New Drama Breakout Stars Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun Pair Up for CF Campaign

A brand with such good taste as to pair up new television darlings Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun for a ad campaign is certainly a savvy cookie in my eyes. Cable network tvN has been rolling in the ratings thanks to Answer Me 1988 and Cheese in the Trap, and while both are entire cast efforts for sure there have been certain members of the drama lineup getting more breakout recognition than others. Park Bo Gum is one of the recipients of fan affection thanks to his Taek character in AM1988, while Kim Go Eun succeeded despite going into Cheese with huge pressure and expectation thanks to the popularity of the source webtoon. I love their acting talent along with natural good looks, Park Bo Gum’s toothy grin makes me want to pet him and Kim Go Eun’s classic monolids are a breath of pretty fresh air. I’m also loving their chemistry and camaraderie in this new ad for online shopping destination G9.

Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun for G9:


New Drama Breakout Stars Park Bo Gum and Kim Go Eun Pair Up for CF Campaign — 19 Comments

  1. Hehe that’s true .
    But I find two characters are both very dark and interesting which portray brilliantly by two actors respectively.
    I somehow see Park Bo Gum is going the same career road as Song Joong Ki. Younger character of the male lead, challenge various type of roles from innocent, rebellious to very dark/serious roles.
    His real-life personality remind me of young Lee Seung Gi. Very kind, sweet, innocent, enthusiastic but so heodang lol.
    Hope he will break that After-Reply curse and continue success with his next projects.
    Same goes with Kim Go Eun, my new girl rush. I am impressed with her acting in her movies and come to love her so much as Hong Seul. I hope she won’t stay in movieland for too long and come back with another drama this year!
    Good luck for both!! Wish them will reunite in an rom-com/melodrama next since their last movie together was too dark and sad.

  2. They were adorable together in Coin Locker Girl but that movie was too dark to let their ship really sail. But they are adorable as Taekie and Seol, and I hope they get the opportunities their talent deserves!

    and Kim Go Eun really put in a gold star performance as Seol, impressive considering people were basically sharpening their claws before Cheese in the Trap began and all had to shut up after they actually saw her in the role.

  3. Kim go eun is just mesmerizing onscreen. So expressive in a subtle way. Just so natural.

    Huge girl crush on her. And love how she carries almost any look effortlessly

  4. kim go eun reminds me of gong hyo jin in many ways. Beautiful in natural way, their acting is also very natural. And i love their voice. It’s not high pitch like another actress so its easy to listen.

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