The Goblin and Grim Reaper Down their Sorrows in New Episode 5 Beer Pic

What’s coming up next for Goblin? With how fast this story is progressing I genuinely have no clue, Kim Eun Sook managed to condense 900 years into mere minutes and not make it feel slapdash, and by the end of the four episodes the Goblin already found his bride and resolved to have his sword pulled out to end his interminably long existence. On top of all that, the Grim Reaper might be the King who betrayed our Goblin and chicken shop Sunny his Queen, there’s so much packed in my head spins trying to guess ahead. In the new drama still released for episode 5, at least we know the cohabitation bromance continues, this time over beer and undead guy talk. Nice! Their shared “no one knows our sorrows” emo-ness is one of the highlights of having them live together to riff off one another.


I love this cartoon version of the now classic moments or posters in Goblin, re-imagined as drawn characters of epic cuteness.


The Goblin and Grim Reaper Down their Sorrows in New Episode 5 Beer Pic — 14 Comments

  1. I loooove this show so much!! I regret starting it after only 4 eps XD
    The bromance is for me the highlight of this show, among all the mystery behind! Kuddo to Kim Eun Sook coz that’s my favorite show from her so far ^^

    • I totally agree with you,I’ve just seen this week all the chapters and I loved all of them. Even if some people had criticized the main actress, I like her too.i didn’t see the Legend of the blue sea but I don’t think Lee Minho will be able to be such a great actor as Gong Yoo is.

  2. Grim Reaper could be the Queen too :p It was the queen who was wearing the ring ! It would be fun that he is Goblin’s sister 😀

  3. @Zhou-chan> The woman in red/the old woman said that they will both end up paying a high price, I think it’s for their past sins. And we know that the Grim Reaper was a big sinner in the past because he became the Grim Reaper. So we can guess that he has a connection with the Goblin…

    I think it would more original if he is the Queen but we will see.

  4. This drama is like no other for me. I’m so conflicted. I like it bexcuse it’s different, acting of all is great, but I can’t feel the connection between the 2 leads. The like the girl in the cheese in the trap and one of her movies. I know she can act but here she is not connecting. And it is frustrating me. Like it is forced. My opinion only.

  5. When I saw the scene where they shared a beer and boiled egg, I totally cracked up. The repeatedly used little inserts of humor make this a delight to watch and the acting is terrific!

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