First Teasers for Remember Shows Yoo Seung Ho’s Memory Racing Against Time

Remember is looking mighty familiar and I’m unable to guess whether that’ll be a good or bad thing. It feels like so many K-drama thrillers that have come this way in recent years – good guy/girl racing against the clock and against the bad guys in order to save a life. Coming from SBS, it reminds me most of God’s Gift: 14 Days, perhaps with less maternal gravitas and more son filial urgency. I loved GG:14 Days until the final stretch dropped off a cliff of darkness so with Remember I’ll go in girding for that possibility.

Yoo Seung Ho plays a lawyer with photographic memory who starts forgetting things and needs to save his falsely accused father of a murder rap before his knowledge disappears. Poor kiddo, it’s going to be hard watching him suffer doubly, and the brunt of the suffering will likely be shared by his childhood friend and also fellow lawyer played by Park Min Young. Check out the first drama teasers below as well as new stills of second male lead Namgong Min, clearly playing a super baddie judging by his slick hair and mean expression. 

Teasers for Remember:


First Teasers for Remember Shows Yoo Seung Ho’s Memory Racing Against Time — 9 Comments

      • why? I remember you and sassy go go were pretty good (i would consider school 2015 too if not for the luckluster 2 last episodes). and i don’t count the ratings.

        but i agree the wed-thu slot is really worse this year. hope next year they have better dramas

  1. Yoo Seung deserves the role he got, while NGM, deseres his. Yoo has mature convincing acting chops and proves it time and time again. While they are both easy on the eyes, if I were younger, my pick would be Yoo Seung Ho.

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