Moon Chae Won Gets Two Goodbye Mr. Black Male Leads in Lee Jin Wook and Song Jae Rim

This has been a good week for Moon Chae Won, in the span of days she got not just one but two male costars for her upcoming SBS drama Goodbye Mr. Black, and even better is that neither is a losing proposition. Talk about win-win for Ms. Moon. Lee Jin Wook isn’t letting one stinker of an SBS drama dissuade him from doing another drama for the network again, and really who can fault him for wanting to just move on from the PPL-laden mess that was The Time I Loved You. He’ll be the titular Mr. Black to Moon Chae Won’s sweet healing leading lady in this revenge noir manhwa adapted into a K-drama.

One thing I like a lot about Lee Jin Wook is his diversity in choosing dramas and roles, just taking his last three dramas he did sageuk with The Three Musketeers, time-travel intensity in Nine: Nine Times Travels, and even tried his best to make a half-baked romance drama work in The TIme I Loved You. Add to it turning into the K-drama version of The Count of Monte Cristo, and I’d say it’s going to be interesting to see him bring the angry bitter intensity. Luckily his character is fated to meet the right girl to help him work through his demons, and maybe even lend a helping hand to his revenge plot.

In addition to Lee Jin Wook joining Goodbye Mr. Black, the drama is in talks with Song Jae Rim as the second male lead and he’s positively considering the role. It’s a high profile prime time drama, and with his rising recognition thanks to his stint in We Got Married, this would be a drama with solid potential to join. Lee Jin Wook’s character is a Navy Seal Team member that conducts underwater demolitionĀ missions, and one day he’s cruelly betrayed by his best friend and loses everything. He decides to get revenge and pretend marries Moon Chae Won’s character to further his plan, but her rough and tumble but optimistic personality helps heal his emotional wounds. Song Jae Rim is playing the editor of a small magazine publication who likes writing positive articles and believes in the power of the masses over the power of the law to get justice. He’s got all the attractive features but isn’t interested in women and focuses on his career.


Moon Chae Won Gets Two Goodbye Mr. Black Male Leads in Lee Jin Wook and Song Jae Rim — 30 Comments

  1. looking forward this drama the synopsis n lee jin wook make me already excited , actually i never thought that i could see ljw in drama this soon plus the story seems interesting

    • badass Eun Gi is her best role so far for me, not the weak amnesia one. I love when MCW plays a strong and little bit antagonistic role, like in Brilliant Legacy. Funny how I like her character more than the lead one because it’s too one dimensional.

    • it’s more like green rose to me but many revenge drama like that, i watch count of monte cristo i like the story but the acting isn’t really good in the movie i saw ljw in many drama n i believe he could portray it better, his dramatic melo acting always strong

    • Well it sounds like most revenge melos. But I don’t think it’ll try to be like Nice Guy*ahemlikehighsocietydidnooffenseahem* haha.

  2. hope MCW get to pair up with SJR LJW is a bit old to play her lover. see as korean/japan love to pair old dude with young bet is on LJW being her lover in the end.

  3. For some reason I really hate LJW’s acting. I doubt I’ll like him in this drama either. he has no depth. It’s too bad because I love MCW and I love SjR (he’s sexy) but I’ll pass.

  4. LJW.. :\ I’ve tried his dramas and just don’t feel it.
    SJR… feelings are a bit better there cos he’s still a fresh face to me.

    MCW.. šŸ™‚

  5. his last drama has mediocre rating but he got another role so soon, in the same broadcaster n the role is titular role in emotional revenge drama, he’s not that popular either, absolutly he was chosen because of his acting

  6. Man, I absolutely loved him as the prince in The Three Musketeers! He was so great in that role! I haven’t seen him in anything else yet, but I hope that this one works out well for him! I was looking forward to the other seasons, but understand why they cut TTM short.

  7. the lead last drama flop so bad. he trying to act cute in that drama was a turn off. guy char was boring too. writer need to pair Moon with jam rim so they will look hot together.

  8. I am not a fan of Lee Jin Wook and his actings but totally surprised by the hates he got on Dramabeans about him being Mr.Black. I guess people already imagine their favorite oppas to become Mr. Black. It reminds me how Lee Jin Wook was chosen for The Time We Were Not In Love after Ms. Koala put so many handsome actors to be male lead of Ha Ji Won XD. The synopsis of Mr. Black sounds interesting though. So, I hope we can get something fresh.

  9. Lee Jin Wook is a little blah, but he can at least act so it shouldn’t be that bad. I was expecting more along the lines of Jo In Sung or Kim Nam Gil, so I was a little shocked that LJW was getting such a big role. I’m a little scared about the script because LJW was not the first to be offered the role and apparently some actors turned down the script. Angry that MCW is in another male-centered drama. Can’t she just join MGY in the Village and we can get our favorite couple again? Hopefully her character is more developed then what is given in the synopsis

    • How do you know he wasn’t the first one to get the offer? Don’t know why, Lee Jin Wook is good looking guy but watching his actings always make me sleepy. Perhaps because of his voice tone. I watched Three Musketeer, Nine and Spy Myung Wol before. But still, none of them impressed me. I hope he could give a nice surprise. I like Moon Chae Won but not Song Jae Rim. Such a dilemma.

      • That’s just the thing, Lee Jin Wook is blacklisting. I can be very critical and I try to give people chances. His delivery is just average. I can’t shake my disappointment.

  10. hope LJW char is not likke most of his char were he have a boring face cuz if he does am going to giveup on the drama even if moon won was in it. just cant watch a drama were lead guy have boring face in most of his scene.

  11. Thrilled that Lee Jin Wook is back with Moon Chae-Won for a drama based on Count of Monte Cristo. Song Jae-Rim acting was so disappointing in “Unkind Women” – I hope he is better here.

  12. Lee Jin Wook is the downfall for me. Just when I was EXCITED for Moon Chae Won, they had to announce him. I can understand why he is not very much loved because I’ve seen many of his dramas and he’s just… not… that great. I would’ve much preferred Song Jae Rim as the lead actor since he’s fairly new.

    Disappointed in the choice of lead opposite Moon Chae Won but what can we do?

  13. I don’t get whay all the hate to LJW , while i agree he’s not the greatest actor but he is solid and at least not some pretty boy with breakthrough drama that made everyone go crazy for him. he goes up slowely and that what matters. i will definitely watch the drama and i hope he and MCW will have good chemistry (didn’t like her chemistry with her last drama costar JW, it was sicling like chemistry)..
    i watched SJR in 3 dramas (2 of them he has minor role) so i don’t have opinion about him but i do wonder if he’s the scond lead or not.

  14. You guys if you willing to see the actual talent of LJW, please watch Nine. im not a big fan of him, but for me he is a great actor, better than some overrated actors. Just at times, his selection of drama was not so good.

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