Park Bo Gum Hangs with Cat in Traditional Abode for Bazaar China

Rising K-actor Park Bo Gum has such a sunny boy-next-door image, he’s basically the successor to Song Joong Ki making it even more adorable that they are good friends in real life. That makes me want Park Bo Gum to do a dark tortured type melodrama like Song Joong Ki did with Nice Guy, a transformation of image that also sharpens his immense acting talent. When I see this recent late spring pictorial of Park Bo Gum in Bazaar China, hanging out with a car in an traditional residence, I love the slow tinge of melancholy in the air. Having him do a tougher leading man drama role will have to wait as his next project is playing the Joseon prince in romance manhwa turned drama Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Kim Yoo Jung. I don’t mind waiting for this boy to keep impressing me even if he coasts on the Answer Me 1988 buzz for awhile longer. 


Park Bo Gum Hangs with Cat in Traditional Abode for Bazaar China — 9 Comments

  1. The kitty with the minute set of ears is super cute…Park Bo Gum does have the same cinematic aura as SJK same boy next door look but he also has that bizarre madcap vibe going on and becomes the weirdo next door look…which isnt bad in my opinion he’s more versatile that way when it comes to his roles.

  2. Ya, if u can, try “I remember you” . He is not the lead but had a huge part throughout the drama. Your heart will ache for his character

  3. Could we please get an article on sjk, psh, and taeyeon being in the top three for brand name index…i think bogumie is on the list as well as shk….I want to see who else made it.

  4. Yup, his character Min in I remember you was really dark and he did a very good job with it. Even though I know he did so much bad things, but I had always wanted him to get away with it throughout the whole drama (and this was way before his big answer me hit and at that time I didn’t even know who he was as an actor but I totally rooted for his character!)

  5. His run as the younger version of Lee Seo Jin on Wonderful Season was also really impressive! I almost didn’t recognize him after checking it out following AM88. His acted that character with so much repressed resentment, arrogance borne on intelligence, and steely cynicism.

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