Yoon Eun Hye’s Movie After Love Still without Premiere Date as Her Agency Refutes Filming C-drama Rumor

It’s been so hard to find event updates with Yoon Eun Hye, once so prominently visible in K-ent but in recent three years nearly without any major project since her K-drama Marry Him if You Dare. The latest news isn’t all that exciting for her drama fans since she still doesn’t have a K-drama lined up, and with the networks scheduling dramas out into year end already it’s unlikely she’ll have a television return in 2016. Last week there were rumors of her doing an idol C-drama with C-actor Du Chun but that turned out to be untrue as her agency shot down the media reports.

Her art house Korean-Chinese joint production movie After Love with Park Shi Hoo, with the official poster above, still doesn’t set a release date after missing two premiere dates already. As for her public appearances, the last was last month in China attending a car show and photographed with Chinese star Li Chen. I hope she comes back soon with a drama or movie I actually want to watch, to getting a tad distressing that her acting career seems to have stalled big time.


Yoon Eun Hye’s Movie After Love Still without Premiere Date as Her Agency Refutes Filming C-drama Rumor — 28 Comments

  1. I know it’s very hard to be selective and to pick good quality drama in Korea since their dramas being produced via live-shoot system but can she not do any K-movies instead like Han Hyo Joo?

    She’s easy on the eyes and even ever won a Beaksang to prove her talent so I wonder why can’t she get booked for acting projects in Korea. She’s been absence for far too long and I would like to see her on some good drama despite the low ratings. Maybe she should try taking on projects with cable tv like tvN which so far has produced many quality dramas these recent years.

    • The plagiarism scandal hurt her reputation a lot in Korea. Her/her team handled the whole thing so poorly. For someone who has been very guarded with her image, I’m surprised she didn’t hire a real PR person, not just rely on her management, like most K-stars do.

      The scandal itself wasn’t the problem, but it was her response to it that fanned the flames. If there is one thing K-netizens enjoy, it is a hate bandwagon. She should have clarified and mentioned how art is inspired by various sources and any similarity was not intentional. Instead of the statement that was released that led to people saying she had the “fame disease”.

      Also her last few projects haven’t done well, and this latest movie was something even her fans were against. I get that she is her own woman and can do whatever she wants, but it shouldn’t be surprising when the audience then chooses not to support or reacts unfavorably.

  2. She’s gorgeous, but her acting is just okay to me. All of her dramas after Coffee Prince were flops. And after that plagiarism scheme, I don’t know if she’ll be returning to dramaland any time soon. If she does return to dramaland, I hope she picks a better project. Good luck to her.

    • Exactly my thought. Except Coffee Prince, her acting didn’t impress me. I don’t know if it’s only me, but the way she cries is… unemotional? Like she did show tears and red nose, but I couldn’t get the sadness from her eyes. It could be only me though.
      I sincerely wish her success with whatever she does now.

      • No, it’s not only you… I also feel that sometimes she is overacting and it feels too forced rather than natural. However, I don’t mind her in dramas because I’d take her over some other idols who are way worse. I think for her, picking the right drama is very important. I liked her in coffee prince but not much else.

  3. Her reputation is really ruined with the rumour of her going into LBH party car, plagiarims issue, etc
    I think it’s gonna be hard to earn back her fame but she should try again slowly… Maybe try working in daily or weekend dramas?

  4. It’s really sad to see her career faltering that much.

    I think many things went wrong for her. The plagiarism scandal and then choosing a project with a controversial actor. I mean no surprise here that the movie still doesn’t have a premier date and I think the momentum is probably over.

    I’ve known her since her time with Baby V.O.X and she was very promising after that. Her acting, yes, is not the best but it’s not so terrible either.

    I really hope she can have a comeback. I mean there’ve been actors with far worse scandals, rumors etc. and they got back to the small or big screen. She should just do SOMETHING.

  5. I think the reason she has a hard time getting new jobs has to do with the way her last three shows have tanked in the ratings (all less than a 10% share). She probably still feels she’s a big star who should command a top wage, whereas producers sees her as damaged goods, or at least a risky choice for a leading actress who are very expensive.

  6. Fans might not want to admit it, but it’s probably hard for her to get cast in most dramas or movies. Not that she isn’t getting any offer, but she probably can’t get cast in things she feels are good enough for her. She won’t get prime time big dramas with A-list costars anymore. Can’t believe her once promising career has wasted away so much.

  7. Ya. I think she should do daytime drama the way Han Ye Seul did and resurrect her career from there. She made too many bad choices with her drama and worst still when she chose to do a movie with Park Shi Hoo whose reputation is badly damaged in Korea.

    I agree that she probably also should venture into Chungmuro the way Han Hyo Joo did. At least she will have control over the materials and projects that she’s being involved with.

    Too bad for her. I don’t know how else will she be able to pull herself out of her stalling acting career. Doing a daytime drama or a movie is a good option or perhaps she should do variety show.

    • It’s not as easy as you say
      She has never successed in Chungmuro like HHJ did to get he same offers and opportunities
      I’d say TVN is her best choice right now. A lot Alister and movie starts are going there too

  8. She needs a professional agency pronto. All the drama/films she has made post- Coffee Prince under her own agency have been poor choices, except for Lie to Me arguably. She seems to be forever stuck in badly written dramas (Mirae’s Choice, Missing You anyone?). I really hope she makes a comeback soon like Kim Rae Won in Punch. Picking a quality tvn or c-drama sounds like a good start. Fighting, YEH!!

  9. I’m not her fan. But I think she’s a good actress. Actually she’s the only thing I like in Coffee Prince. Fans must be sad seeing her career stagnate. Best wishes to her with a breakthrough.

  10. She should restart by going back into variety shows. It’s what made her so beloved in the first place, further cemented by Goong and Coffee Prince. Many actors/actresses have done so when their careers have stagnated. Variety shows like Xman/Strong Heart/Running Man allowed actors to redeem themselves and show their loveable side, and she was pretty great in variety (Xman anyone?). It’s such a shame to see this happen, but hopefully she’ll get a good script and co-star soon. As others have said, a fresh start is what she needs 🙂

  11. Everytime I see Yoon Eun Hye, my hope for her and Eric together in drama re-appeared again. Especially now when Eric get his popularity, I think pairing with him in light romcom will help her career since Eric has pretty huge fandom that always willingly to support their oppa. And I’m sure most of both fans want to see them together.

    Eric is likely one of TvN darling now and Yoon Eun Hye needs to start from the safety channel, which I think TvN is the best among them.

    • Aw that’s an interesting idea. I do hope to watch her K drama again. Her last drama was a great disappointment and confusion with all the viewers fighting for which choice she made. LOL….I miss her in Lie to Me. I don’t get all the fuss about her “scandal,”, or her decision to co-star with Park Si hoo. How are those such big deals to do with her acting ability anyway? S. Korean is indeed a very unique but strange country to me.

      • Her fans has warned her not to do the movie with Park Shi Hoo yet she ignored their concern. Who would want to watch a guy almost convicted with rape charges playing all sort of romantic gentleman? Nobody would want the watch the movie and she should have known better yet she signed up for that receipe of disaster.

        Cable Tv or daytime drama could be a fresh start for her and it’s high time she’s taking on a role that deviate from what she normally portrayed on screen so that audience will get to fall in love with her all over again.

        Looking at her now and her career going south is really saddening. She should be forever remembered for her iconic portrayal of Go Eun Chan but she has been lingering on the same success for far too long and people have moved on and yet to see more that she could have offered.

    • I agree with you “Deandra” I hope that YEH will be paired to Eric Mun, he is good in his latest drama “Another Oh Hae Young” they will have a good chemistry…
      I miss YEH… Looking forward to her future project. Fighting!…

  12. Shi Hoo is the reason her career is so down. after the movie with shi hoo. her career really hit rock bottom. she should have listen to her fan. when they ask her not to do movie with shi hoo. her plagiarism scandal didnt help either.

  13. Agreeing to be paired with PSH will never be the great option, however, blaming him why YEH’s star status is not the same as before is uncalled for and not right. YEH’s career slump at the moment has a lot of contributing factor i think, and as a fan, i would like to believe that since she’s down right now, there’s no other way but to go up, and I cannot wait for the day that it will come. Knowing the entertainment industry, YEH is not the only one whose been on the same scenario, if given the right project (i hope it will come sooooon), she will be able to reclaim her popularity back. She may not be a stellar actress that some has claim, but her acting awards would prove otherwise. Her agency declared that she is reviewing some acting projects, so others don’t need to bother themselves wondering if YEH still being given project offers.

  14. Just want to make it clear Koala. The event that YEH attended with C-actor Li Chen isn’t a car show but The 18th Huading awards (one of a prestigious Chinese awards) and she took home a “global best drama actress” award.
    So much for an actress who people said has a career slump…

    @Piggybackrider @Jasmin, that’s a pure speculation. YEH’s never been known with a diva-ish behavior before even when she’s at the peak of her popularity (Coffee Prince days)


  16. Sometimes the others actress or actors experiences to lowdown into career,maybe have more reason encounterd..but is not means that actress is not good for acting,,.so dont be judge ms.eun hye,,i think someday,later on,she rised and come back again,,the tittle as a popular actress was remained,,sorry if wrong grammar..

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