Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims of Sexual Assault while Accuser Submits Additional Evidence

The investigation is ongoing in the Lee Jin Wook alleged sexual assault complaint, but on the public front it’s devolved completely into a case of he said/she said, and both sides are saying a lot to the media. Lee Jin Wook was summoned for questioning last weekend and stayed for 11 hours in the Gangnam police department. His side has strongly denied any sexual assault happened, saying the sex was consensual and threatening to sue the accuser A for false claims and defamation, and strongly implying that she is doing it only because Lee Jin Wook is a famous star. A’s side countered that it was nonsensual and she has evidence to back it include pictures of bruises and a hospital exam result, and her side already submitted underwear for DNA testing. Since Lee Jin Wook is disputing the intercourse happened then it boils down completely to whether it was consensual or forced that night A went to his apartment.

Lee Jin Wook’s side showed off a text message between accuser A and Lee Jin Wook’s friend, who introduced them, showing that the morning after the alleged sexual assault A texted the friend and they made plans to check out a new restaurant another time and her tone was breezy, the text being used to refute A’s claim that she was raped the night prior. A’s side is demanding an apology from Lee Jin Wook and is willing to keep providing more testimony and evidence to prove that it was sexual assault and was not consensual.


Lee Jin Wook Refutes Claims of Sexual Assault while Accuser Submits Additional Evidence — 33 Comments

  1. so in conclusion, just have sex after marriage. relationships (especially for celebrities) are complicated enough, and a potential minefield even without the sex

      • yes, i know that rape can occur between a married couple. but i don’t want to pass judgement on whether he raped her since this is still at a “he said/she said” stage. but the sex did happen. Regardless of whether LJW raped her, a huge part of the all this negative publicity stems from the fact that he did sleep with her.

  2. Even then, it may not be safe. With all these sexual assault accusations, it’s hard to take a side, as no one knows what is really going on. But I do say, it’s time Asian celebrities start showing transparency in their dating life, that is, dating publicly, in order to avoid some of these problems. Fans need to realize their stars are humans too and take them off the pedestal. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be sexaul assault cases anymore, as there could be such cases among married couples too.

  3. Rape is sex without consent. Just because u are married, it does not give ur partner or u a right to act as u wish whenever, wherever or however u want. If u hear the word, “no”, “stop” or recognize his or her discomfort upon touching then u must immediately stop n do not proceed to keep on doing as u please.

    • Thank god someone else understanfs this. I got sick of explaining what marital rape is to people who thinks sometimes you just have to gein a bare it because you’re married. Same dumb fan girls who advocate a lesser in power country should surrender to a higher in power country because they are stronger. No sense of national pride.

      Speaking to kdrama fans hurts my little grey cells sometimes.

      • My Hercule Poirot ‘s little grey cells stoped to try to understand some kdrama fans maybe because i’m european ! But one thing for sure a true gentleman doesn’t behave like this. Marital rape exists. If a woman is drunk it doesn’t mean that she’s willing to have sex. And a prostitute can choose too to say No…And the list goes on .

  4. Maybe the pressure of ‘dating is scandal’ that leads them opt for this way. But honestly having dating ‘scandal’ is not bad, the world would have uproar once it announced, but it will subside at the end. haters are everywhere, even they criticising their works. even harsh comments on dating are unavoidable, but its better than involved in scandal that can ruin your image/career.

  5. Actually i really afraid ljw is guilty because i really like him as an actor but now reading the development of this case i’m getting more confident he’s innocent, hope it’s over soon

  6. I am so sorry for the police force in Korea of having been sent underwear after underwear and having to inspect and examine them. Now Lee Jin Wook sounded like has was lying since in the first place, he claimed that he was in a relationship with the accuser A and now said that they knew each other after being introduced by a friend and proceeded to have sex. And talking about bruises, if the bruises were not the result of assault, then I can say that this K-actors really have a fetish for rough sex. The accuser A also seem like having her own agenda since she came to his apartment on free will. The whole case has tarnished my impression on LJW and basically on most K-actors. It’s delusional to think that they are chaste as how they were being portrayed in K-dramas but to think they can just have sexual intercourse with any woman, randomly or just after a first date and even quite a number turn out to be sexual predators, I am really at loss of words. Just crossing my fingers that my LJK stay out of this horrendous scandal and not breaking my heart.

    • I read that article about she’s her girlfrien but it’s not from ljw n his agency,it’s from source close with ljw of course it could his taught only, saying she’s her girfriend actually safer for ljw because betwen lover sex is just usual but he say she’s not it’s more risking for him, to me it’s sound more honest

  7. Don’t be surprised majority of Korean male celebrities love one night stand especially the so called 30 something hot actors who still claims they are single.
    The funny thing their fans believed the healthy straight Korean male celebrities are still virgin and only had sex once a year or once in 3 years.-just like in the drama.

    • Exactly. How its that possible they can live without having sex when women are literally throwing themselves at them. It’s delusional to think of them that they live just like the average Joe but it disgusts me that they go for random sex and one night stand. I mean, pre-marital sex is not so openly acceptable within my conservative society but I would love to hear them having a healthy relationship and by all means, screw the girlfriend (but that does not mean I condone non-consensual sex)rather than just getting laid with just anyone.

  8. He is guilty until proven innocent. LUST obviously resulting the downfalls of these K-celebrities. I hope the rest will learn a lesson from here and I hope not for Korean police to not have better things to do other than examining underwear after underwear. I think the Korean public and celebrities been abusing the word “SCANDAL” for far too long. How is that dating considered scandalous? I think from now on the K-drama should try not too paint the over-the-top perfection of their society and it’s high time to showcase how their real society are. I’ve been to Korea many times – girls drunk and accompanied home by colleagues almost like a night’s staple there and couple making out in public is not something abnormal there. I hope the future K-dramas will showcase the more realistic picture of that nation.

      • Ya, their movies are mostly adult oriented but the ones that reached more wide audiences are the dramas. K-movie actors mostly are critics darlings but the ones that are widely known are the drama actors. I myself seldom watch their movies but with so much scandals, I mean real scandals instead of dating that they considered scandalous, in a way, feeling irked by the unrealistic portrayal of their society.

  9. I think examine underwear it’ s useless in many case if there’s dna it doesn’t mean rape, it could be consensual n in ljw case he admit having sex with her. It only proving there ‘s sexual activity

  10. Seeing all this actors and idols being accused of rape makes me just want to stop my son from pursuing his dream of becoming a k idol. I’m not saying this people aren’t guilty but who’s to say they are NOT guilty. It’s a case of he said/she said but no matter what by the end of the day one thing is for sure…bye bye to their career. People will condemned them no matter what the outcome.

    • How can you stop someone from pursuing their dreams even if he is your son !
      He has his own path in life as do you ….or are u one of those controlling mothers who wreck their sons dreams?

      • I’m not stopping my son…what I’m trying to say is it’s discouraging. Imagine if your child was put in a situation coz of being an idol. Netizens and media would be putting label on the famous until proven innocent but even when proven innocent, it will be too late…career would be over.

  11. Man, just because you famous and the all the world say you handsome,you can’t do that!,u suppose to be a great actor and a good public figure who can be followed. Free s** or rape is patronizing woman.

  12. Until the prosecution is ready to file charges, why are these news being splashed all over front page. The cases are pretty much in the he said she said stage unless the celebrity is always assumed to be guilty. Those whose private lives are not as chaste as their public persona better beware.

  13. Why do I get the feeling these won’t affect his career one bit ….is like all these 30’s and 40’s stars are immune ….they can literally get away with anything while the younger ones are one bad publicity away from losing their careers .

    • I, too, don’t think this will affect his career as long as he’s proven innocent, not like Yoochun. Yoochun might have passed the sexual assault/rape verdict, but he’s in another charged of prostitution and fraud, which I believe is illegal in South Korea.

      I really hope it’s not true because I really like Lee Jin Wook’s personality and his acting too. Became a fan after his appearance on Family Outing. He does seem to be really confident he’s innocent so I hope the verdict is on his side. Again if he’s proven guilty then I guess I have to say goodbye to yet another great actor. I just hope my favorites are worthy of my support and I don’t hear news like this with their names attach to it.

    • jhony – leave PYC be. they found him innocent of all assault charges. it’s the law, so learn to respect the law and the people. he was the victim of false accusations. so be a human being as you don’t want people to malign you if this ever happened to you or you loved ones. go chill!

  14. Well, with so many hot kisses and skinship they did while shooting their drama, they will need something to release their hormone right? And with so many girls willing to throw themself to them, even one night stand can be done easily.

    what I wonder in these rape accusation cases is, how can there’s any dna left on the underware while the incident happenned long ago? I’m not dna expert, so I wonder will any dna/cement left on the underware after you wash it? or it just that they never wash their underware (eewwww) and keeping dirty underware is common too (EEEWWWW)?

  15. DNA in underware won’t give any proven of rape or sexual assault. It just give indication whether they did sex or not.

    The girl should do Visum et Repertum to the hospital to see whether there is scar or some indications of harsh behaviour. And it should be done faster otherwise it will gone.

    I believe most celebs in their late 20s or in their 30s have this kinda relationship especially the one that very confident don’t want to get married. We should put our eyes to actors who seems really expert on romance scenes because they are obviously practice a lot with their official partner or not XD

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