Jeon Ji Hyun is Highest CF Earner for 2016 Setting New Record of 14 Billion Won Income

Top Korean actress Jeon Ji Hyun will have plenty of pocket money this Christmas for presents, what with taking in the most CF income by far of any Korean star for 2016. Jeon Ji Hyun not only is the number 1 CF earner in South Korea, this year she set a new record taking in 14 billion won in endorsements which is roughly $12 million. Even more impressive is that Jeon Ji Hyun only filmed 14 CFs in 2016 and got paid 1 billion won per CF. On top of that she’s also the highest paid drama star getting a 100 million won salary per episode of Legend of the Blue Sea


Jeon Ji Hyun is Highest CF Earner for 2016 Setting New Record of 14 Billion Won Income — 38 Comments

    • It’s of all stars, male and female. Jeon Ji Hyun’s rate per CF is way higher than anyone else so even if SJK filmed twice as many CFs as her overall he did not make as much money as her CF earnings. Hope that makes sense. It’s not quantity of CFs but rate per CF.

  1. Well, she’s too much paid ! When some actors and staff members didn’t get to be paid in some productions. Her drama is a rating and buzz ” failure” ! I bet that the 3 actors of RDTK combined didn’t win that. Hope that she make donations like some top stars !

    • With a mediocre plotline like LOTBS (though I love it more with each episode progression), the drama considerably did pretty well because of the starpower that is JJH, also ofc LMH. I am not a fan of JJH but she has always remain very classy. Having both a normal life with her little family and a glorious career and she has a clean record so far, no skeleton to rattle in the closet. I believe she supported some good causes out there but thete’s no need to do good deeds and to highlight in the media. Her career’s longevity is truly impressive and could hardly be emulated by any other K-actresses.

    • I agree.. She is DULL in LOTBS, not even give a decent effort to make a caricature character more alive.. If she is paid that much, please at least give more effort in to your acting FFS. almost all cameo has more acting effort than her whole performances in LOTBS.

    • Maybe donations were good and real if it should’nt have to be broadcasted to gain attention you know!! And Lotbs isnt a mega hit but it is creating buzz internationally and have decent ratings domestically!!

      • Her fame and success didn’t happen overnight, she earns it! Cause she’s originally a model and a cf queen since the 90’s, shes a top star now who have experienced many flop projects in the past… she deserves what she have now cause she worked hard for it…

      • You’re right, donations shouldn’t be broadcasted just to gain attention or to make a person look good…

      • Exactly.

        Not saying that those who broadcast about their charity activities aren’t sincere but I’m the one who believe that one doesn’t have to tell the whole world about what good deeds one did. Let God be the one who knows that.

      • Actually those organizers that often leak the celeb name for donating because they want more people follow them. Just like how celeb endorse products, their fans and other people would see and follow. And there are some people always donate whether it’d make it in public or not. We probably only know some of it

    • @cahill – there is no such thing called “too much paid”! As long as she has the market, companies will offer a CF star whatever he/she is worth to sell a profitable product. Do you think a business will suffer if she is not worth her pay?

      • I dont even know her CFs, wtf is this only in Korea, damnn she’s robbing too much those products she endorses. imo, she’s got an air of arrogance in her, she’s not that stellar for an actress anyway, she chooses roles that are streetwise and safe. duh, who’s reliable now, this is probably some publicity stunt from her agency to say that their talent earned more than the others, like a paid marketing strategy. she might be famous in Korea or China, but she’s still having a hard time getting out to other parts of the world like Europe, Americas, and even Middle East, so what’s the fuss and buzz, its hardly felt in other parts of the world to say she’s an indemand endorser, not buying this.

    • I believe most of korean stars also did some donations. Just because they didn’t publish doesn’t mean they didn’t do that. RDTK got high ratings but the buzz of the drama is very poor. And not to mention no popular actors in it (except Han Suk Kyu. which more likely veteran/experienced actor than popular actor).Perhaps the drama just being loved by older people since RDTK is more like makjang medical drama.

    • Well its not her fault at all that shes so popular…she is a good actress and the problem is the highlight of the drama is LMH life thats why you dont see any progress in her intense drama scenes.but her underwater scenes are much more difficult and shes even having hypothermia because of i think whatever she gets,SHE DESERVES it coz she works hard for it..

    • What do u mean always the same? Have u ever watched her films such as “assasination”, “berlin file”, “daisy”, “blood” etc?? shes a very outstanding and hardworking actress and definitely more than just a cf star.

      • apart from her hard work she has this amazing aura and star power that other actors dont have or maybe lacking. shes the pride of k-actresses <3

      • @cahill – how can you read a comment in reverse? do you have something against JJH?? Other actors may work hard, but NO ONE earns as much as JJH according to this report. One can only be jealous… lol…

      • to @candycane i was just saying that one was saying she’s hardworking so she deserves to win that amount. and i commented that hardworking is not the only thing involved ! (implying that she must have something that attracts people) because a lot actors work very hard also ! so it was you who misunderstood. But i admit i don’t understand the hype around her. i would say the same thing about M Cotillard or JLawrence…

    • @cahill, fair enough if you read it this way. JJH can sell products so she is asking for high CF pay. Time will come when an aging face can no longer sell cosmetics, then she will be replaced by a younger face 🙂

      • To @candycane Agree with you about cf’s. she’s a “seller” so it’s fair to have her share from the profits. Some actresses who are a lot older still selling cosmetics…SSarandon, Jane Fonda, Naomi Watts for L’oréal, Charlotte Rampling for MAC, P Cruz, Kate Winslet for Lancôme, Charlize Theron for Dior,…So you’ll see JJH for a long time. I respect all the actors who manege to have a long career in this feroce industry.

    • Her role was given by the writer.she acts accordingly to what is given to her.FYI, her underwater scenes are very hard and LMH even says he is thankful he dies not do it..blame the writer.coz JJH is such a very good actress

    • i agree about jeon doyeon but son ye jin? Lmao jjh is a very versatile actress she can do action, comedy, romance etc mybe thats why shes more successful than those two

      • I agree with you.. I watched all 3 actresses movie and I must say.. som ye jin is not that great… mediocre for me…

    • Since you mentioned Jeon Do Yeon…
      I find it funny that nobody dares to touch her (the Queen of Cannes and all).
      My opinion about her: I was actually surprised (not in a good way) when I saw her acting. I find her much too theatrical; all her movements, actions, emotions seem to be thoroughly calculated and then accordingly performed.
      It’s impressive, in a way… But actors are supposed to be artists rather than robotic scientists. She may be crowned over and over again, I don’t really care (since I won’t be watching her performance again).

      • @Sganarel.. Ive watched only 1 movie of hers, I think the title is housemaid..Im not that impressed either and dont wanna watch any of her movies too cause they’re not appealing for me…Ive seen clips of her sex scenes though… Im surprised at korean veteran actors and actresses who goes nude on movies…..

      • I haven’t seen JDY very much, but if I remember correctly she’s in The Good Wife. That is an excellent drama and she’s good in it though perhaps I don’t quite get all the hype. I highly recommend people give that one a try because it’s just overall excellent storytelling.

      • Same as you. I don’t get the hype over her actings at all. She’s more like a musical actor for me.

  2. Well there are news before about JJH donating 100million won to the families of the ferry boat tragedy in 2014. It was the organizers who announced it to media saying she made the donation using her real name Wang Ji Hyun so that people will not make a fuzz about it. She’s doing her good deeds silently not like others who need a camera or news to make them talk of the town.

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