Han Ji Min and Jin Goo Reunite at KCON France 2016 Thirteen Years After Hit Drama All In

I love cute reunions and this one in particular is a happy wave of early Hallyu nostalgia, and where best to happen then at an event promoting current and future Hallyu. Korean actor and actress Jin Goo and Han Ji Min were the special guests at KCON France earlier this month, jetting off to Paris in early June to attend the event along with popular idol groups who were performing at the evening concert.

Han Ji Min and Jin Goo are both established actors now but both got their big break as teens costarring in early Hallyu hit drama All In, playing the childhood counterparts to Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun respectively. It was the drama that brought the two adult leads together in real life dating, and more recently Jin Goo got to work with Song Hye Kyo on Descendants of the Sun together. I actually loved the acting and chemistry of Han Ji Min and Jin Goo in that drama way more than the adult leads so it’s nice to see them all grown up and big name stars in their own right.


Han Ji Min and Jin Goo Reunite at KCON France 2016 Thirteen Years After Hit Drama All In — 26 Comments

  1. Can’t believe my eyes are seeing. Only article you talk positive about her.

    Missing Jimin, hoping to see her in a new drama. Would love if they will do a reunion project.

  2. I didn’t watch All In but it’s funny that Han Ji Min played the young SHK when there is only one year that separates them…

    • It’s also funny to think Jin Goo played the younger version of the male lead when he is actually a year older than Song Hye Kyo (adult female lead).

  3. I cant quite wrap my mind reading this. Han Ji Min is only one year younger than Song Hye Kyo yet she played the childhood version of SHK???? That’s weird.

    Han Ji Min is an ok actress but I find that a lot of K-actors looking forward to work with her and she is oftenly regarded as one of the prettiest which I dont necessarily agree but maybe, shes really beautiful in person than on-screen. I think she must have great personality that attracted a lot of her peers wanting to collaborate with her.

  4. Han Ji Min played a younger version of SHK in all in but the irony is HJM looks so much older now compared to SHK. SHK did not age.

    • Yeah… Maybe it’s her makeup or hairstyle. She looks 40… HJM really need to choose a good comeback drama to save her popularity. Her acting was so bad in HJH that even binny can’t help the ratings…

      • HJM isn’t a bad actress really, she was quite good as Binnie’s evil step-grandmother in Fatal Encounter. But her drama acting and the roles she takes in them are really bland, she’s not good but not bad either, just…. nothing.

      • It’s that hairstyle and colour, the way she’s wearing it now really makes her look like a 40 year old mom who doesn’t have time to style herself. It doesn’t flatter her face at all.

    • Yeah it’s really strange to think that the “child version’ looks older now than the grownup actress she was playing.

      It’s probably down to badly chosen makeup and styling, some of Han Ji Min’s looks have seemed like she just blindly followed trends without considering what suits her. Song Hye Kyo otoh has a more classic look/style which ages better.

      Speaking of SHK and female costars I want to know what’s happening with Kim Ji Won, she almost disappeared after DotS.

      • I read in some entertainment news that KJW has been busy with CFs, and she attended the Shanghai Film Fest… Google & u should see the pics

  5. Omg! They were so young! I would love to see them together in a drama. 🙂 I like them both individually and together! They looked so cute together at KCON France! And I agree with you, Koala. They had really good chemistry in All In!

  6. Why bring Han Ji Min to that conference?? Han Ji Min ruin Hyde Jekill Me, duh! Hate that drama, Ji Min cant act, I hope binnie never associated with her again, binnie deserve better leading lady.

    • LMAO. Aren’t you bitter? Just because of one drama and you think she can’t act. It was simply a horribly written drama. Han Ji Min had nothing to work with. Her character was just boring. Even Hyun Bin couldn’t save that drama. All actors and actresses have had flops and I don’t go around bashing them because they had a horrible project.

    • HJM can act. Don’t judge her by one drama…. However I must say her acting was terribly off last time & I am very disappointed!! And with her looks now, she may be more suitable to play mother’s role…

    • she was just any old Candy type in Cain & Abel, you could have switched her out with any other actress and it would have made no difference.

      Padam Padam though, she was good in that. She probably suits more melo than comedy/dramatic action-type dramas.

    • She’s far from ordinary-looking for a Korean, though her hype, like that of many Korean female celebs, mainly rests on the fact that she’s a ‘natural’ beauty.

      • She is natural, but certainly not a beauty in my eyes. I don’t see any charm in her… And especially, not now with that ajumma orange colored hairstyle. She reminds me of the late Joan Rivers (whom I respect & adore as a comedian)… Lol…

  7. People are buzzing because of her look in the above pictures. ‘try to look at your face in the mirror if you’re really worthy to bash other people because of how they look’. Insensible people. duh!

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