Moon Chae Won is a Refreshingly Pretty Tomboy in First Stills From Goodbye Mr. Black

I was expecting the first official stills of Moon Chae Won from her upcoming MBC drama Goodbye Mr. Black and the production is right on schedule. Following on the one-two punch of leading men Lee Jin Wook and Kim Kang Woo, the first peek at leading lady Moon Chae Won is a solid win for me. She rocks the short tomboy haircut and fully embodies the character of a cheerful girl that is destined to influence the revenge trajectory of the titular character.

This drama will be a nice test of her popularity in Korea and ability to bring in domestic audiences as her recent slew of dramas have all been successes but none attributed primarily to her alone. Good Doctor was with ratings magnet Joo Won, Nice Guy had Song Joong Ki and writer Lee Kyung Hee, and The Princess’s Man costarred then popular actor Park Shi Hoo. I have a feeling that any success of Mr. Black will rest heavily on the story engaging the audiences, and if that’s the case Moon Chae Won will continue her streak of picking good projects.


Moon Chae Won is a Refreshingly Pretty Tomboy in First Stills From Goodbye Mr. Black — 12 Comments

  1. Hopefully the writing is solid for this drama.
    I think nowadays, drama audience are smarter in choosing what they watch. writing is the main thing to determine the ratings. Stellar casts and popular actors won’t do much if the writings sucks big time.

  2. I watched all those dramas for her, not the leading guy ,I loved her in the princess man ,anyone could of played park shi hoo character anyways ,but I don’t like that hair cut its meh…

  3. Dunno about the other dramas, but The Princess Man was what it was because of the writing and direction rather than simply the actors. Everyone did their bit to great effect including the secondary characters, but it was the screenplay that deserved most praise. Still one of the best romance Sageuks to date.

    • Yupe. TPM’s success was not due to the popularity of PSH. That’s a definite. It was due to all major elements that made that drama one of the well produced sageuk.

      • I think so, too. The Princess’ Man is actually a combination of everything good, from the people behind to the people in front of the camera.

  4. Wuhu..I miss MCW. I still love her best in Nice Guy. Didnt watch Good doctor. Loved TPM. Adored her in POTW. Was shipping her and Lee Seung GI in Brilliant legacy, thought she was shining in my fair lady. Cant wait to check her out in this new drama. Plus there is Kim Kang Woo who stole my heart in Missing Noir M.

  5. I thought she was ok in The Princess Man but I mainly watched that drama just because of the actress who played the princess. In The Innocent Man I had trouble understanding her character but I think that was due to the writing. I will, watch the drama since the plot looks interesting.

  6. It’s true that Moon Chae Won has been in a lot of male-centered dramas, but that’s because most of the interesting scripts are male centered. She is pretty amazing for not choosing a drama based on how big her role is but rather if she finds something she likes in her particular character and if she loves the script. It makes her an artist who is not obsessed with popularity which is something I find very refreshing. There is no doubt that she has been offered many roles where she is the central character, but she has rejected a lot of them. As her fan, I was disappointed that she chose Good Doctor because I knew that she would be relegated to a secondary role with the main focus being Joo Won and to a degree Joo Sang Wook. Even Joo Sang Wook was shocked that she chose this character because her character didn’t have much of a story. However, she made her character pretty memorable compared to what she was given in Good Doctor. Princess Man felt more like an ensemble drama and I feel like her character was the emotional center of the drama. Same with Nice Guy. I’m sure she will make her character stand out again in this drama.

  7. I really like MCW but I think I’m allergic to LJW(I hope I’m wrong tho). I’m also not in the mood for a Monte Cristo story right now.

    It’s also such a coincidence that the Nice Guy and Full House couple are competing in the same timeslot lol.

  8. I will definitely tune in because I’m super excited for MCW’s comeback project. First 1minute teaser looks action packed as well – just what I expected from another certain drama but didn’t get. 😛

    I hope this drama delivers.

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