Lee Jong Seok Channels a Broody Gentleman in Paris for Marie Claire Korea

This is a different Lee Jong Seok pictorial than I’m used to, and I mean that in a good wya. It’s less boyish and playful, more manly and grounded. For the December issue of Marie Claire Korea, the magazine sent Lee Jong Seok to Paris in the fall for a photo shoot, the locale now in the news for very tragic and senseless tidings. It’s a beautiful city, invariably making decent pictorials look better and excellent pictures look surreally exquisite. I can’t tell why Lee Jong Seok’s visuals look different to me beyond the hair style, an all red/orange dye grown over long on the front. He actually pulls it off rather than look like a late 90’s dork, probably due to his model physique and flower boy aura. I hope he picks his next drama soon, 2016 is starting to get lined up and I need my Lee Jong Seok fix soon.

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Lee Jong Seok Channels a Broody Gentleman in Paris for Marie Claire Korea — 22 Comments

  1. Aw yeah! This is perhaps the best CF he’s shot so far. Kudos to the stylist and the camera crew who really know the best parts of LJS. He hasn’t done sageuk yet. I’d be curious if he fits historical dramas.

  2. Wow this pictorial is really one of his best. he looks great and even sexy . i hope too he will cast to a new drama. it’s about time..

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