Legend of the Blue Sea Drop New OTP Date Stills for Episode 14

It feels like Legend of the Blue Sea is treading water, which is such a shame because the narrative crescendo ought to be building but the writing remains subpar for a drama with such big name leads and publicity. I enjoy Joon Jae and Shim Chung’s relationship progression into sweetly dating, but her character remains hard to connect with in the awkward weirdness that seems overly exaggerated. Joon Jae’s family troubles interest me a lot now, hoping he meets his mom soon and stops his evil stepmother’s plans. It’s annoying that the baddies and plot obstacles like the evil stepmother and aggravating Si Ah waste screen time with this antics, I’d much rather Joon Jae work through his legit issues with abandonment than for everything to be righted thanks to vanquishing the baddies in dramatic fashion.


Legend of the Blue Sea Drop New OTP Date Stills for Episode 14 — 7 Comments

  1. Jun Ji Hyun is so bland here, a pity because I fear she could’ve done a better job. The story could have been so much more interesting if JJH character wasn’t so bland. LMH is the only one doing a decent job here (he had to make up for his poor job in the Heirs). Even Suzy was better in CF than JJH.

    A good story is so much more than a pretty face/big names.

    • Agree with you there. Pretty faces and big names can hook us up on first few episodes, but the story gets us to stick through it. I badly wanted this drama to succeed though, both in ratings and plot development ? I really love both LMH and JJH.

    • Seriously? I know JJH has had better works as an actress but not even at her blandest is she even remotely comparable to Suzy’s horrid acting in UF. Let’s not get carried away please.

  2. The fact that the normally wooden LMH got the top excellence award at the year-end award show while the much more famous (actingwise) JJH was only given a consolation prize (was it best eating prize? What the ..)says a lot about what a letdown her performance is in this drama.

  3. I thought both of them are doing super well! I love Legend of the Blue Sea~ It’s cute and the epilogues are my favorite parts…

  4. Geez I don’t get the hate
    IMO LMH deserve the award – he was pretty stellar in both the modern and saeguk role. Without him shining this would have gone down badly. the couple is cute, yes the drama is missing some tension but overall a over average watch. And the OST is pretty good too – it’s definitely at the moment not a runaway success but in times like these – it’s doing well enough just not great

  5. LMH getting the best award was such a let down. JJH should have won. she carry his ass in the drama. if she were to bring her fully acting it would make LMH look silly acting next to her. guy cant act.

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