K-celeb Couple Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin Spotted Happily Still Dating

Sometimes stars in their ordinary lives seem just like one of us, and sometimes they still shine too brightly to pass for an average Joe or Jane. I’ve forgotten that Korean star couple Kim Woo Bin and Shin Mina are still dating, but it’s not because I purposely want to pretend they aren’t or are hoping they’ve broken up. They just seem like an adult healthy couple so their dating becomes no longer newsworthy and I go on with my entertainment news coverage while they hopefully date happily. They are so cute I hope it works out! Not following along doesn’t mean I didn’t perk up with interest upon hearing of a sighting of the pretty pair in a dating habitat last week – a fan spotted and snapped a picture of Kim Woo Bin and Shin Mina out on a dinner date at a chic restaurant, with both casually dressed in comfortable attire and no disguise. Even though they are a noona-dongsaeng couple I don’t sense the age gap so keep on dating well my pretties!

It’ll be interesting to see how Kim Woo Bin’s acting career fares after Uncontrollably Fond comes out this summer. Shin Mina’s acting career got a bump after she did a Lee Kyung Hee drama in A Love to Kill with Rain. Much as I love a Lee Kyung Hee style melo, I hope never to hear of that stuff in real life and feel content seeing stars make low key romantic connections. Leave the drama for dramas!


K-celeb Couple Shin Mina and Kim Woo Bin Spotted Happily Still Dating — 14 Comments

  1. when I first saw the article stating. smn and kwb .oh ! are they break up . but it turns out they are still dating . I am disappointed I want my oppa to be single

  2. A Love to Kill was a hard watch for me but it was one of those dramas where the leads got to show their stuff so it was a win/win for Shin Mina and Rain. I’m so glad that celebrity couples get outed because it’s so much more honest than the ridiculous…oh we never date or kiss stuff that was going on before. I would have never put these two together …ever, but I wish them the best and hope they are enjoying themselves.

  3. One day the gods would love us and we’ll see KWB+SMA go on a double date with LMH and Suzy. The amount of pretty would be out of this world.

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