Netizens Appalled and Amused by Local Chinese Wax Museum Figures of K-stars

Some may think C-netizens are harsh but I find them equal opportunity snarkers. They don’t riff only on foreign things, they are just as candid when it comes to pointing out the crappy stuff coming out of China. Case in point – the C-netizens are having a lulzworthy field day with a local wax museum in Sichuan province, deeming it the worst wax museum in the entire world. There are tons of wax figures of famous people displayed there, both Chinese notables and famous overseas personages who are also well known in China. That means some K-stars have their wax versions on display at the Hua Ying Shan famous People Wax Museum (华蓥山中外名人蜡像馆). I can try and describe what some of the so-called wax figures look like in terms of resembling the real stars, i.e. so bad it’s almost worth checking out for how wrong it all went.

As terrible as the K-stars wax figures look, the local C-stars fared just as bad and perhaps even worse. Poor Zhang Zi Yi.


Netizens Appalled and Amused by Local Chinese Wax Museum Figures of K-stars — 18 Comments

  1. Note to myself: don’t read this kind of article while eating spicy food.

    Lee Jun Ki’s reaction was priceless. Lol..

  2. Bad! Creepy! The hands are awful. LJK is a hot mess. Glad he’s laughing about it. The whole thing is just plain awful and creepy.

  3. loool at lee jun ki pic..the boy couldn’t stop himself since it looks so cracked me up
    they all are bad except maybe kwon sang woo.

    • oh good luck with your trolls I think they are still here haha I don’t get why they are so affected … they are too attach I guess with their idols. I was helping their idol but yeaaa they just turned nasty. Well whatever Take care ???

      • Oh and this is not for you Ms. Koala. I have a friend she is Beauty and a Princess hi hello! Good luck with your bias Its okay! I think they will give your biases a job! haha Me? I am patient to see my favorites grow! So long! Bye Bye!

  4. HeheeHeeheeeeheehe!!! oMG, I cant stop laughing especially the last two photos… If anyone needed a big laugh, this Hua Ying Shan People Wax Museum is a must go place.

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