Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum are Top K-stars Who Elicit Female Viewers Motherly Instincts

I gotta give polling site Moolmong credit for even coming up with this particular poll topic, but then again it’s probably run out of more mainstream subjects to inquire about. Korean ladies were polled on which K-star elicited their most motherly instincts, which seems anathema that viewers would want to mother the hotties in question rather than dream of them as ideal romantic partners. Maybe it’s all Oedipal in the end, who knows. Coming out on top was perennial chart denizen Kim Soo Hyun, there’s basically no chart he’s not on for the last three years, but fast on his heels is 2016 drama It Boy Park Bo Gum. I think Song Koong Ki isn’t on it because he’s back from the army and it’s hard to feel all motherly for someone who is perceived as a man versus still an untried boy. Third place goes to Lee Jong Seok, followed by Lee Min Ho, Seo In Guk, Im Shi Wan, and finally Nam Joo Hyuk.

1. Kim Soo Hyun
2. Park Bo Gum
3. Lee Jong Seok
4. Lee Min Ho
5. Seo In Guk
6. Im Shi Wan
7. Nam Joo Hyuk


Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum are Top K-stars Who Elicit Female Viewers Motherly Instincts — 10 Comments

  1. I can see the others how they can elicit motherly instincts but Lee Min Ho is all man! you can only get the naughty thoughts with him

  2. LOL. When I read this article, I felt like a dim wit. Since I initially thought that which actor would elicit my motherly instinct means which actor could actually entice me to become a mother of his children (dream, dream). I am still too young to become any of their mothers but definitely would like to become the mother of Lee Jun Ki’s children. Dream on.

  3. The whole concept of feeling “motherly instinct” towards grown-up actors is a bit, to put it nicely, ridiculous… Their acting skills should matter much more.
    This is why Korean actresses fight much harder to receive recognition, while the actors just have to “elicit motherly instincs”.

  4. I guess this is a popularity vote yet again. I ca’nt see how KSH, LMH. SIG and LJS can elicit my motherly instinct, they are not a bunch of kids. LMOA!

  5. I can’t tell if it’s flattering or not to be on this list. Congrats, Kim Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum, you really make my motherly instincts flare up…?

  6. Lol I’m not sure if KSH fans are happy he is on this list or puzzled but in the end, I guess a positive list without Kim Soo Hyun on top wouldn’t be a legit list at all. He’s forever in any Korean poll ever so that itself is flattering.

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