Han Hyo Joo Freaks Out and Gets Slappy with Lee Jong Seok in New Stills for W: Two Worlds

It’s good to see the typical K-drama OTP meet-then-fight scene take on a slightly twisty bent in upcoming MBC drama W: Two Worlds, and in slightly twisty I mean reality bending and likely mind blowing. New stills showing Han Hyo Joo freaking out upon meeting Lee Jong Seok is fantastic, showing the energetic side of her character and also laying the foundation that she’s in the real world meeting with a character she believes to be fictionally drawn but is suddenly flesh and blood before her.

The slap is more to see if he’s real, and the subsequent little girl-esque freak out is akin to me if I ever met Lee Jong Seok for real and he was standing in front of me. Thankfully Lee Jong Seok doesn’t have his gun around as a former Oympic gold medalist sharpshooter. he saves that for competition as seen in a new batch of shooting stills where I still can’t get over the orange safety glasses and eye patch look.


Han Hyo Joo Freaks Out and Gets Slappy with Lee Jong Seok in New Stills for W: Two Worlds — 26 Comments

  1. Suzie way better than hhj, i just dissapointed with hhj about her scandal with her brother, it so irritating tbh. Sorry ljs oppa, i have to pass this one 🙁

    • No one wants ur opinion on your choice of show. Dont need to drag that matter down cuz its not related. If u dont like it, just skip it and it’s not necessary for u to comment.

    • Why Han Hyo Joo keeps on getting blamed for what her brother and father did is beyond me, it is not as if she had any part in it e.g. telling her father to cover up or her brother to bully someone, she had no control over that. Focus on liking the people you like and not hating others

    • are you Korean or you just a Suzy fan ,I can’t understand why south Koreans can’t move on why bring something she didn’t do and why she should suffer for things his family did??!!!!

  2. I just figured out the most cringe worthy moment during online blogging is reading fans calling their faves oppas. LJS oppa this, SJK oppa that, KWB oppa whiting! LMH oppa blah blah blah blah….etc. etc… Such an abusive title. LOL…My little nephew even called me by my first name. So it really freaked me out to hear ppl call a celebrity stranger oppa.

  3. I’m so excited to watch this one. OTP + interesting plot. That’s enough unless the directing sucks or the script writer jinxes it.

  4. When will Korea do good real sci-fi drama? This looks like just another romantic love story for fan girls than actual multiverse / alternate reality themed story.

    • Wait! Would you expect K drama to do kinda Star Trek or Star War stories? I wouldn’t. Fluffy romance and entertaining fantasy is exactly what I want from Kdrama watching experience. I don’t need something sophisticated to drain myself again after a long day of demanding job. My brain needs breaks. LOL

  5. They (Korea) ruined “alien”, “space adventure” themed stories with romantic love bullshit. They also ruin “time travel” stories with romantic love bullshit too. When will Korea?

    • Given that the majority demographic for kdramas is ajummas, and ajummas love romantic storylines, thus making dramas with weak or sidelined romantic elements rare; plus the expenses involved in a scifi dramas meaning that producers will want to make sure their drama is as profitable and appealing to potential audiences as is possible; you will probably never see such a kdrama, especially not in the near future. If romantic elements, ruin a tv show for you, maybe you should stick to movies, or shows from other countries.

  6. hhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeon Joo is really funny!! she has a unique way to make sure that Kang Cheol is for real… slaping him!! hhhhhhhhhh this 1st meeting will be a memoriable one in the history of Korean dramas!!! 😀 can’t wait for the drama to start!! 😀

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