K-drama Blood Leads Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun are Confirmed Dating

The┬ánear universally derided as a flop quality and ratings-wise KBS drama Blood from 2015 finally has one successful thing about it to tout. The drama leads are dating in real life, yo! All joking aside, the news today that 33 year old Gu Hye Sun is dating 30 year old Ahn Jae Hyun is about as random as the news of a production company doing a Korean vampire medical drama, and perhaps as far-fetched. The two of course met on the set of the drama which wrapped more than a year ago, and reportedly have been dating since then without being outed until now. I’m thrilled anytime there is K-ent dating news because who can begrudge stars having happy times in their personal lives. As far as I can recall this is the first time either star has openly dated and after the great dating reveal bonanza of 2014 and onward it’s a bit of a snoozer now to hear so and so are dating. Congrats to the happy couple and I wish them as much happiness as their characters didn’t get in the drama, and also maybe joint couples acting classes as a productive way to date and work on their craft.



K-drama Blood Leads Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun are Confirmed Dating — 44 Comments

  1. after seeing the dispatch photos of them on a date all i could think was where was all that chemistry when they filmed their drama?? lol but honestly without those pictures i couldn’t even imagine the two together irl. they look so cute!

    • From the mid to the final episodes, I really think they nailed the OTP characters. Many dropped the show after 2-4 episodes, so they couldn’t see the progression or improvement. I really think they suit each other. Both are lovely people.

  2. “also maybe joint couples acting classes as a productive way to date and work on their craft.”

    LOL koala but apt comment.

    • The number is not correct. She is not 33 yet and he is not 30 yet. Even by Korean birth calculation, the number is “off” by 2-3 years

      • AJH is a 87er. By Korean ages, he is 30.
        She is a 84er. By Korean ages, she is 33.

      • It’s not their birthdays yet so technically she is not 33 (and he is not 30) yet even with the Korean calendar.

      • It’s correct. Korean age is +1 at birth plus everyone gets one year older on lunar new year of every year. Lunar new year this year just passed so all the ’87ers are Korean age 30 regardless of when their actual birthday is. All the ’84ers are 33. Korean age calculation means everyone is always 1 or 2 years older than the western bday calculation at any given time. The more you know, as the NBC rainbow says.

  3. I will never believe he is 30 is too much, he is older than Kim soo hyun loool

    Older than Lee Min Ho… and yet looks much more younger.

    Both look cute in the dispacth pictures

  4. My Prayers and thoughts goes out to the eternal loyal and notorious minsun shippers.

    Now Please stop dragging Suzy on instagram and also don’t target Ahn Jae-hyun in the future on his accounts

  5. I had issues with the drama, but thought the hate thrown their way was a bit much….I mean don’t watch if you don’t like it, right. I’m happy for them and wish them well. I knew he was younger but actually would have guessed he was still in his 20s.

  6. He’s a real vampire. Look, so much younger than his actual age. Congrats to the new couple. Not a fan of them but they both looks so happy. Nuna romance seems a trend in korea in real or in the dramas XD

  7. I was totally reeling earlier with this news lol. Did not expect it whatsoever but they look so sweet in the dispatch pics. Chemistry is so much more evident in RL than in the drama.

    Now can I pleeeeeeeeease get a confirmation for Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae?? Now that’s a couple I can’t believe aren’t dating yet. Maybe they are haha. The chemistry both on and off screen is so unreal and intense. It’s like when their eyes meet, it’s fireworks and explosions! They also worked in a drama more than a year ago, so I’m very curious if they really are just friends or if that extent of confort was because they were dating :p

  8. Awesome for them and they look cute…..but is he holding a pair of jeans, some socks, and a murse? And she a dish rack?

  9. Seriously they both are so pale but in pretty way never seen people this pale.. korean calling them VISUAL COUPLE not wrong

  10. I had a feeling they might be dating. The way they were acting during awards time was what tipped me off. They look so happy in the Dispatch photos. I love how Anh Jae Huynh put his arms around her waist in the photos.

  11. Was just marathoning BOF. Gu Hye Sun has matured since then. She sure has some nice curves now! Best wishes to the cute couple.

  12. The only thing I remember I about that drama is her dress malfunction in their conference. She couldn’t even walk or stay in it! lol
    Que viva el AMOR!!

  13. i know on korean web portal Naver this topic was trended more than 24h but strangely in china Weibo this was also a hot and top most search topic.. i guess ahn is famous in china :O

  14. good for them. they should thx knet for getting them together.
    if not for knet bitch. these two might not fall for each other.

    • What’s the story there do tell.

      I’m happy for them, watching them on Happy Together interview was fun. I do hope they’ll get married.

  15. Some women are just so blessed! Talent, beauty and S line… and now a blooming lovelife! She must have done something good, that amazing woman Ku Hye Sun! I’m jealous, in a healthy way….unlike others! Lol!

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