Cheese in the Trap Starts Filming on Campus and Releases Script Reading Stills

Filming has started on tvN drama Cheese in the Trap, a production that’s courted a lot of feedback since it was announced all thanks to fans of the original webtoon being very vocal about the casting. I’m not terribly invested in the drama but am very interested in checking out the end product. Not having read the webtoon, and not planning to do so prior to watching the drama adaptation, I can only relate to the Cheese controversy from similar experience reactions to casting live-action actors and actresses to play characters I love from either a novel or graphic work.

With that said, I think the furor has mostly died down with the leads being Park Hae Jin and movie actress Kim Go Eun, though I think it’s understandable that the supporting males leads of Seo Kang Joon and Nam Joo Hyuk elicit a remaining thread of concern even if both men are ridiculously good looking as they walked straight out of a manhwa drawing. Luckily second female leads Park Min Ji and Lee Sung Kyung are pretty solid though, and overall I think having two strong leads renders this drama worth maintaining optimistic about. Check out the script reading stills and first pictures snapped of the filming on a college campus.


Cheese in the Trap Starts Filming on Campus and Releases Script Reading Stills — 13 Comments

  1. I started to read the webtoon not too long ago and i fell in love with it. it is very nice and catchy and the characters are very different from the usual manga characters that are black or white. every character has many dimensions and some of the topics are serious.
    with that said, this upcoming drama became my most anticipated one and i love the casting of the main leads even more after seeing the stills from the script reading.

    Wow PHJ is like the spitting image of yoo jung and KGE is very similar to how sul looks and her vibe. i’m still debating about SKJ as in ho but i can say he has something with his looks, he looks like a foreign but i do hope he will deliver cause in ho is somewhat complex chracter. same with his sister (where is she in the script reading?), after seeing her in IOIL i think she will fit. i don’t have problem with NJH cast as eun taek, in the contrary i think he looks like him.

    good luck to them and i hope this will be good (or maybe even surpass) as the webtoon that i’m addicted to right now.

    • yes he is older than all the younger cast but i think that’s ok cause the character acts somewhat like an older guy unlike other students in the college. anyway acting wise he surpasses them all and that is what important.

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