Star Couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Reportedly Engaged

C-ent wedding watch has been on top star couple Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen, for good reason based on their marriage ready age and how sweetly public they’ve been with the year long relationship. Another star couple might beat them to the gun and do so in a speed dating rate if the rumors are to be believed. Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014 version) lead costars Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen not only share the same last name but might be sharing a lifetime together based on the recent hot rumors that the couple is engaged.

Last month they took a very public European vacation together, which continued to spawn C-netizen jokes about how much cuter, skinnier, and hotter Chen Xiao is than his girlfriend based on a picture of them walking side by side in Paris. All the commentary about Michelle’s looks/figure/aura with respect to her casting as RoCH’s Xiaolongnu was one issue, but it’s sad for her that she’s never going to live it down in real life based on this miscasting that riled so many novel fans the wrong way. I think Michelle and Chen Xiao are adorable together in real life, and am more worried about her holding down a man with a very big C-ent reputation as a total player.

The rumors about the couple getting engaged came from Chen Xiao being spotted buying a honking diamond ring, and Michelle spotted wearing said ring by fans. Her agency has responded to the engagement rumors by saying that she’s really happy in love and everything is going well. Good for them if they are engaged, but then I suspect C-netz will try to chalk up any weight gain on her part to sporting a baby bump, or something like that.


Star Couple Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao Reportedly Engaged — 21 Comments

  1. “Last month they took a very public European vacation together, which continued to spawn C-netizen jokes about how much cuter, skinnier, and hotter Chen Xiao is than his girlfriend based on a picture of them walking side by side in Paris.”

    This. This is so sad. The world needs more ophthalmologists. Really. Otherwise, actresses would be sticks in no time. The jokes are getting worse and they shouldn’t even be called jokes.

    Anyways, best of luck to the couple. I wish them all the happiness

  2. It`s true about the baby news, the C-nets are already spouting that this will be a shotgun wedding. It was even reported that Chen Xiao said that he wanted a lot of babies and maybe even he would get a baby before Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming XD

    I agree with you about Michelle Chen and ROCH, she was not suitable for that role, but as a person I think she looks really nice and cute. Wish the couple all the best!

  3. I think she looks fine too. they are being down right cruel to her by not letting that casting go. it’s over and done with. I do admire her for holding her head up in spite of all this negativity.

  4. The fans claim they are so great and all when some scandal takes place. But by commenting on a person’s looks they prove how shallow they are..

  5. By my name, you can tell that I am one of the Jin Yong fans who believes that Michelle Chen was terribly miscast. (Xiaolongnv has a specific angelic yet serious and distant aura which is hard to portray. Personally, I believe Carman Lee did the best portrayal of Xiaolongnv.) But what can you expect? It’s a Yu Zheng drama, and like with “Xiao Ao Jiang Hu”, he just messed everything up. The terrible costuming and styling didn’t help her case either.

    But brushing that terrible adaptation aside, I like Michelle Chen. I first saw her in “Why Why Love”. She’s cute and she has an innocent girl-next-door vibe to her, and her singing voice is so soothing. I say “Shut up!” to the haters and their beauty standards. She’s pretty, and she’s the perfect size.

    I give the couple my best wishes!

  6. What is wrong with people. She may have looked drab in the costume but in real life she is quite pretty.

    She look beautiful! How much thinner do people want her to be? She already so small and petite.

  7. Salty ass netizens. It’s one thing to dislike her casting, but not to insult her in real life. It must be annoying to them that they hated on her and then she got the guy anyway. A guy who would never look their way too. She wins in the end.

    And seriously, she’s very pretty so I don’t get the hate at all.

  8. I also bluntly and adamantly disagreed with Michelle casting as XLN. She just simply does not have the beauty to pull off the role. Etheral beauty is 70% requirement for this role and 30% for acting. Pairing Michelle with Yu Zheng is an added catastrophe. My favorite XLN has always been Ida and Crystal. Carmen’s not bad.

    However, to say that she’s ugly in real life is just plain mean and not true. She’s cute in real life.

  9. I was one of those Zhao Li Ying – Chen Xiao shippers. I remember when news of Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao dating first came out, I was really, really shocked. (But then I was secretly happy for ZLY, who I can now ship with her future co-stars lololol). I think Michelle has the girl-next-door looks, she’s so cute^^ Especially in Apple of My Eye, she had great presence in that movie.

  10. I feel like the “cute” image isn’t as dependable/durable since all actresses will age, and more so than their male counterparts. What would her image be like in 10 years? whereas he is younger and in my opinion hasn’t reached his peak yet. I’m happy for the couple but it also seems there will be more challenges after this honeymoon period.

  11. People always worry about love not lasting. I don’t think it’s meant to last or has to mean to last. (yeah, hate me/disagree, whatever). Optimally, we wish for it to last. Realistically, it’s already hard as it is to keep a relationship for 7+ years for normal people, let alone celebrities who are surrounded with so many young and beautiful people.

    I say if you think happiness is in your hands right now, hold onto it. Don’t think too much about how long it will last, because it might not even last. Don’t worry too much either. I read somewhere that it’s not that love dies, it’s just that it’s being transferred from one person to another. So, just because he/she could move on, doesn’t mean we have to dwell on and mope about it. We move on too!

  12. Maybe I’m too used to K-ent but my head is spinning with all of this public oversea trip, engagement not long after going public. The C-Celebs seem to be a lot more out in the open compare to K-celeb about their dating lives, or am I wrong?

  13. I started watching ROTCH due to all the negative comments. Thank you to all the negative people because I love the series. I have watched it so many times that I can recite the lines. Admittedly Michelle Chen hairstyle did not fit her at all but than it was not tailored to her but rather to another actress who backed out of the project. She looked beautiful in both the wedding dresses and the scene when she was in the water being healed. For those of you who have not seen the series but rather judge by the “cover of the book” only please give it a chance. To say MC was not as beautiful as the past actresses…beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my humble opinion ths was a unique perspective of the novel and that is what sets it apart from the other versions. The fact that people are still talking about it, has made this series and pairing a success. I don’t think this adaptation was going for beauty rather cute and adorable which I think MC did an amazing job. I have watched all the adaptations except for the Singaporean version as I have not been able find it. My favourite version was the Ivy Chan/Andy Lau simply because everyone was a great actor. The ending battle scene is something I choose to ignore since it was baffling to me with all those lights. Now I have to say that the Michelle Chen /Chen Xiao is my favourite hands down. If this version was the first series to be made I totally understand why the fans of the novel would be upset. People come on the 2014 adaptation is not even the 4th or 5th attempt. Why would you want to watch something that has already been done?? If that’s the case stick with the version you like and call it a day. I love the MC /CX version because it was different but the core of the story is still intact. The title even changed to Romance of the Condor Heroes. That should have given it away to everyone that it’s about romance. I love that they explained all the characters tragic love stories while in the midst of a forbidden love between Master and Student. I love the pairing of Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao as I have never seen them act until this series. I thought throughout the series and watching Happy Camp that there is something going on between the two of them. And Yes they are dating now when I read this I was so happy. Just like how I thought there was something going on between Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu when I was watching Scarlet Heart. I really enjoyed the scenes between MC/XC as there was so much chemistry between the two of them. Especially the scenes when they are so into each other that they are in a world of their own and everything and everyone else is just background. If they are engaged I wish them eternal happiness. And…I didn’t know that CX is a player? Beauty is only skin deep. It’s the personality and connection that keeps a relationship strong. According to gossip and the couple they talk and video phone daily. That’s what keeps relationship going – communication.

    • Aw what’s going on with all the miscasting criticism? I’m just in the middle of ep2 of the drama and am looking forward to seeing adult XLN and YG coming to scene. I’m so familiar with the novel (read it myself) that the characters have left certain imprints in my head. I also watched Michelle Chen’s movies, “Hear Me” and “You Are the Apple of My Eye”. She’s a fine actress. I usually hate overacting much more than stiff expression. She’s not in either category in my opinion. As to Chen Xiao, is there any more adorable and romantic hot guy than this one on screen? He’s so delicious..LOL…I’m really looking forward to watching this Condor Heroes adaptation. I hope it’s not as disappointing as other ppl think when it comes to the romance.

    • @Sgrey
      Your entire tirade is exactly what I was thinking when I finally watched Romance of the Condor Heroes. I’d admit, I was one of those who resisted watching it because I also thought Michelle Chen was miscasted.

      But after I did, I knew I was wrong. Michelle was a great actress and had great chemistry with Chen Xiao. I’d already watched the 2006 version with Huang Xiao Ming and Liu Yi Fei and so I didn’t want to watch something that is the exact repeat of the previous one. Different is definitely better in this case. And I love how much more depth the motivations between each characters are! It isn’t just one dimensional, evil is evil, good is good, or that revenge is the ultimate form of fidelity. Romance is of the Condor Heroes is really good. Would definitely recommend it.

  14. Zhoa li ying is much more beautiful than michelle yen..prince charming like chen xiao match with beautiful princess like zhao liying.maybe they only want to get feel during the act in drama so they make true love in the real life but dont know what happend in the future whether the relationship btwn mchl yen n chn x will last or not.

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