Supporting Korean Actor Kim Sung Min Dies After Suicide Attempt


There genuine sad news from K-ent this weekend, unrelated to scandals or misbehaving Korean stars. Actor Kim Sung Min has passed away after an attempted suicide attempt earlier this week. Best known for supporting roles in many a K-drama, with his biggest break playing the second male lead in Fantasy Couple with Han Ye Seul and Oh Ji Ho, Kim Sung Min was found in the bathtub of his home after hanging himself on the shower rod.

Earlier in the day there was a police call reporting domestic violence but his wife told the investigating officers it was just a routine fight. Later Kim Sung Min returned home drunk and subsequently committed suicide. He was in a coma for a day before doctors declared him officially brain dead, and his family has taken him off life support and will donate his organs. My condolences to the family and friends of Kim Sung Min, and a gentle reminder that suicide is never ever the answer to any problem.

Kim Sung Min’s most recent roles have been in Can We Get Married, The Three Musketeers, and Can We Love. He leaves behind a wife and child with his passing.


Supporting Korean Actor Kim Sung Min Dies After Suicide Attempt — 15 Comments

  1. Rest in peace. It’s sad to see how prominent suicide is among Korean celebrities. I assume lack of mental health recognition and intense public scrutiny is to blame.

    • Suicide is popular on countries with No God or atheist society, because if you have No God you find No hope and you fear No Creator where your life belongs even taking your own life!; you see religion like Christianity for example trains individuals to be long suffering, poor in spirit, but full of hope and faith, just as the Christ Savior suffered on the cross.

  2. I loved him in Miss Mermaid with Jang Seohee. That was the drama from the makjang writer Im Sunghan and I super love it, but he was really swoony in that drama. After his scandals came I kinda got disappointed in him, but I am still sad he is gone. S.korea and most asian countries really needs to change some things in law and society, in relation to how to help people who are addicts and has psychological probs. They shoulf not be treated with such stigma that they jave to resort to suicide.

  3. I just watched him in Family Honor as a second lead role…he is funny and cute in that role…condolences to his family.

  4. Organ donation a great thing! Thanks to his family! He is very young and handsome! My tears go out to his family! Turning something very bad and sad into something good!

  5. So sad to hear this. I remember him so well in Can We Get Married and was rooting for his story line to end well.

  6. Dammit. That’s so sad. Hope he rests in peace.

    But I also hope that his wife and child get some kind of emotional help because that must be traumatizing. I wish the wife doesn’t blame herself for running out and I wish his son doesn’t blame himself for calling the police.

  7. What kind of pain is so excruciating that you have to pick an out that is both devastating to yourself and your family and friends. This is truly a sad…sad turn of events. Rest in peace.

  8. Sigh RIP

    I remember his appearance on some variety show on KBS World. I even remember him playing a main lead (a single dad who runs a travel company?) in some comedy romance drama

  9. The report said that Seoul’s St Mary’s Hospital officially announced the actor’s condition after he fell into a coma. Kim was pronounced brain-dead as of m on Sunday, and his condition was reconfirmed around 10.m.

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