Ji Chang Wook in K-Lifestyle Magazine for Fall Edition 2016

I’m soooooo loving Ji Chang Wook in The K2, a role and drama that feels like a perfect crescendo from  his Healer breakout role. The first two episodes were a tad too action-packed and a dash too little character building, but that’s the style of PD Kwak Jung Hwan, and also an issue he tackles aptly as the drama progresses in most of his previous dramas. Even better is the solid chemistry between him and leading lady Yoona, that’s not something good acting can always overcome and x-factor in making an onscreen romance pop. Ji Chang Wook has said that The K2 will be his last action drama, which makes sense considering how hard he’s working on the action scenes in the first three episodes alone, but I hope he reconsiders after he comes back from military service. He’s proven himself a believable and badass action star, I would hate for him to shelve that now that he’s notched this win in his resume.


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  1. Totally agree , koala. Whether the rest of the drama ends up being good or not, it’s clear that he can definitely do a great job in the action genre. He has the body for it, and totally believable.

  2. JCW is red hot in K2, one step further from badass Healer. So far, the drama is entertaining. Although his role in K2 has similar vibes as Healer, K2 is darker and more intriguing. Also since when has Korean Special Force become an appealing league to be associated with drama heroes? I guess Big Boss in DotS stirred up some ripples. Ppl may be tired of chaebol cliche. At least special force is a legit tag for leading man to get some really cool action scenes.

    • Chuno and Runaway: Plan B are his most familiar dramas, at least that I know of. I only watched the former (liked it quite a bit, too) and the cinematography really was outstanding. Lots of mancandy exposure amidst the most bada** fighting sequences. Did get a tad repetitive after a while. And some people criticized the PD’s general approach as being “style over substance”.

  3. The funny thing is, despite all the best actions scenes ever done. The most memorable scene is his damndamn cute scene of talking to Yoona watching the CCTV, his reactions were priceless. And it’s the first time I’ve seen chemistry oozing without the leads facing each other. Hopefully, he picks another work before his milatry service mid next year. He needs to solidify his status as major A list. Too bad the current drama cannot be shown concurrently in China or it would be a hit.

    • I don’t think he’s A list actor though. He’s definitely popular overseas but not so much in Korea. Yoona is more popular than him in Korea and even China. But I admit he’s the best actor (until now) if we talk about the real action.

      By the way, the K2 is good action drama but the plot is very weak. No wonder ratings drop in 4th episode. It seems Song Yoona is the centre of this story looking at how she handle her role.

      • Actually, the fact that he’s TVN’s highest paid actor, ever, pretty much solidifies his status as an A-list actor. TVN is the hottest channel right now, so they can have their pick.

  4. Wait, I thought he’s just kidding…

    He’s just saying that shooting his action scenes in K2 was really hard… enough to make him felt like quitting action drama.

    Or is it just me in denial mode on? LOL

  5. character developments were overwhelmed by too much action and its already epi 4. but then I remember the script is coming from writer who wrote yongpal which I loathed very much.better keep staying at lowest expectation lmao!

    • Yup. I skip so many action scenes because it becomes boring and started yawn lol… If it’s continue like this, I think I’ll quit XD.

  6. The action scenes are part of the story development. It’s not boring, its gripping! And this is an action drama after all, smh.

  7. truth be told,the plot is pretty meh. actions are good,but when its over done,it becomes boring.the only good thing I’ve seen in the drama so far are the actings of SYA and JCW. Yoona is good,but SYA’s screen presence is way too strong that it over shadows Yoona’s. the writer should spend less time on the actions and more time on the plot.

    • I take your comment as compliment for Yoona, tbh. As her fans, of course I’m much aware her acting is subpar to SYA. SYA’s the best in this drama tbh. So it’s unavoidable that SYA presence would dominate the scene. But if you say she’s good, despite being overshadowed by her Sunbae, it’s actually an acknowledgement that she CAN act. So many people complained and judged she would be acting hole before.

  8. So badass and hot in k2
    Those abs. Come on guys, some applause for the hard work!!
    The show has style
    Substance— lets see. Currently it’s mainly style , solid acting from SYA and JCW and his abs

  9. JCW is Crazy hot in K2. I’m mostly watching for him and honestly refer him with more tanned skin. Everyone is praising Song Yoon Ah and she’s quite good but her portrayal of her character feels like a caricature of a bad guy sometimes.

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