Yoo Seung Ho Double Whammy With Joseon Swindler K-movie and K-drama The Man Living in Our House

My baby boy Yoo Seung Ho continues having a smashing acting career, after last year’s one-two punch of the SBS drama Remember: Son’s War and the sageuk movie The Joseon Magician, he’s back in the spotlight for another potential one-two punch. Up first is his Joseon comedy heist movie Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, by title alone already promising heightened shenanigans. The movie is about Yoo Seung Ho’s merry band of swindlers who go around Joseon ripping the rich and powerful off, and decide to cap their career with one monster scheme that involves trying to sell off an entire river. This after Yoo Seung Ho’s character Kim Seondal already successfully impersonated the King.

Seondal will be released on July 6th just in time for the summer movie season, and judging from the rollicking trailer below likely a fun barrel of laughs. After Seondal Yoo Seung Ho is considering the KBS Mon-Tues drama The Man Living in Our House, adapted from the same name webtoon from the same writer as Flower Boy Next Door and Ho Goo’s Love. It’s about a young woman who just lost her mom but gains a same age step dad who claims he married her mom right before she passed away, and then moves into the same house. Sounds like he’s in the mood to continue the lighthearted trend and I couldn’t be happier, smiling baby boy melts my heart!

Movie trailer for Seondal (English subbed):


Yoo Seung Ho Double Whammy With Joseon Swindler K-movie and K-drama The Man Living in Our House — 3 Comments

  1. I am saying the obvious but it was so good he went into the army. And active service. And early. And kept himself scandal free.

    He can now continue in his career uninterrupted.

    • It was a smart career move. He’s still young and his fame is still there. Glad he went early and glad that he’s back in full force.

  2. I’ve never watched any of his works before. But dang the trailer is like a bomb, looking hella fun but not tacky like usual slapstick. I hope the movie will be available online later on.

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