Legend of the Blue Sea Only Airs Episode 13 This Week as the Joseon Romance Comes to a Tearful Conclusion

The ebb and flow of Legend of the Blue Sea resembles the exquisite motions of Jeon Ji Hyun‘s mermaid swimming, all undulating softness with a hint of held breath. The drama continues to win its Wed-Thurs time slot but shows no legs of ever breaking 20% ratings, in fact this week’s episode 13 dropped a bit to just 16% and all three networks are preempting Thursday episodes for variety and awards shows. The ending of episode 13 gave me the main course I’ve been needing, the backstory fully revealed on Joseon era Dam Ryung and Se Hwa. lovers torn apart by predatory greed and fear, choosing in the end to die in each others arms to sink to the depths of the safe ocean escaping the destroyers on land. It was melodramatically lovely and a surprise to learn that Shim Chung wasn’t Ye Hwa and lived for hundreds of years waiting for the reincarnation of Dam Ryung, and was also a reincarnation herself. So this modern lifetime the two will have a chance to hope for a happily every after and I’m rooting for them all the way they are so cute together.


Legend of the Blue Sea Only Airs Episode 13 This Week as the Joseon Romance Comes to a Tearful Conclusion — 16 Comments

  1. I never thought that she was the same mermaid in the past and the present… In my mind, it always be different person because she didn’t know the human’s world.

    I’m late in this drama, but I can’t motive myself to be excited for this story, this couple…

  2. There is something I didn’t understand, if she is not the same mermaid then does she remember her past life or did she accidentally meet him again in Spain??

  3. This mermaid is the most disappointing female lead I’ve seen all year. The character checks the box of every single bad kdrama female stereotype (damsel in distress, naive, childlike). The mermaid has nothing going on in her life besides being in love with the man. She’s so childlike that sometimes the romance feels creepy, like a grown man hitting on a child.

    If anyone other than JJH were playing this character they’d be raked over the coals. I mean, PSH was raked over the coals for her Heirs character because she cried too much.

    This drama pisses me off because it feels like an insult to the audience’s intelligence. “We don’t need a well developed plot or characters, just make it look pretty and that’ll be good enough”.

    • +1000
      I was surprised that no one was weirded by the premise of the modern day romance since female lead is so childlike sometimes.

      This show has been such a letdown – all fluff and no substance.

    • Because she is sassy and can kick ass. Fans are happy with that unlike PSH who had to cry 24-7 and had all the male leads helping her

      • Well, 24/7 is probably a bit of an exaggeration, and you could argue the male leads actually made her life worse LOL, but in any case PSH’s character was at least a normal person mentally.

        It’s true that the mermaid is physically strong, but she’s mentally very childlike. It feels like he’s babysitting her sometimes…

    • That’s double standards for you. It’s just so funny the media are trying so hard to rake up interests of this drama in other SE Asian countries with titles like ‘JJH and LMH kiss for the first time’, ‘JJH wears expensive night clothes in LOTBS’.

  4. While I do enjoy the drama, the plot seems to recede 10 steps back after episode 10. There has been nothing much of any development other than the cute fluffy lovey-dovey moments between the OTP. The bad guy is moving so slow, the cops are crawling that they could not seem to catch the baddie even when he is everywhere on the street. And now, they killed off the most captivating element of this drama that is the Joseon love story. I mean, I seriously started to love LOTBS after JJS cameo but now, I am getting frustrated with how little the plot is moving.

  5. The story of the main couple is really bland. Sweet yes, but i wish there was more character development other rather than the cutesy bickering. Yes the main leads have great visuals but the story is moving sooo slowly and the antagonists are not very smart. The conman gang is still staying at the house which is known to the police and a psychopathic killer. It’s almost 2017 we need to do away with plot devices like the evil scheming stepmom and nasty 2nd female lead (shi-ah has been more likeable in recent episodes though so it remains to be seen if her character develops). I think my expectations were too high for this show.

  6. i think rating for this drama will down and down again….
    bad drama …maybe if not because jjh and lmh, nobody watching this drama…

  7. Hi all.. pls don’t bash me on posting this on LTBS. I did it because I haven’t seen msKoala posting anything about “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”. This drama is totally worth checking out. Their chemisty is no joke, the writing is fun, directing, cast, OSTs.. everything is working for me. I drop LTBS after 2nd eps, but I can’t stop watching Kim Bok Joo. Yes, she’s too skinny for weightlifter. But once you get pass that, you will find many charms to this drama. When I first checked out ep1-3, it felt like the same old cliche. But once I hit ep 4, 5, 6, it makes my ahjumma-heart flutter and smiling like a kid. Nam Joo Hyuk really is different actor in this drama from that in Scarlet Heart. I’m so in love.

    • Hi rhumball,
      same here. I was really rooting for LOTBS to win the ratings game or my heart somehow, but I find myself more expectant of weightlifting fairy book jo’s next episode. Maybe because it’s more like reminiscing our first love? haha. I somehow decided to marathon LOTBS when it’s done. It was really fun but I feel lik I’m seeing same antics again and again 🙁

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