Lotte Duty Free Scripts Mini Drama with Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Taecyeon, and Kai

Korean duty free store Lotte is cooking up a treat for all the Hallyu fans – the brand will use all it’s endorsement stars in a web drama called First Kiss For the Sixth Time. There are tons of Hallyu stars endorsing Lotte Duty Free and this web drama will have six male stars playing six eligible bachelors for one lucky girl’s search for the perfect first kiss. Lee Joon Ki will be a chaebol, Lee Jong Seok becomes a top star, Ji Chang Wook is a secret agent, Park Hae Jin plays a dreamy coworker, Kai of EXO is a cute younger guy friend, and finally Taecyeon of 2PM rounds out the half dozen as the clueless wealthy bachelor. The drama will be ready in time to kick off the holiday travel and shopping season.


The female lead will be K-actress Lee Cho Hee, and hilariously her character in the drama is named Choi Ji Woo, with the real actress Choi Ji Woo also a big Lotte Duty Free brand model. Lee Cho Hee always plays the best friend of the female lead type so this is a great way for her to land the dream role even as a promotional mini-drama.


Lotte Duty Free Scripts Mini Drama with Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Taecyeon, and Kai — 26 Comments

  1. Wow..many ppl said IU saved a country in the past to be with all the princes and now this girl save IU so she get all this guyss omg..wat an upgrade!lee joon gi for me and she can hv the rest hahahahahahaha

  2. Why I see this “mini-drama” as a downfall for the actors?
    LJK, please, you are 34, what first kiss fairy tale?
    JCW, another top-secret agent role?
    And EXO in this company, of course.

      • Brand ambassador is great. Playing in a long commercial a.k.a mini drama with stupid plot and probably no good lines is a downfall.
        Why Lee Min Ho is not in this piece of art too?

      • how dumb… they get paid to do what they always tend to do–act. and it’s not like it’s some random sh!t they’re advertising. it’s frigging Lotte. it’s not a downfall (unless you don’t know the meaning of a “downfall”). it’s not gonna affect their profile. this is not going to make Lee Jun Ki turn from an excellent actor to a bad one. this is not going to make Lee Jong Suk into a weak actor. yada-yada-yada. it’s just one long fanservice that Lotte’s marketing team planned.

    • I kind of have to agree. It sounds pretty cringe. I would not watch this even if they cast Kang Dong Won. I’m sure many others will appreciate the eye candy, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

    • Why the outrage? This mini drama, like all webdramas, is literally a glorified CF. As long as it’s attractive for the segment of the population Lotte is targetting, it will fulfill its purpose. You have all the trendy Hallyu stars in a cheesy 6 part CF, calm down hahaha

    • It is meant to be watched for the eye candies. And it’s unanimosly known that this is for commercial purpose. So I don’t think it will be a downfall for anyone of them since everyone will be watching for the lightness that it is meant to be. Do actors need to be serious all the time? This is nothing to add up to their acting resume.

    • Why being so bitter and negative about a mini-drama. Don’t watch or read any news about it then. They are all top actors by the way. They know how to think. If the mini-drama is that bad do you think anyone will take it? And as far as I know many of their fans are anticipating for the mini-drama too.

  3. I couldn’t even dream of it!! Lee Jun Ki in modern drama as a cheabol=I get to see him in his full glory in modern cloths and suits *fangirlingmode* + his with Lee Jong Seok in the same drama!! *doublefangirlingmode*+ Park Hae Jin and Ji Chang Wook whome I love?!! Oh My Heart!! I need to calm myself!!

  4. Its a commercial for God sake..this mini drama can show them all sitting in lotte dept store for the whole minutes of it doing nothing coz its a commercial. So to make things interesting they make a cheesy stories out of it but who cares cf is all abt eye candy n the product they’re promoting its not a real artistic movie or drama.. still gonna watch it for lee joon gi and jong suk hahahahahahaha

  5. Yes, I think everyone knows the deal that this is a drama to promote Lotte. I don’t care; I’ll give it a go. I actually really like the actress as well.

  6. the actress played the mother of TY’s twins in Wonderful Days… glad that she has landed a more favorable role in this Lotte Commercial.

  7. Wow, so much negativity in the comment section.
    The casting for anything, be it a drama or a CF, is meant to draw in viewers – which they most definitely will with this kind of star power. At the end of the day, you’re choosing whether or not you want to see it and that’s the only way it could possibly make a difference to you. So why the hate?

    • I don’t see so much negativity except coming from the two commentators whom I need not mention here.
      This is just a CF and elevating a CF to a mini-drama is just meant to draw in viewers. I also don’t get how they come to derive that this may affect the resume of the actors involved.

      • Who said anything about this affecting their resume? I might just as well say “so many reading comprehension issues around here”. It’s obvious it’s just a harmless commercial. The downgrade comes from the fact this is more of an idol thing to do, while most of them are solid actors well past the age of teenage fluff. This is basically for girls to fantasize about them as perfect swoony boyfriends and nothing more. That does not make them any less good actors, it’s just not worthy of them imo. Since I brought up KDW, well you won’t be seeing him do smth lame like this even tho everyone in Korea is crazy over him. Of course it’s not the end of the world, but can’t someone express some dissatisfaction around here without expecting pitchforks? Or only positive comments allowed? I don’t like the idea, but more power to them if they do!

      • Really? I read it was “downfall” and not “downgrade”.
        Can someone not post something contrary to how you actually feel about the actors taking up CF offers and do mini-drama?
        And how can you be so certain that KDW won’t be doing this, should he actually received such offer? Because in your opinion doing a cheesy mini-drama for a commercial campaign meant for the fangirls to fantasize of their dreamboat actors is so low for an actor of his stature?
        There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s for commercial purpose. Everyone knows it’s going to cheesy, lame or ridiculous it may be but it is meant to draw people to watch. You basically overlook the basis of this all and only care about the glory and the status.

      • I’m under the impression English is not their first language. Downfall is too dramatic, I think they meant downgrade. I may be wrong tho. Second, I was commenting on how all subsequent arguments did not address the point and simply parroted the obvious (aka it’s just a commercial!!) with everyone getting excessively riled up over a differing opinion as if it was a big offence. Someone even called the initial comment “dumb”, oh but that’s not a problem, right? Nowhere did I say or imply people can’t contradict me, I am not a hypocrite. Third, KDW has been in the industry for a long time and barely does commercials. He also doesn’t do cheesy fluffy movies or dramas. Fourth, again, not sure how I am overlooking the basis of this commercial, I wrote about it twice already. It is not about glory at all, they are just too talented to be reduced to a fangirl commodity and having them lined up for girls to pick and choose who they like best among them, selling fantasies is an idol’s job. A lot of dramas can also be perceived as that, but they offer so much more for the discerning viewer who comes for the plot, emotion, acting, message and not just to ogle at hot actors. I don’t like seeing good actors star in nonsense, for whatever reasons. To me, yes, it’s a bit of a downgrade. But they can do whatever they want! They’re free to star in 200 glorified commercials if they want! But I think it’s ok if I’m not a fan of that.

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