? If I had a way to send you the link in this cmmt about his true life story you might be a lot more different about Rain cause his life has been a battle since he was around 11 years old after his father’s business went bankrupt and he at that Yong age had to take on being the man of the family while his father was in Brazil trying to find a job to send money to his family and while this is all going on Rain’s Mother was a really bad diabetic and was not able to afford her insulin and everything kept getting worse and he’s fault and scratched his way up for everything he’s got so please go to Pinterest and find his life story and biography cause then ull figure out for yourself how much Rain has suffered and remember God doesn’t like ugly.

    • I actually loved the ending. Luo Jin is much deserving to have the girl. It is what I called reality. I qould do the same if I were her.

  2. HAHA omg I’d be so frustrated if I followed that drama diligently. This reminds me of the True Blood ending in the book where the main female character just abruptly went with the second lead despite all the pinning and drama she had with the main character. In shoujo this reminds me of Hirunaka no ryuusei ending a little too.

    • HnR disappointed me so much… I still get mad thinking about it, daytime shooting star? haha nope!

      Realistic ending is a good idea but not when the whole drama works towards a different ending (which seems like what happened here).

      • LOL~ I thought it was pretty obvious starting from half thru the manga course, the tide have turned to the second lead. I mean it was pretty straight-forward how the story continue tackling the issue of the main girl with 2nd lead while the first guy just make ‘honor’ appearance every now and then. -_- well, not that I care because the 2nd lead is obviously much cooler and tsundere.

    • B-but, I loved the ending to Hirunaka No Ryuusei! For once, the heroine isn’t blind and picked the right person! It was not out-of-nowhere, either.

      • I agree with you, I thought that the other person took too long to confess his true feelings and by then the heroine have already moved on…that’s real life for you….

      • Agree.. Its time to be realistic. Pick someone who really care for u just because thats the real u and not someone who just see your outer appearance. Or maybe i said this because i like second male lead so much. ??

  3. I don’t watch the drama, can’t find the sub and when i try to skim the first two episodes, just like you said i’m kinda turn off of the premise. How good was the rating though? 10-20%? I can’t find it on chinese wiki.

    Anyway, I don’t get how what the pd thinking. They have shoot two kind of ending so it’s not like they didn’nt have any choice. The most obvious choice is the main lead pairing, on top of that like you said netizens have go to the main lead ship so why choose to pissed them off like that? Is it because the pd upset with Rain decision to not extend. Anyway why Rain can’t continue though, the paycheck was huge and he doesn’t seem to have any activity in Korea? No album or drama? Hollywood project?

    • In China, a good rating for dramas is around 1%. It can be called a success if it’s over 2% or near 2%.

      That’s because there are like 50 chanels on TV and usually more than 10 dramas running on the same time on the same day.

    • I prefer the female lead to end up with the second male lead bcs in the earlier episodes the main male lead treated her very badly.

      I never like to watch the female lead chasing after the male lead. It’s more fun watching 2,3 or 4 male leads chasing after the main female lead e.g. in the korean drama Empress Ki the 2 male leads were fighting over her and she was a strong woman. In fact 4 men liked her but one Tal Tal kept his feeling under wraps. When you watch him taking risks to help her you know. The other one Tanggishi was cruel to her bcs he could not get her so the others must not have her too. Typical of a small-hearted man as compared to the magnanimous Tal Tal.

  4. I must be one of the few who stopped watching the drama cause I wanted her to end up with the second lead. He was always there for her. That’s unconditional love. Just saying. So. I will prob pick it back up. 🙂

      • Pity I just watched this just now . I wanted to give up after 5 epis but the 2nd male lead made me stay . I just loved this guy. Happy they ended together. I like Rain but lei Yiming was the best guy here.

    • Same here. It kind of saddened me that after all her bestfriend did to her she still has her love for the lead man. Now, I wish they showed the rest of the episodes here in Canada and I would love to finished it. ???

  5. I was so disappointed that L couldn’t win the heart of Krystal in My Lovely Girl. It was the only interessant and exciting thing in the drama. Rain and Krystal had no chemistry… But I don’t think the actors were at fault…it was juste the story who wasn’t good.

  6. It’s China. The script was supervised and approved before shooting by the appropriate authorities. I can see a foreigner being confused about this story…but the Chinese fans? Don’t they know their own country?

    • What is this even supposed to mean? That Chinese audiences should know to expect what in their eyes constitutes an inane plot twist?

      • It means that even though the owner of this blog treats crazy news from chinese entertainment industry like any other crazy news from western entertainment industries….the chinese industry does not follow western rules. Just like the whole society, their TV, stage and movie productions are heavily controlled by the state (read: party). If something goes one way and then suddenly changes it’s likely because that was “suggested” by the appropriate authorities.

      • My cynicism stops short at the party insisting that the second lead get the girl… I was under the impression that drama makers merely submitted synopses rather than full scripts but I might be wrong.

  7. Caution: Rant ahead.

    This drama was honestly horrible. If anyone was planning to watch: please don’t. I question the integrity, morals, and sanity of most of the characters, even when judging them by crazy drama standards. The female lead starts going after the male lead while she’s under the impression that he’s dating the second female lead, who is the female lead’s good friend. Then, the female lead is in mad luuuurve with and gets together with the male lead, but is possessive of the second lead/jealous when he’s with the 2nd female lead, and also keeps taking advantage of his kindness to her. On the other hand, the male lead is in a relationship with the female lead but keeps being in contact with his ex even though she is literally psychotic and murderous, and lets her live in his house after she gets amnesia. Also, the second male lead is in love with the female lead but agrees to a relationship with the second female lead, which isn’t that horrible, but constantly lies to her that he doesn’t even know the female lead (keep in mind that all three of then are friends). Of the four mains, 2nd female lead is the only one who doesn’t have since sort of borderline-unfaithfulness going on.

    Don’t even let me get started on the rest of Tang Yan’s character. I have never seen a female lead so hatred by the netizens, and I have never agreed so much. For one, her entire dilemma, and almost all the conflict in the story, comes from the fact that she simply refuses to admit to Rain that she had plastic surgery. TO SAVE HER LIFE. BECAUSE HER FACE AND BODY GOT RUINED BY A CAR ACCIDENT. WHAT is embarrassing or unspeakable about that? Girl, your lack of logic.

    She’s also the typical drama lead who is always innocent and 100% always the victim. Even when she’s in the wrong. This girl literally kicked the second male lead out of his own house because of her own dumb and selfish reasons.

    Not going to lie, this terrible character and the actor’s performance here actually made me dislike TY (or at least firmly put her on my never-watch list). She literally had 3 expressions the entire drama: overly-wide and cheesy (and a bit plastic/stiff) smile, innocent look, and sad (and guilt-tripping) face. This girl CANNOT act. At least not in this drama.

    Honestly the only (and I do mean ONLY) redeeming feature about this whole mess of a drama was the 2nd female lead, who is adorable and loyal to friends and the greatest drama character I have seen in a long while. Also, her actress, Dilireba is gorgeous and has such a multitude of hilarious expressions that it almost covered up the stink of this drama. Thank god she didn’t end up with the 2nd male lead who didn’t appreciate her, and the scriptwriter let her have someone who actually adored her because she is the most lovable character in this dump.

    • 🙂 From your description, it sounds like this drama took a more traditional narrative about sweet, funny woman and told it from the POV of the evil second lead (who pretends to be her best friend, all the while stealing whatever guy happens to be interested in her.) And then stretched the story out WAY too long! 😛

      • Close, except I really do think TY’s character means well. She just fails completely at translating that into her actions. That, and Dilireba’s character is pretty different from your typical drama heroine/Candy type. Instead, she is hilariously vain, but in a way that almost seems like she’s poking fun at herself. Like she’s totally overdoing it, and she’s not actually thaat vain, but at the same time, she thinks she’s totally awesome. She’s also a dork that loves to giggle to herself/at her own jokes. Also she is the most amazing drunk. (If you can’t tell, I really do adore her a lot. If you ever feel like experiencing this otherwise-horrible drama, I recommend you try watching the Dilireba cut or go look at gifs. The drunk scene was pure gold.)

        And yes, the story definitely got stretched out too long. It had 2 parts/seasons to it. For no reason at all, because it still aired all at once, so I don’t understand why they made it “season 1” and “season 2”?? It was so long that: the evil little brother was shown to be terrible and then had a redemption arc and then became a terrible person again and also had a romance (better love story than the main story, by the way); and the 2nd female lead had time to realistically (time-frame-wise) develop a relationship with another guy after the first half being all about developing her relationship with the 2nd male lead; and the evil ex-girlfriend had time to torture the female lead before getting amnesia, having a coma for a decent chunk of time, wake up and be sweet and cute, and then become evil and murderous again.

    • I watched this show for purely superficial reasons and had to finish just so I could see how it ended.

      I agree with your assessment of the lead female. I’m not a fan nor a hater of Tang Yan but she’s also been added to my ‘do not watch because she is pretty only’ list.

      I hated everyone in this drama besides 2nd female lead who I think is more likable because she was a better actress and the character for all her short commings was never really mean or caused much damage due to her stupidity or selfisness.

      • I hates second female who do the stupid thing.and over acting. I did not see her lovable any more.

    • I followed the lovely girl(Dilireba’s character)’s story recap on weibo without checking out the show. There are tens of thousand who just did the same as I did

      • That is basically what I did too! Her character kept popping up on the top 10 list of relevant topics, so I decided to check it out and fell in love. Instead of sticking to gifs, I did end up watching portions of the show though (I gave watching the full version a try, but quickly gave up and switched to fast-forwarding about 90% of each episode to look for Gao Wen’s scenes).

    • holy wow, sounds terrible and something that would piss me off. i knew it was good to avoid this drama though when i tried a couple eps and it gave me unpleasant feelings. the female lead sounds like your typical crazy 2nd fem lead though and the 2nd fem lead sounds like the 1st lead and someone i would hope to actually be the 1st lead. i ate female leads that are bad, i mean characterization wise. which she seems to be the case along with the male lead as well. everything seems so unlikable

      i fortunately skipped this and am watching ice and fire of youth which im loving, along with office girls and divorce lawyer and finished best get going,sort of i watched the rest raw lol.better character by a miles, story, chemistry and acting i have to say.

    • I disagree this opinion very strongly.I believed that you miss the real point in this drama. Hope the other watchers have a chance to watch by themselves. I quite hate the second female, she show stupid and over acting ,boring too much chase the guy shamed on her. Terrible character. I can’t believe ,some people like this woman style.

  8. “But in this case no one wanted Luo Jin to get the girl and Rain was the fan favorite all the way.”

    Wait really? b/c on Weibo it seemed like lots of people were shipping 2nd male lead with female lead.

    • I would say that fans are pretty equally split between Rain and 2nd male lead based on the Weibo reactions. But it is unanimously agreed that Tang Yan’s character is a piece of wishy-washy turd.

      • That reminds me that I’ve also seen a lot of people say, both jokingly and not, they wanted the two male leads to get together and to just kick TY’s character straight out of the picture! Another alternative I saw a lot was for Rain to get with his murderous ex, Dilireba to be with Luo Jin (or Dili/the CEO and Luo Jin/the doctor), the evil brother to be with his girlfriend-who-turned-kind-of-evil, and for TY to get into a car crash and become fat again. A bit harsh, but I thought it was hilarious as an “ideal ending” post.

  9. A lot of people seemed to prefer Luo Jin. Although I am a TY fan but i dislike her modern day characters- they are always annoyingly cute but I don’t blame her- her manager picks the worst roles for her. But her ancient characters make up for it. It seems people always forget about her ancient roles- Zi Xuan and Ning Ke were awesome badass characters and she did it well.

    IT’S NOT THE ACTRESS FAULT WHEN HER CHARACTER IS MEANT TO BE PORTRAYED IN A CERTAIN WAY. Most of her recent roles seem to be designed to be hated unfortunately. Also she’s had too many of these dramas on air this year so I think she should wait a while before filming again.

    • I honestly found Tang Yan horrible in this drama. It wasn’t just the character it was how she played it. She comes off very limited and fake. I think she should stay away from these type of characters because she doesn’t have the acting capacity to carry them yet.

      • True. Tang Yan cant pull these innocent, cute characters like Zhao Liying can. Shes getting more hate for these roles, she should take a break from filming these roles until she can act them

  10. I watched the entire drama, followed it and whatnot, and I personally didn’t really like most of the drama except for this ending LOL. I shipped Luo Jin + Tang Yan all the way

  11. Hmm, I think it’s the Chinese recent backlash against the Koreans getting the china girls. So they got to ahem “win some” back from the Koreans.

  12. Tang Yan was so bad in this drama. But in her defence, she also had one of the most terribly written female leads in recent times. Even still, I shipped her so hard with Rain so I dropped my jaw when she stupidly ended up picking the second lead 5 min before the ending. The WTF level is absolutely through the roof, I can’t even. There’s no logical reasoning as to why she’d fall in love with Luo Jin after being in love for 67 and a half episodes with Rain.

    It’s not even about how nice or great or supportive your best friend is. You don’t just fall in love with him in a flash. It’s just stupidly written, and stupidly edited. Even if Rain wasn’t available, they could have given Tang Yan and Luo Jin more scenes to make us feel like they were in love. Instead, it’s a forced deal.

    I supposed the drama did not bad for either guys. Luo Jin is always great and Rain (along with that hefty paycheck) got great ratings and popularity for his first mainland drama. Tang Yan was at loss here no matter which way I see it.

      • The character was otherworldly terrible, but if we look at numbers, she has such a large string of hits and this only added immensely to that. So it does go well with her hit-maker status. I guess?

  13. Haha, what?
    I didn’t watch this at all, but if they’re going to write a Cinderella story, they might as well finish it like one. Geez.

  14. I haven’t watched the drama (and from the comments here it sounds pretty awful), but what the production company said really rubs me the wrong way. It’s like they’re saying “We’re going to make an escapist fairytale drama because that’s what gets the ratings, but shame on you for liking it! You should be watching realistic dramas instead!” or something.

    • I watched about 8 episodes before i dropped it because i thought that the drama was going to put Rain and Tang Yan together as all usual predictable chinese dramas. I was rooting for Luo Jin, because i kind of like the idea of female leads falling in love with the silent, supportive and loving 2nd male leads!!

      Wanting to pick this up after i see she ended up with Luo Jin, but just wnat to ask, were there many sweet moments along the way between Tang Yan and Luo Jin? or its just an abrupt rushed ending of this 2?

      • They said they didn’t watch it.

        But at least judging from other comments, it sounds like everything pointed to Tang Yan’s and Rain’s characters ending up together and then for like no real reason at all, she ends up with Luo Jin’s character.

      • Actually there were a lot romantic and funny scenes within tang yan and luo jin. Most people just refuse to see because they want rain to be with tang yan. Scenes between luo jin and tang yan for me offered more feelings and chemistries though. And with rain it seemed forced and not natural..just like a puppet show.

  15. I have several more episodes to go because I was on vacation and I’m excited now to finish it. I was shipping Tang Yan and Luo Jing all along. Seriously a handsome, sweet and humorous guy that been there all your life…how could you not love him. Wish they spend more time on thier love line instead of abruptly throwing them together in the last 15 minutes. It would make it much more believable and acceptable for the audience.

  16. SPOILER WARNING: Well, since the aired ending was the one with Tang Yan & Luo Jin, we don’t hear complaints from the TY-LJ shippers. That would have been interesting to see the number of complaints against Rain & Tang Yan ending.
    Despite the glossy exterior, the series does feel rather bland, shallow, and with circuitous plot lines. Partly due to the bland, immature, simple-minded Mi Duo (TY) and deliberate stretching of the plot lines. I only watched a few episodes while doing something else. Rain’s Xiao Liang is certainly a lesser boyfriend than LJ’s LYM character. XL is more tempestuous, less considerate, less reliable, less understanding, somewhat selfish and stubborn at times. Unlike LJ’s LYM who always puts Mi Duo first.
    Rain’s acting didn’t seem that great in the series. A bit detached. XL as a character doesn’t provide much opportunity to showcase a great deal of dramatic range. Rain’s singing in the opening OST sounds weird. I never heard Rain in anything before and I had a good guess he was singing the OST based on the weird pronunciation. The singing technique is also peculiar.

    • I appreciate your opinion but you sound like ahater sorry. This OST topped Chinese charts FOR MONTHS. I’m glad that Chinese с-drama audience really like this song and Rain’s singing in general. BTW he wrote this song himself.

  17. LMAO..The reminder of infamous My Lovely Girl cracked me up….hahhahahaha…Just a few days ago, I stumbled upon several fan made clips of KrystaL OTP with more than 1 million views. And many fangirls become fans of INFINITE because of L. LOL…Rain must not take his role as the drama heroes so seriously as to when he would or would not get the girl. There’s definitely no rationale behind. While he may have been happy with a stash of $$$ coming from his projects, his recent dramas are losing the kind of charm that his older dramas once had. On the other hand, his real life lover is getting better and better in terms of acting, in my opinion. She impressed me with her ongoing drama “Yong Pal”. Compared with her old days back to “The Love Story at Harvard” etc, she’s definitely made a lot of progress and finally got rid of that wooden facial expression.

    • I think totally the opposite. I think the older Kim tae hee gets the more mediocre actress she becomes. She’s basically just an aging CF model. She needs to retire asap. even shitty k-dramas are not for her.

  18. Why was this titled diamond lover? Was it not because rain is a chaebol? Just curious…Coz if yes, he should have ended up with the girl…

  19. Hi everyone,’

    This drama is not too bad, but the ending defy the notion of common sense of dramas’ world. And apparently because they want something more real. How can you make something real after the entire unrealistic sequence of events. A realistic ending would have all the characters content with the lack of pure and idyllic love in their lives. I started watching the drama just because of Rain, and I have felt badly for the second female lead, that’s it. Without Rain this drama is just a funny boring show to watch if you are bored and tired and just need something to pass the time. I do not comment about the actors, they did a great job. Unfortunately, Rain couldn’t display all of his weapons, I mean his amazing voice, which shadowed his performance.

  20. HAHAHAHHAHAHAA…. I actually considered watching this drama. NEVER MIND THEN.
    I appreciate the message they’re trying to send… but honestly development has to FLOW, not do stuff abruptly. I didn’t watch, so I can’t judge, but I sure hope it didn’t seem random and had actual build up to this ending………….. sigh

  21. I read that Rain only signed the contract for 40 episodes of Diamond Lover drama. The drama ended up with 68 episodes. That is the reason why we didn’t see a lot of him toward the end of the drama. They will air the 2nd ending of the “Diamond Lover” drama on 10/15/15. Here is the link for that video (announcement) on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3c3LhTuY4

  22. Actually I really like this drama except for the ending of course :(. I’m glad it has so many wiews and greta rating. Rain deserves this recognition!

  23. I pretty much loved the drama until it got to the last episode, I was totally disappointed. I even sat through the Japanese version without the English subtitle although I did not know what they were saying I still watched the drama. Wow totally disappointed in the ending, Although I loved Rain’s performance. Hope to see him in more movies especially in American Films and or drama series.

  24. This drama was too long, but still enjoyed it to some extent
    I watched this because I really enjoy watching Tang Yan’s dramas, this one is probably one of her lower ranking drama for me, but it was as bad as what I have seen in the comments above
    I think this is like the only drama where I’m actually happy that female lead ended up with 2nd male lead

  25. YAS
    i love the ending very very much.
    I thought that the character who played Rain was a jerk for ditching the character that Tang Yan played just because he found out that she used to be the fat girl who keeps bothering him. Besides, the childhood friend was always there for her and the drama gave some hints about her having a slight feelings for the childhood friend.
    I thought that this drama ended nicely with the first female lead and the second male lead being together. This is the ONLY drama that first female lead and second male lead that I ship. <3

  26. Really?? All comments go against female lead?? Why? Because she is so annoying in this drama?? Why dont anybody think that because she can act so well that successfully make everybody hates her character in this drama. The one that cannot act is Rain. I never like his dramas. My opinion. This drama totally save by luo jin character. Dont judge a person can act or not just from one drama. Tang yan has been acted in many dramas and movies. And she is good actress.

    • 100% right, Luo Jin,can act, very versatile actor who is very underrated, I just started watching Chinese drama only because of Luo Jin…how could Tang Yang win best actress in Princess Weiyoung and Luo Jin just nominated, I like their love team,but without Luo Jin, I don’t watch Chinese drama.

  27. I’ve just started watching. On Episode 10. Already at this point, I want Mi Dou to choose her loyal friend. Loved Tang Yan and Luo Jin in Princess Weiyoung. Their chemistry works here. Luo Jin is a well rounded actor: great at comedy, action, drama, and romance.

    • I love the ending in spite that Luo Jin is the 2nd male lead. Prefer Luo Jin and Tang Yan to end up with each other. Luo Jin is a great actor. He’s good with his expressions – cute, angry, sad, mischievous, happy, broken-hearted and the list is endless. Rain’s acting can’t hold a candle to Luo Jin when it comes to acting. In Princess Weiyoung, Luo Jin will capture any girl’s heart with his unwavering feelings and expressions of love for the queen of his heart.

      • Another 100% right, I watch the full 68 episodes, by fast forwarding to all of Luo Jin’s part only, I don’t know why you guys keep on telling that he is only 2nd male lead, I don’t even know the name of the other male lead,who can’t even act, and also, Luo Jin for my opinion, is more good looking than the other guy…Tang Yang or is it Yang Tang, I know she is Tiffany Tang here in US…when will you and Luo Jin get marry ? I can’t wait for next year’s The Way We Were…

  28. I was almost through watching this drama when I read the spoilers here about the ending, so I skipped to the ending. It turns out that on Netflix (24 episodes) there’s an alternate ending but it was rushed and smashed together so it was a bit unsatisfying BUT it beats leading lady with best friend ending. Just fyi.

  29. Sorry, but I almost always support the second male lead; the underdog. And in this particular drama I saw Yiming and immediately liked him. Especially when he cared so much about the MC before she changed her appearance. Their relationship is where they both are each other’s closest person for a long time, and this can’t get any better for a pairing. Usually the ‘best friend’ never gets the girl, so this is another one of those exceptions I love so much. I also like how the events leading up to her physical change weren’t so unbelievable, unlike how some characters go under the needle to look good or out of nowhere just decide to lose the weight and lose it the first attempt. I like Bi Rain but his character here wasn’t written well (has nothing to do with his acting). Still don’t understand why the drama’s ending got so much heat. Oh well, “to each our own”.

  30. So wtf happened with Netflix? They have 24 episodes and it feels like you are missing stuff (obviously since there were apparently 60 episodes) and the ending is so weird and doesnt mesh with any of it. Ugh I feel like Netflix just wasted my time on this, the whole show seemed really stupid.

  31. I watched a lot of this but had to skim around. My biggest question is what’s going on with the voice and lip sync of Rain? It was pretty distracting throughout to me from the first. Maybe going crazy bc I’m not seeing anything about it here. Any info?
    I agree with most posts. For almost every show on Netflix from Taiwan, I love the second lead to the point where I really can’t stand the lead character. Typically I end up thinking how really stupid they are. My favorite in this movie was actually the second lead for female-loved her character and the actress. I was really rooting for her first throughout.

  32. OMG was going to watch it to the end but got curiously bored after episode 10. Happy 2nd Lead got the lady, he was cool and I kept thinking they should be together. BTW any spoiler allerts on what happens to the 2nd lead female(1st lead’s bestfriend)? Glad I won’t have to waste more time watching it.

  33. I do not normally watch Chinese dramas, but Netflix makes me so crazy things. I really enjoyed Princess Weiyoung, and Netflix recommended Diamond Lover (probably because it has Tiffany Yang and Lou Jin in it). I have to say that I believed both TY and LJ were great actors based on their performances in Princess Weiyoung, but I was very disappointed in Diamond Lover. I found Tiffany Yangs character -unlovable- her experiences as an overweight person apparently leave no lasting effect on her, and her “innocent high pitched squeak of a cutesy voice” drove me insane. I bailed at episode 4. Rain literally kicks her out of the car, in a foreign country where she doesn’t know anyone or speak the language…so she calls up her best friend who has -already taken an international flight- to be there for her, (not that she had a grateful and considerate thought in her empty head). He races to her side, to comfort and console her…and then she gets a phone call from rain and abandons him…just like that. Some of the weight her character lost must have been her brain. Then she gets driven down to a river and a bridge, and she acts like it is the most beautiful sight she has ever seen…Really girl? Are you 9? Terrible writing.

  34. Can’t help but to think that this drama has actually hit the sense of reality. Reading throughput the whole comment plus watching the whole show just reminded me to my own friend’s story. I personally like the drama because I can feel the story closely to me. The truth is simple to me, I have seen a friend who acted the same as the 1st Female lead do. Indeed at some point I do want to call her as stupid. But when at the end of the day she choose the right man to be part of her life, I just feel yeah finally you did the right thing girl. Somehow, I just liked the way of the character is being potrayed. Thumbs up for Luo Jin’s performance. He has been always such a great actor. He did the role remarkably. He plays fair. Personally, I really like his character, wish I have one in my life. As for Rain, I do feel sorry that he do not win his girl in this one. Yet… maybe because of the reality that took up in front of me, I just feel it is only right that he should be ended up with another girl. I am sorry man.


    I watched the Netflix version of this drama. I guess I am in the minority who didn’t want Mi Duo (lead female) to end up with Lei Yiming (her best friend). He only started to notice her, in a romantic way, *after* she got her surgery and lost all the weight. Before that, he treated her like his best buddy. Mi Duo made it very clear to him that she only thought of him as a friend throughout the drama. She only had eyes for Xiao Liang (her longtime crush), so why couldn’t Lei Yiming respect that?

    Yes, Mi Duo should have been honest to Xiao Liang from the get go, but she did try to tell him several times about the accident and surgery. It’s just a shame that when he did find out the truth (by his pathetically desperate murderous ex Ye Qi – Girl, he didn’t want you!), he rejected Mi Duo. Once he did a little research on Mi Duo’s accident and surgery, he should have tried to understand why Mi Duo did what she did. Shame on Lei Yiming trying to take advantage of the situation. whether he was doing it for his own selfish reasons or not, he really needed to give her some space. I’m glad she changed her mind about leaving Shanghai with him, because she really needed to stop relying on him to fix all her problems. It was time for Mi Duo to take control of herself and learn to stand on her own, instead of running away like she was headed to do.

    The Netflix ending wasn’t as satisfying, but at least Mi Duo didn’t end up with Lei Yiming in that version! I would like to think that once time had passed, and Mi Duo (who seemed to finally stand on her own as Mi Meili), and Xiao Liang (who was glad to see Mi Duo/Mi Meili again) could have reconnected at the end and have the honest relationship they should have had from the start – but that might have just been my wishful thinking.

  36. Honestly I hated the neflix version ending I am glad in this one she picked the 2nd male lead I could not stand the first one he treated her poorly and hated beady eyes I did not find him attractive in the least . The second male loved her for her and was always coming to her rescue. I think these dramas are bad how they teach women to like a guy who mistreats you and ignore the one who really cares.

  37. The chemistry between the girl and the second lead star is soooooooooo awesome. I love them to end up being a lovely couple for real??

  38. What?! seriously!
    I didn’t realize so many people in this comment section didn’t like the drama! 😅 I’m someone who only likes historical dramas & hate modern day lovey-dovey cringe dramas. But I honestly enjoyed every single episode. It was funny, had sweet moments- was just wholesome (or could be the female lead is one of my fave) 😅 I rewatched the drama twice + more. First time I watched it, I didn’t know the female lead but throughly enjoyed it (which is so uncommon for me😅, cuz I usually hate this sort of Modern day dramas). After I watched her (Princess Weiyang drama – I literally fell in love with the actress & watched (Diamond lovers again) & loved it even more lol))

    But sad, where m from Netflix only has 24 episodes (I thought that was the end).

    M so disappointed & heart broken to know she doesn’t end up with rain (Well…at first I was really rooting for her to end up with her best friend but love can’t be forced & there was literally no romantic tension between the two – they were more like siblings).

    So yeah if u want to watch it, I really recommend it lol don’t listen to comments above😅 u may really love this drama💎 but yeah at times it does seem like female lead is being unreasonable but really..no😅 dah..she’s the main..so yeah… do watch it guys❤️

  39. This is a bummer to see that Netflix only aired 20 episodes of Diamond. I’m a Latina who lives in the USA for more than 30 years, first place we lived when I got here was a part of town of Asians. Our apartment complex was full of Asian families, we were one of the few Latinos in our neighborhood. I fell in love with their culture-language & their beautiful people. Ever since I been watching Asian movies-soaps. The thing I noticed is the writers are really bad with the Endings. I’m tired of watching their movies – soap and being so unsatisfied with their writers. No joke someone tell them we can probably do a better job j/s.

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