Lee Young Ae and Her Twins Featured in JLook Magazine for Charity Pictorial

Philanthropy is in the K-ent air these days and is a cause that there can never be too much of. Korean top star Lee Young Ae is in the pages of JLook Magazine May edition alongside her set of boy-girl fraternal twins in a pictorial. The pictorial was done without any fee and all proceeds from sales of the t-shirts featured¬†will be¬†donated to the children’s need charity that she’s been supporting for years. Lee Young Ae hasn’t acted in over a decade but her name and face recognition remains sky high in Korea and other Asian countries thanks to the enduring classic that is Dae Jang Geum. She took an acting hiatus after getting married and having twins, the two growing up so beautifully it’s such a joy to see them featured in the public eye for a meaningful cause rather than publicity or popularity boosting. Lee Young Ae epitomizes so many positives, from aging gracefully to living a meaningful life using her wealth and recognition. Truly a role model and deserving of her enduring affection from fans.


Lee Young Ae and Her Twins Featured in JLook Magazine for Charity Pictorial — 9 Comments

  1. Ohmygod they’re precious! The whole family just looks so wonderful and while they have a celebrity feel, they also give out the familial, homey vibe which is simply heartwarming!

  2. My idea of graceful, beautiful and dignified woman!
    She seemed to have passed her aura to her children too…..beautiful kids!….future shining stars in the making?
    Loved her in “Jewel in the palace”…..perfectly cast for the role……OR ….did she made it look like that?
    Looking forward to seeing her later thus year to what I am sure will be another stifling performance.

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