Kim Yoo Jung Hospitalized for Stress Shock After Netizen Furor Over Her Behavior at Movie Press Event

The insane and unforgiving K-netizen standards strikes again, this time taking down a teenager acting like a teenager in ways that hurt no one. Growing up former child actress Kim Yoo Jung has been hospitalized for the second time in a week after collapsing from stressed induced shock after the press conference promoting the upcoming K-movie Because I Love You. Kim Yoo Jung has been the brunt of K-netizens ire after last week she attended an event promoting the movie and appeared to be acting nonchalant and distracted with her leg bent at the knees and checking out her nails. That’s apparently misbehavior rudeness of epic proportions and K-netizens have sharpened their knives to eviscerate her for lacking proper manner and protocol. After that she went to the hospital for a severe cold but still attended subsequent movie promo events but the approbation from the public continued and now she’s back in the hospital and everyone loses in this mess.

I know Koreans are sticklers for propriety especially during work events such as a movie premiere where the actors are required to be polite at all times. I’m not going to say Kim Yoo Jung didn’t earn some chiding from particularly fastidious netizens expecting her to never slip up, but the extent of the angry feedback is overkill for the infraction. I hope she gets well soon and moves on from this experience, and doesn’t allow it to negatively affect her future career progression in any way.


Kim Yoo Jung Hospitalized for Stress Shock After Netizen Furor Over Her Behavior at Movie Press Event — 45 Comments

    • Exactly my thoughts. This looks like a way to gather some sympathy.
      Anyway, the criticism was ridiculous to start with, the poor girl is just human. No one can be perfect 100% of the time.

    • I don’t mean to criticize her nor do I support the knetz’ stupidity, but yeah this whole “stress shock” thing kinda does sound like a publicity stunt on the part of her management to regain public sympathy. Even if that is the case, I can’t even blame them because knetz are just so unreasonable with young pretty/ talented female celebs. It always seems like they can’t wait to find a flaw to rip them apart tirelessly for like the next five years of their career.

    • It’s not a publicity stunt. She truly is ill and has been since last week. Cha Taehyun confirmed it in his interview. Her agency is handling all of this poorly though.

      To be fair, the public is on her side this time. The top comments on Naver are supportive of her and critical of her detractors. Too bad haters have found something to latch on to.

    • I don’t think so. It’s too risky move to get some sympathy. For what? For her movie? On 19 Dec, she was already sick. There was a fancam showed that Yoo Jung started to get sick. This girl has a full packed activity this month.
      If you follow her schedule, she had photoshoot/fansigning/award/interview almost everyday, despite she still attends to school regularly. And it’s winter. No wonder, she got sick.

  1. Poor girl. She was sick and overfatigued last week when the “scandal” blew up and never got the chance to fully recover when she attended the movie premiere. Cha Taehyun said she was still sick during the premiere. I suppose the intense pressure got to her and she relapsed. She needs to rest and stay low for a while.

  2. i hope they know shes only human and make mistakes like everyone else in the world…also, being at work while your sick is a killer so these people should imagine trying to attend a movie premiere while being sick…doubt they will be able to put on a straight face either.

  3. Everybody makes mistakes, she has stated that she’ll reflect, means that she’s sorry, even for that thing which is just normal for teenager like her. Its sickening, people who hide behind anonimity of internet pointing their tongue n virtual knife to those artists, while their own righteousness is barely known. Criticizing for betterment,not for the sake of knocking others down. KYJ, get well soon and shine brighter!

  4. This is insane .. Like completely crazy. And I’m going to go out of limb here and say it – it wasn’t even a mistake to begin with .

    from what I gather that she stuck out her leg for a grand total of 3 seconds .. When we call that a mistake we are in a way saying that the knetz are right just that they are taking it too far.

    No. They are wrong from the very beginning . I have never met anyone who can stand for long periods without fidgeting . to pick on a 17 year old for this is just bullying ..

  5. If you look at the video and pictures from the same event, other actors also have at one point or another looked at their nails, checked their mobile phone and bend their legs, as it seems to be a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. But the gif was maliciously edited to target just her. And they came on her asking her to die, questioning her family’s morals and just spitting hate and vitriol. And the sad thing about this situation, the demographics of the commenters, majority were in there 40s. S Korea must be so proud of its knetz, media and govt-manipulated ent. co.!!!! Learn empathy and compassion! If she made a mistake, comment with rationally. And please, make sure its fair, don’t just target female celebrities!

    • speaking of government, didn’t she openly express support for the candlelight rallies against Park Geun Hye a while ago? And now it’s known the PGH government was blacklisting artistes…. I wouldn’t be surprised if the totally overblown reaction to her looking slightly distracted for a few seconds, was at least partially fuelled by government-sympathiser trolls.

  6. SK is known for its bias for male stars/singers. Jealousy of her high popularity is definitely a big factor but this teenager should count herself lucky to be in such a prestigious position in the first place. She is currently the face of a representable cosmetics company and in Seoul her face is everywhere. Not surprised by this furore and as a teenager she needs to learn, popularity in showbiz has its consequences.

  7. I think this is all about jealousy. You have someone who at a young age is super successful, pretty in a recent hit drama and is flying sky high. So envious knetz need to bring her back down. This isn’t just a Korean thing. I’ve heard it discussed by successful actors in England and France as well. It’s just in Korea it’s over such petty things.

      • Hence my comment “It’s just in Korea it’s over such petty things” I agree. Totally ridiculous. I’d be afraid to be in public.

      • I hope my response didn’t sound snarky…didn’t mean it to. From what I’ve read, it seems in France its more a jealousy of the outward signs of success like a sports car etc. In England it’s a sense of not getting too big for your britches but is actually based in envy of someone moving up the ladder. I remember a while beck Rebel Wilson getting some grief and whether what was being said was right or wrong, she just flat out called them (some people who knew her back in the day in Australia) out and said it was all about jealousy.

        Obviously this is very general from some books I’ve read; it isn’t like envy has borders, but it is interesting how cultures deal with people who become successful.

      • As a french native, i can say that i’ve never seen a celebrity being so criticised over something like this. And those who are, it’s because about racism, homophobic comments, politics opinion,…or people in tv shows . If not, a lot of stars would have been banned from the industry …

      • It’s from a book about the differences and misunderstandings between the French, English and Americans written by an English gal married to a French guy and living in France for many years. I can’t remember all the details but do remember her quoting from the memoirs of an aging French pop star ….Johnny something or other. Since he was writing his memoirs, he obviously was of a certain age so maybe this attitude has gone by the by. Also, it wasn’t so much in France that he would be verbally criticized like you see in Korea, but more he’d get an attitude.

  8. This is just old school bullying, as if we don’t get distracted and stare at our very ordinary looking nails once in a while or check social networks while in a meeting. Give the girl a break.

  9. Good god….. this is ridiculous, I can’t believe people are vile enough to unleash this level of malice at a teenage girl. And worse, she has to pay attention to it because none of her management can crush this off as the trifling nonsense that it is.

    • I wonder if this whole thing is why when so many actors (especially A list) when asked how they spend their free time talk so much about just resting at home and not going out much. I do get they are worked relentlessly so they are probably exhausted, but knowing that even if they are on their best behavior, something as ridiculous as this actually can turn into something…well, maybe they just think it’s not worth it which is sad.

  10. they like to get angry and furious avor the selliest things!! leave the girl alone, she was being her age and we all make mistakes and that’s not even a big mstake to be bashed over!! hope she gets well soon!!

  11. It’s sad but she must gain strenght with the help of her family and managing crew. In my country a lot of anonymous teens commit suicid because of cyber bullying .

  12. I think all this is just plain hate from haters that are just jealous have been not just successful in show business but have been able to work many popular actor like PBG.

    True to be told her demeanor was not that bad and there is some protocol that needs to adhere on this kind of events but I bet that non of these haters will be able to keep up with the schedule that all this actors, idols need to be all the time, I doubt they will be able to stand still and just smile for a long time.

  13. Does that mean she might not appear at KBS awards? previously she was confirmed to go. Was looking forward to all the stars gracing the award show. I do thk netizens are such bullies- i wonder do they selfreflect- are they that polite in real life- so ewasy to judge others while you are behind the monitor screen. Hope the news dies down soon. Her posture may not look good, but shes a human and still a teen. Even Cha Tae Hyun said his posture was worst

  14. I think I’ve ever read one of an article about Yoona SNSD being bullied by K-netizen because she looked unenthusiastic during an interview in America… which was insane… like… she’s just a human who can feel tired at some points in her life, especially with her hectic schedule.

    K-netz sure is so cruel and unforgiving. That’s why I don’t really like read or watch korean celebrities interviews. They always feel so scripted and diplomatic. They probably too afraid to speak up their mind freely because once they make a mistake, they’re done.

  15. That girl has been working all her life in this industry. She needs a complete break from the entertainment industry for at least 2-3 years so she can have some normalcy preferably out of Korea. The k-netizens are spoiled brats who are cruel with nothing better to do except be cruel to entertainers who actually act like a person and not an idol etc. The k-netizens are of the believe that the entertainers are their personal property which is very sad really. I really hope that she gets the break that she completely deserves, if its school it should be out of Korea as I stated earlier she needs to get back to being Kim Yoo Jung the person/find out who she is away from the spotlight and not the forever actress. I really hope her family takes that into consideration and really give her that break. Happy holidays everyone.

  16. I search for the video at it just a slip brief like 5 seconds(?) before she bows down,
    come on have some sense,
    you can say in better tone for her but those netizen is way harsh than what she did,
    she didn’t even insult them,

  17. I would also like to point out that she recently had a tooth pulled, while already ill. Although it seems simple, a pulled molar can become serious if you don’t take care of it and yourself. It can continuously bleed if one’s heart rate gets too high or they drink caffeine. It can easily get infected. Not to mention possible dehydration. Cap it all off with her previous illness and excessively busy schedule and you have the perfect storm for shock syndrome caused by stress. Stress on the body, not necessarily emotional stress.

  18. I don’t like knetz witch hunt and think this is ridiculous but this is obviously a show by Sidus. Let’s hope they aren’t making the situation worse
    She is a beloved child actress and got one big hit too early that caused all the craziness. She will be fine.

  19. The public will chastise this actress for what they call unbecoming behavior, but hey idolize young girls who are in these singing groups, who act like sex kittens. What is up with the school girl outfits, short, short shorts and all the sexual movements they do while lip syncing? Do they dress and act like this for the Korean women population? It actually is kinda icky and weird behavior to watch…so I don’t. On one hand the dramas depict Korean women as being innocent and demure and then there comes along the bawdy and downright sexual kitten like behavior, which is anything but innocent. Can’t have it both ways. Then you have the older actors dating these young girls from these groups.

    kYJ has paid her dues and proven how good of an actress she is, and hasn’t done it by swinging her derrière in anyone’s face. The, “GOOD PEOPLE,” need to leave the teen alone.

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