2016 Year End Awards Roundup From Big Three Networks Capped Off Drama Year

The 2016 year end K-drama awards for the big three networks came and went last weekend, smack dab in the middle of me heading off for my trans-pacific flight, taking said long flight, traveling back home from long flight, and then being massively jetlagged from said flight. All in all I lost 36 hours and also the ability to collect and post about the fashion and winners from the splashy employee appreciation fests. This year some of the trends were switched up – MBC which has a record of splitting Daesangs actually gave the Grand Award to one winner Lee Jong Seok for W: Two Worlds but the win was tarnished by it being decided by fan voting; over at SBS it was veteran Han Seok Kyu who took home the Daesang for his role in Romantic Teacher, Doctor Kim which was basically giving it to the deserving veteran who had the hit drama; and it was KBS which went the split Daesang route and handed it to Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo for Descendants of the Sun. Most of the big name drama stars that did a drama this year showed up at the awards in fashions that were raided from the bridal section (so much white!) with the rest being safe and pretty. One of these days imma send a Chinese coordi over to shake things up.


2016 Year End Awards Roundup From Big Three Networks Capped Off Drama Year — 51 Comments

  1. Sometimes later in kdrama land, Park Bo Gum and Kim Ji Won need to star in a drama together, preferably as OTP. Make it happen drama gods!

  2. Congrats to my bae Lee Jong Seok! He deserved it! MBC drama not going well this year, I just likes W and Shopping King Louie.
    well its has been three years MBC daesang via voting.

    • This year is the only year 100% votes. Other years are only partial.
      I’m not saying JS doesn’t deserve it but If W were in KBS or SBS he wouldn’t get daeksang this year. It’s like robbing empty house and he probably knew seeing his thank you speech. MBC had a terrible year with no hit. They have no one to hand award to while SBS had a hard time to figure out how to divide the awards. KBS are the one had it easy and predictable. Everyone knew Song Song would get it together.

    • I love fer outfit too. and i don’t know why she gave me the same vibe as the dress Yoon Eun Hye wore in 2012 at mbc awards.

  3. Congrats all the winners. I like that SBS actually did their best to reward all their dramas even the low rating ones but they could have but off some unnecessary .I still think 2016 was a better year than 2015 for dramas but most didn’t live up expectation like W, UF, Mermaid, Doctors, ML, Goblin etc…
    Can we hope for a better year this year?

    • I didn’t scrutinize the entire lists but you are right that SBS did their best to reward their dramas even those with low ratings like Come Back Ahjussi and probably their biggest disappointment Moon Lovers. I think Oh Yeon So totally deserves her award but can’t say much about recipients like Seo Hyun.

      Maybe SBS tried too hard with their Idol Academy category- what on earth was that “Eating” award?

    • lol SBS the most strange one. They split category: top excellence/excellence fantasy, romcom, in 1 genre 3 person winning that.
      And what Song Dong Il and Seohyun winning in the same category? Its joke.

      • I agree. I was so confused at just the names of the award title. For me, the weirdest one was when Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye won for a fantasy drama, even though it was Doctors, a medical drama. I’m glad they won, but they should have excluded the fantasy part of it. But oh well, it’s already over.

      • Kc:actually “genre/fantasy”
        But i think they should split it too.so jun ji hyun can win in fantasy

      • That’s why I said SBS had a hard time. They have many hits compared to other stations and tried their best to reward them all including ones that didn’t have high ratings

      • And you can look the whole list in Drama. Top excellence are combine for Genre and Fantasy have 2 male winners and 1 female winner

      • @KC For Top excellence Genre and Fantasy were combined and LMH/KRW both won for male, PSH won for female while their Excellence were separate. You can look at the complete list at Dramabean
        They tried to create more category to reward everyone but some is indeed a joke like the one for Seohyun and JJH

  4. So much white! Not just the gowns but the faces! Go easy on the foundation guys 😛

    I stopped complaining about awards once I understood that it was mostly based on ratings and a show of recognition from the network to the stars. MBC of course was totally blatant in making their daesang based solely voting. But would the result be different if it wasn’t?

    I don’t think Teacher Kim is Han Seok Kyu’s best. Still he’s a natural born actor with such charisma even at his age. He’s probably a huge factor in RDTK’s ratings.

    Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum’s bromance stole the limelight at KBS show. No surprises there on how the awards were distributed. I just saw the cutest snapshot on soompi where SJK covered little Heo Jung Eun’s eyes when they aired a kissing scene.

  5. I am still bitter that Lee Jun Ki was snubbed for Top Excellence over Lee Min Hi whose drama not yet completed airing. While LMH is a good actor in his own rights but LJK totally more deserving. The Hallyu award was the effort of the fans and not from SBS. Screw SBS.

    • SBS gave him Top 10 Stars Award so they did give him something. It’s better than IU who received the Most Heartwrenching or whatever the award was called.

      If Moon Lovers garnered the kind of ratings which LOTBS did and LOTB flopped, I am sure the outcome would be different i.e. LJK gets Top Excellence and LMH gets just Top 10 or Hallyu.

      Look at Jang Hyuk. He got nothing from KBS despite terrific performance in Beautiful Mind because the drama had low ratings.

      • Yeah I think people are always asking for more. Moon lovers got a lot of award despite its low rating. LJK for 3 awards totally but yet they are still complaining.
        If I remember correctly he didn’t get anything for 2 weeks and his previous one… They should be thankful for SBS didn’t ignore them because of ratings. That’s why I said I like that they TRIED to award everyone in their capability. The highest Awards are going to the ones that bring them the most of money aka the highest rating: RDTK, Doctors, LOTBS and JI

      • @AG There will always be dissatisfaction because fans’ assessment of their bias is subjective. LMH’s fans think that he deserves the Top Excellence award not just due to ratings but that he truly excels. LJK’s fans think otherwise and that their bias is the best.

        Over the years, people increasingly know what to expect from these award shows. There’s hardly any surprises. So do the actors. In fact, they most likely know the results before the show.

    • Sstation usually give more awards to current airing dramas for the sake of promoting it. Hence it’s an advantage for dramas that air at the end of the year.
      Fairness for LJK aside, giving awards for LMH or Mermaid show was expected. Same with RDTK. Same with KBS and MBC too for their Wed-Thursday dramas.

      • You are right. They should rephrase the term Top Excellence. Should have named the category as “Top Popularity” or something similar. That was really a very wrong usage of English words.

      • Why so bitter? It’s every award not just SBS or Top excellence. Look at the winners from MBC and KBS. Tell me how LJS’s performance in W deserves a Daeksang? Or SJK in DOTS? I like them both but they had performed better before. These roles didn’t show their best but their dramas had the biggest popularity.
        Just because your bias didn’t win no need to be that bitter. Rating and Award are go together whether you like it or not. LJK will win bigger award if his drama got better rating next time.

  6. For me, KBS always the better one when it comes to drama awards. SBS has so many unnecessary awards just to make sure all participants got awards. Sometimes I feel old drama awards event is so much better, where we only see one winner per category (or at least 2). But nowadays, even for best couple they have until more than 3 couples lol. Awards means to give best of the best. Why should they hold an awards event if they just wanna give to everyone.

    • Well if you compare like that it’s very unfair to SBS. KBS had it easy since they only have 2 biggest drama and PSY carried his.
      SBS has Remember, Doctors, RDTK, LOBS, and internationally popular Moon lovers.
      Some of the award at SBS is unnecessary but at least they are trying to give the lower rating ones like I’m happy OYS got her award or KHN.
      And couple award didn’t KBS give out for 5 couples?

      • Yes, OYS getting that award for a drama that suffered from airing against DOTS shows, if only for that one award, it was about the acting not the ratings.

        I still don’t get giving awards to actors in dramas that haven’t finished their run, but I’ve given up trying to make much sense of it.

        Everyone in Korean entertainment seems to understand how this works so it’s all good.

      • @kat they actually give more awards for current dramas to promote to it. Think about it. More award more media coverage, the dramas will gain more attention.
        RDTK went to 25% after it got 7 awards including the daeksang is an example.

        Award at station has never been purely on acting. It’s a ceremony the station rewarding the actors that bring them hits and money so it shouldn’t be a surprised the hit ratings get more awards. We should be thankful they didn’t ignore acting talent despite the low rating.

        It’s not too hard to understand if you think and know how showbiz work.

  7. Congrats to all winners, strangeness and controversy aside. Sigh…

    On another note,I still can’t fathom the depth of Song Hye Kyo’s beauty. She wears something so simple, yet looked so stunning and elegant, and even progresses more and more beautiful through the night as she blushes and smiles.. Seriously this lady..

  8. The fashion bride salon of 2016 . Kim So Yeon and Kim So Hyun were the only ones not wearing bride dresses. Maybe were all the actresses casting for the upcoming ” Bride of the water” !!!

  9. At least this time, Park Shin Hye wore a beautiful non-ahjumma type dress! Seeing the ML cast reunited and Lee Jun Ki was the best part of the awards for me.

  10. So proud of SBS for awarding the Daesang to a veteran actor (I know KBS did too last year, but that was joint — and even though I think Kim Soo Hyun is a great actor and all, I still don’t think that Producers was that amazing.)

    I’m also getting sick of the sea of white. They look nice, but I wish they would try a different color. They don’t have to go all out and end up in an eccentric thing like the ones you see on catwalks, but still…

    I was also very happy to see the ML team together. They’re so cute!!! Such awesome team spirit! Nam Goongmin & Minah are so cute too.

  11. Yes, it was great to see the camaraderie of MLSHR cast and LJG. At the end of the day, year, IMO, these awards are just one form or another popularity awards. Congratulations to all the winners!

  12. Song hye Kyo and Song jong ki looks good together. The power rating is still high when they are on screen. Truly a powerful couple

    • What makes it even better is that they are the Powerful, Gorgeous Couple, with equal level of humility, generosity, and kindheartedness, and that they do not even show off that they are The Powerful Couple.. ^^ Best wishes for Song Joong Ki’s upcoming movie, and Song Hye Kyo’s next choice of project.

  13. @clover899, you are so right about Hye Kyo, she’s beautiful and has not really aged a bit. It’s a given that the Song Song couple would win the Daesang. KBS must be smiling nowadays with their hit dramas, even the award show’s rating is at 15 higher than MBC and SBS.

  14. @clover899, you are so right about Hye Kyo, she’s beautiful and has not really aged a bit. It’s a given that the Song Song couple would win the Daesang. KBS must be smiling nowadays with their hit dramas, even the award show’s rating is at 15 higher than MBC and SBS.

  15. shk and park shin yang debuted in the same year in 1996. both are veterans.park shin yang already won 2 deasang so kbs did the right thing and awarded song song considering the impact dots made.

  16. 2016 was definitely Song Hye Kyo’s year.
    In a highly discriminative country, and despite all the hate she received for some nonsensical reasons, she managed to have a career and popularity resurgence.
    Bravo, Song Hye Kyo!

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