K-singer Jung Joon Young Apologizes for Police Investigation into Sex Tape Scandal

Fall officially arrived last week as the summer of 2016 bid adieu, and with it I was hoping K-ent’s summer of male stars behaving badly scandal was also over. I hoped too soon as this weekend the Korean media found itself reporting on yet another sex scandal headlining a male celebrity. Singer and variety star Jung Joon Young is facing a sexual harassment allegation, not sexual assault as initially reported, for making a sex tape with his now ex-girlfriend without her knowledge or consent.

She filed a report with the police who are now investigating it, but afterwards she withdrew the charges and filed additional reports asking that the investigation be stopped. Jung Joon Young held a press conference immediately after news broke and explained that the sex tape was made when the couple was dating and with her consent, but after a particularly bad fight she went to the cops and filed charges for sexual harassment in making the sex tape. Jung Joon Young bowed deep at the end of the press conference and apologized for causing a big scandal with his actions.


If the ex-girlfriend withdrew the charges then there really is nothing legally worrisome for Jung Joon Young, but telling the stuffy Korean fans that he made a sex tape, which indicates he’s sexually active and quite adventurous, will clearly have long lasting ramifications on his industry reputation. Only time will tell if fans brush this aside as a harmless peccadillo or mars his appeal for the long run.


K-singer Jung Joon Young Apologizes for Police Investigation into Sex Tape Scandal — 20 Comments

  1. At least the ex had the decency to recant and not go ahead just because she can (although the damage is already done).

    He is young and so is his career, that I hope this will blow over but of course you never know with this industry. I wonder if the girl will face charges for false accusations?

  2. This was all due to a bad fight. So she did give consent to begin with if she withdrew in the end. Honestly, a word of advice to fellow Korean actors/singers, it’s probably safer to date a fellow co star. In this case, both have reputations to protect. Lol

  3. It is high time for Koreans to be open over pre-marital sex within their society just like the Japanese. Problem is that they regard the chaste eastern value so high yet most are actually not practicing it and Koreans tend to portray their celebs as chaste n virgins which are not true at all. Just be like Hollywood celebs no matter how much they don’t like such culture, rather than continuing the facade and the whole pre-marital sex become blown out of proportion because that is something not expected of a korean celeb.

  4. But the problem was that he Didnt handdle his phone to police, saying it was broken. Worse yet his friend an ídol vales zico said he hás a “golden” phone, and hoje the first thing he did was to check out This golden phone at jjy house.meaning he must show his sex vídeos to his friends. This is so wrong.

    • This..
      The “phone is broken” excuse and the “golden phone” is what makes the people piss off not the premarital sex.
      The making a video for u only can see or making ur friends see it s a hol different thing.

    • The reports saying that he said that his phone was broken are false. They were exaggerated by the media.

      The truth is that the police never asked JJY to give them his phone.

      This whole incident was amplified by the false media reports, it shouldn’t have been this blown up.

  5. If people think clearly, why on earth would anyone want to make a sex tape?? Girls should always beware, they are the ones on the loosing end. Because shit happens!

  6. I’d be more surprise if people made anything out of it since JJY never had a problem telling everyone that he led “liberal” lifestyle LOL

  7. I never really understand why some people get a rush out of recording themselves having sex. I’m not a celebrity but just thinking that something like that exists already gives me heartburn. I don’t know how a celebrity would not be over-consumed by worry. If JJY really showed the video(s) to his friends, then I think he deserves all the public wrath coming his way.

    • It’s a weird kink some people have just like how some enjoy BDSM.. I could never get into that but I guess everyone is different. But you’d think since they are celebrities they would stray away from it you know?

  8. By the way, it is not a sex tape (as falsely reported by most media), it was just a short clip recorded that was a joke between them and was deleted immediately. Please do not spread the false reports that were spread by the Korean media.

  9. This guy has more guts compared to the other male celebs who were involved in sex scandals put together. He atleast owns up to his mistakes and immediately held a press conference, but it could be because he’s actively promoting.

    A stupid mistake on his part to have taken the video, although later he said it was immediately deleted, and on his ex for reporting it to the police if it was because of an argument they had. Poor guy has to shoulder all the responsibility now.

  10. I don’t mind about his private life. But in a “conservative country” where aparences are important, as a celebrity with fans, he should be more careful . I love a lot of things in South Korea culture, but i have never understood the meaning of a public apology. Such apologies doesn’t mean anything , it’s an hypocrite act. ” Oh! i made a mistake, sorry … and all its forgiven? And forgive for what ? To be a human being with his weaknesses.

    • The funny thing is that although Koreans demand a public apology, the person who apologizes is not really forgiven. So I think that they see the public apology as a form of punishment (a sort of public humiliation).

      • I never think about that but you may be right about a sort of humiliation . Yes it makes more sense. Thank you for your point of view.

  11. JJY and the exgf made a mistake, not by doing that short video clip, but letting that info out to the hyena journalist that tends to exagerate things. Not “sexual assault”, it was sexual harrassment. No “hidden camera”, it is consentual. No “sex tape”, it is a short video clip of her body. No “his phone is broken”, the police actually didn’t ask for it since the case was dropped. JJY already aired his side, apologized and defended her as well. And for the first time in history of sexual cases in Korea, the girl involved defended him by going to prosecutor for the 3rd time to confirm and appeal and clear his name and posted her defense of him in the internet. I dont see anything wrong with what they did, that’s their preference. Just because people do not do pre-marital or video or bdsm, and they did one of them, makes them bad. Just because they have opposite views as them, doesn’t mean they are wrong.

  12. Having premarital sex and making a sex tape without both parties’ consent are two different things, koala, and netizens are angry at the possibility that the sex tape was made, not at the fact that he’s sexually active (which he was always open about), especially when it’s come to light recently that there are tons of people who make and leak revenge porn of their exes on the sites like soranet.
    The gf withdrawing her charges came after, and there’s definitely a muddle of information right now that clouds who is right or wrong, but it’s not just about “conservative” and “stuffy” koreans being angry here, it’s about people genuinely getting concerned that a woman’s privacy could have been violated and angry that jjy was initially playing off the charges as a non-issue in the beginning.

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