Legend of the Blue Sea Stays Steady in Ratings for Episodes 9-10 as Memories and Romance Intersect

My patience has finally paid off when it comes to Legend of the Blue Sea, this week’s episodes 9 and 10 were the best from the drama yet and finally makes me connect and care about both leads. I got there last week with mermaid Shim Chung thanks to Jo Jung Seok’s perfect merman cameo, making her know that her time on land was limited unless Joon Jae loves her back as much as she loves him in the only way fantasy romances use love to cure all.

This week it was Joon Jae’s episodes to shine, from him palpable sadness at longing for his father but understandably pushing him away, to the fantastic dream meetings with his sageuk self Dam Ryung, these were the moments that enriched his character. Episode 9 dropped a bit in the ratings to 16.6% but rose back to 17.5% for episode 10, a good place for the drama to sit as it turns the corner into the second half of its run, and also turns the reality for Joon Jae as he remembers Shim Chung from Spain and also all his previous life memories from the Joseon era. Now we’re finally rocking and rolling.




Legend of the Blue Sea Stays Steady in Ratings for Episodes 9-10 as Memories and Romance Intersect — 12 Comments

  1. The power couple episode was the best for me. They take her name too literal I mean did they really think that she wasn’t going to find out by making her become part of the scheme?
    Anyways this drama is pure comedy but they got way too many plots going on with the characters. A murderous criminal, comment, a mermaid, a lost mother, Chebol with daddy issues, a historical alternate timeline. Glad he found out her secret, now they need to resolve 2 other things so we can focus on the romance.

    I especially loved JJH’s acting in these 2 episodes.

  2. I absolutely love ep10

    The last few minutes were stellar. Showing the intetersection of the past and present and how we came to this point with joon jae running to his realization. This is RECAP done right! Their love story is tugging my emotions in a way that wasn’t so strong when we went episode by episode.

    Now that the stakes was established its really pulling me in.
    I now get the feeling that the writer is very confident in the story she wants to tell. This was my concern that although the show is pretty, it was looking to just stay that way, let the leads led the chemistry and do a mix mash of previous drama subplots that work. Now it feels different. We are moving the trajectory and hopefully we move from nice to GREAT!

    SBC is pulling the shots. The last few minutes should draw in new viewers by next week. It was like Recap on steroids! Great editing and A shout out to LMH who is literally shining in the last 2 episodes. His emotion showcase is ON POINT!

    Can anyone tell me whether there is an epilogue at the end? The video I watched stopped at the last scene!!!

    • I love ep 10 scenes when LMH / JHH heard her inner voice. His initial and confused expression when he heard her at the same time with the little girl. And the second time, esp when his head snapped to face her. This time, confronting the crazy truth and reality that he can truly heard her inner thoughts.

    • No, epilogue
      Last scene was a compilation of his younger past self kissing her
      Past child, teenager and adult self then him in present

      • Ahhh! Whey!
        I want to know why he can hear her?
        Some discussions are that – perhaps because now he come to realize he love her?

  3. I love LOTS. LMH is at his finest in here and it’s not only about the way his character was written but his performance made Joon Jae so endearing. Last week’s episodes were all about laughter but this week LOTBS took more of dramatic and heart wrenching tone. I really love the Dam Ryeong-Joon Jae face off and I am even more intrigued of the connection between the two, a cross between the parallel universe and repetitious fate at the same time.

  4. I don’t really know I feel drawn to this drama and I’m a little confused as to where the plot is going. I am guessing that in Joseon area that the conman cohorts and Shi-Ah are bad? Maybe Shi-ah is in the gray.

    I kinda just want to see more. The drama is definitely not the zippy quick kind where 100 things happen in one minute. It’s a little slow for me but I still am quite engaged in all scenes with wuri Chungie and HJJ. Woah – I can’t believe he can hear her real voice. I wonder how he all the sudden got that ability.

    Anyhow – I definitely don’t find this drama everyone’s cup of tea. Overall way too slow but I’m glad that it still has some audience. 🙂

  5. I don’t know why lee min ho and jeon ji hyun chemistry more like sibling than lover(I feel that even when they kiss),I don’t want to compare with kim soo hyun chemistry.
    maybe because jeon ji hyun is his sunbae,a married woman and a mother. But as joon jae,lee min ho is too polite.
    but yeah at least in ep 10 is far better than the other episode.
    the story is too slow,and finally get progress.

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