Jin Goo Expecting Second Child with Wife of Two Years

A big congrats is due for K-actor Jin Goo, already having the biggest popularity acting year of his career so far, but who’s going to begrudge him more good mojos when he’s done so much for livening up the small and big screens. Jin Goo is expecting a second child with his wife of two years, after the two tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their first child shortly thereafter. Now I’m even more impressed new father Jin Goo accepted Descendants of the Sun with that long overseas shoot, but I’m sure his wifey and son felt better afterwards when the drama turned into the biggest K-drama hit in ages and launched Jin Goo’s career into a higher stratosphere. It still weirds me out to hear some drama fans shipping him in real life with his DotS costar Kim Ji Won, but hopefully this news will be a nice update reminder that Jin Goo is totally and completely taken and happy in real life and not available for any shipping. Congrats to the expanding Jin family!


Jin Goo Expecting Second Child with Wife of Two Years — 11 Comments

  1. Raising a young toddler and newborn at the same time is no gd joke. Also 2 pregnancies within 2 years, goodness it could not be me! Praying for strength for the wife and also congrats to them!

    Oh yeah, oblig Jin Goo is so handsome comment because look at him!

  2. Ofcourse delulu fans would ship a happily married man with his costar. The line between reality and dramas must be blurred in their minds.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  3. Same thing with the ones that still shipping Park Shin Hye with her costars . It is totally out of reality, and does not look good on her , since one of her costar admitted and went public with his relationship with an idol turn actress. It is really not good for her reputation and created many haters. The young fans get all mixed up, and do not know how to separate true from the delule. It might even create discomfort to other possible costars , and it is heartful for true fans that just want to appreciate and support her as an entertainer and human being, without counting with the negative impact that has in her get cf’s or other job offer for projects. There is a limit between fun and damage people reputation with certain fans irrational fantasies to the point of craziness.

    • It’s not really fair to say that these fans are delusional. So long as the extend of their shipping is not damaging, I see no harm to it. It’s normal especially if we are so invested with the coupling especially those with really mind blowing chemistry like my Leo and Kate. Reality will take over eventually but let the fun lasts so long in a good and healthy way.

      • No, they are delusional and disrespectful to his wife. Actually, I haven’t seen too many people shipping the two in real life.

    • Spot on. Another one from WGM couple especially Nichkhun and Victoria. Even when NK reveal he got a GF and they broke up later. The shippers still going strong. smh. I don’t understand these people.

  4. So happy for him. What a wonderful year this has been for him. I hope more happy things for him and his family.

  5. Some fans and viewers can be too consumed with the characters they portrayed on screen which evidently showing how good of an actor they are. I used to ship Han Hyo Joo with Ji Jin Hee but for all that I know, he is a happily married man and she has totally no interest in him and simply view him as her sunbae. Came to think of it, it’s pretty hilarious at how invested with the drama.

  6. “Now I’m even more impressed new father Jin Goo accepted Descendants of the Sun with that long overseas shoot”
    I guess they are really happy reunited after Jin Goo finished their overseas shoot that they managed to get their 2nd child immediately. ?

    • Your statement so cute. Actually it is kinda true. Because of a member of Epik High wife got pregnant just after her hubby finished tour in U.S and the news broke up couple months of that.

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